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  1. Good call, I'll upload them tomorrow! Good lucking getting Tiki to +10!
  2. Can I post this here? More than individual units, I like to make my projects about team comps. Meet Offensive Defense team and Tactical Decision Summoner! team.
  3. Did you update the app? If so, you can upgrade Lucina's Falchion with Divine Dew (if you have enough SP and Arena coins) and Raven by using 'Learn Skill'
  4. Seliph Lucina Tharja Shiro Micky Sothe Priscilla NY!Azura
  5. Yeah, it synergizes really well! I'm using her on a team with Innes (Nidhogg + ATK/RES Bond), Axura (for the full combat buffs) and with C-skill and seal spurrs. It's nuts how much stats they get!
  6. Tried something new with best girl and loving it so far :3. She's an amazing enemy phase unit with my spur team and S-ranked with Axura, while her speed allows her to use windsweep effectively. If she's in the middle of my units, she gains over 70 points worth in stats thanks to all the spurrs and buffs =D.
  7. My team is complete! Now, to just find a green unit I want to +10 when I have the feathers...
  8. So glad IS did best boy justice in 2.0, he's been a lifesaver so far :3.
  9. What would be the best IV's for this? I'm thinking of building it, but I'm wondering what would be best (-SPD +ATK or +SPD -HP) from the ones I have.
  10. I actually think he's really good, here's mine: That said, I guess any unit with this much investment could be considered good...
  11. Contemplating on making a +10 Seliph next week when I can upgrade his Tyrfing. I have two builds and I'm wondering what you guys think would work better. Build 1: Weap: Divine Tyrfing Ass: Repostition Spec: Sacred Cowl / Escutcheon (which?) A: Steady Breath B: Shield Pulse C: Depends, might do Infantry Pulse Build 2: Weap: Divine Tyrfing Ass: Repostition Spec: Ignis A: Steady Breath B: Quick Riposte C: Depends, might do Infantry Pulse For seals: Probably either Close Defence or Deflect Magic. Does anyone know the formula with Deflect Magic and Sacred Cowl/Escutcheon + Shield Pulse? For Boons / Banes, probably +ATK -SPD/RES (Speed is already low, but Res takes a lower hit thanks to Divine Tyrfing and Deflect Magic if I take it.
  12. Wait, I thought ~Owl tomes weren't in the list for upgrades, were they? Either I overlooked it or they forgot to add it, because I can definitly enhance Boey's Gronnowl+.
  13. It was +2 for Ephraim's Siegmund, but with that came a new passive. Without the passive, he would have gotten +5 attack, same as the silver lance.
  14. I know, that's why my comparison was only against other red swords.
  15. The reason they do this is probably because, aside from pulling favorite units, there's no real incentive to pull units from new banners if there's no powercreep. They could do it in the form of releasing new skills (not uninheritable), but even then, people would only feel like pulling one or two of them. Like, why would you pull for Ayra when you already have a 5* lvl 40+10 Eirika/Athena/Selena for a while? Whales pull massive amounts for Ayra because she's the best unit out there with her weapon, special and stats. Powercreep IS inevitable and not always bad, it keeps things from getting stale. Is powercreep going too fast is the real question I guess. I actually feel that FEH is taking it relatively easy on the powercreep compared to some games (like you mentioned, Dokkan battle for one).
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