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  1. I'll make one prediction: Tactics Ogre Reborn. It leaked on the Playstation store but has been curiously absent for the past few weeks
  2. The point is you don't localize that early. Code is too unstable to handle that so localization doesn't really begin, let alone get deep into it, until assets and the bulk of the actual game is mostly finalized. Like I said, localization isn't just replacing text or vocal lines, people still have to play test to make sure the thing doesn't implode. Doing localization in tandem with actual development would just be a nightmare that causes all sorts of problems. The most you'll get is maybe demos for trade shows and trailers, but that's pretty much it. Final Fantasy XVI for example has the assets and localized voice acting mostly finished but there's a reason there have only been trailers so far; localization takes a LONG time, so something being localized that early is weird and best at nonsense at worst. And like many have said about this: it's just a rumor. There is nothing that's definitive proof that this is 100% the next Fire Emblem, especially when there are so many red flags and oddities about it. We'll see, but don't get your hopes up.
  3. Way more complicated than that. Localization typically begins well into development, usually within the last year before release. Scripts have to be translated and localized, contracts with firms have to be made, actors have to be cast, it's a lot of coordination. Sure, there's still development going, but they can't really begin voice acting until assets are done so it can be synched with the animation with ADR. The reveal trailer for Three Houses was a year before release; hell, Edelgard's English voice actress had been recast after that. As such, localization is a final step in development and even with that it can take awhile to do all the scripting, coding, and programming for it. You don't just copy-paste text, you have to make sure it's aligned properly, it's formatted properly, proofread, remove stuff that's contradictory (and even then things can slip by; see Three Hopes getting Jeritza's birth year wrong), and most of all make sure it doesn't bork something in the game because even a single typo can really wonk things out (See - Aliens: Colonial Marines for instance). There's a reason that even today RPG releases can be a year apart from release due to the sheer size of a story's script; some of these can literally be millions of words long. This is done months ahead of time, but not that far before release because everything needs to be tested
  4. Koei Tecmo is not in charge of localization, that would be up to iQue, which is a Nintendo subsidiary (who also handled Chinese localization on Three Houses) or Nintendo's Hong Kong offices as Nintendo is the publisher and IP holder
  5. An "old photo" wouldn't be in Chinese. Localization starts later in production when assets are mostly done. They wouldn't look like this, they would look a lot more polished.
  6. No kidding; if it was far along enough to be localized in Chinese the screens wouldn't be that low quality.
  7. Yup, relying on internet amnesia to keep the notoriety going. It's honestly kind of pathetic and people need to stop feeding them. Regardless, looking forward to what Nintendo's going to show. Considering how intricate Xenoblade 2's mechanics were I wonder how 3's will pan out.
  8. People who claimed a June 29 Direct are now in shambles
  9. Uh, Reddit gets copyright strikes all the time and entire sub-reddits can be nuked for sharing leaks. Same with Discord, they have rules about that in their TOS which is why a lot of Discord servers are cagey about leaks like that. 4chan is the only one they can't due to it being a cesspool, but a lot of other stuff is fair game. I'm sorry, but this is just getting desperate. Again, came from a suspect source, fishy details, none of it trustworthy.
  10. IS had to use KOEI to do the bulk of the actual development on Three Houses because it required additional staff to really make the game the biggest and best it could be. Plus they were working on Paper Mario and WarioWare as well, so not exactly a light schedule to fit in another mainline entry in their premier franchise on top of them consulting on story stuff for Three Hopes. And well, there's also the big problem when it comes to these screens: if they were real they would have been taken down by now. Nintendo does not screw around with leaks
  11. They claim it was made for the 30th anniversary. A year after Three Houses. That makes no sense; you can't make a full mainline FE in a year, especially when Three Houses was deep into its DLC releases. And even with Nintendo being a big company, even they wouldn't site on a finished game for a whole year, they would have found someplace to release it. Hell, why wouldn't it release earlier this year considering the thin release calendar? There's just too much that's fishy or suspect about it.
  12. Except Rogers is so bad at her job that she got fooled into believing a fake leak and then proceeded to invent a bizarro conspiracy theory about it being some false flag operation that was targeting leakers. Because like most mediocrities she has to believe she's the center of the universe. She should have been exiled after that, but because she's never faced any repercussions for her nonsense of course she's going to keep doing it. Why change if no one calls you out? Because of that there is no reason to trust her, this leak, or anyone else about it. She has no one to blame but herself for that. And this is the reality: this is just a rumor. It's just random screenshots with nothing to back it up and a lot of suspect details that make no sense. It's better to be skeptical until more surfaces.
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