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  1. Considering that entire chapter's original premise was kinda creepy in the wrong way, it's actually for the best it was changed. Just...YECH
  2. The English VAs have confirmed that they only did the voices for Heroes. Also amusing that Ellie, the half-Japanese girl, is dubbed by a half-Japanese actress
  3. Uh, most of that wasn't removed to make it "child friendly" a lot of what you just listed was removed because a lot of the characters are high school students. You don't sexualize minors as it's freaking creepy (even in Japan). And this is the most that changed with chapter two: Maiko went from a gravure idol to a fashion model and Tsubasa went from overcoming shyness at showing skin to overcoming stage fright in general. The overarching theme isn't really changed that much as the fanservicey part is basically irrelevant; you can get that theme across without all the cheesecake.
  4. Maybe because it was a bit too much. I mean, just saying "tied to a chair" is enough to cause a trigger in actual abuse victims. The point is still there, it's just not a graphic
  5. I get the feeling these schlubs are going to be highly disappointed. Plus considering there wasn't that much altered it's overdramatic to say the least.
  6. 1. Barry, Maiko, and Tiki playable (which is obvious) 2. New skills and weapons 3. New paralogues 4. New quests 5. New music
  7. Yeah, this game got an unfair amount of flack for pretty dumb reasons. It really used both franchises to create something new instead of just making, say, SMT with a Fire Emblem paint job (which apparently is what the team started doing before they went "Wait, what the HELL are we doing?")
  8. Except that's false; Tharja used a staff, when, as a dark mage, she should be using a tome. She couldn't use staffs in Awakening unless she reclassed to Bride
  9. They said new story elements and it looks like Barry, Maiko, and Tiki are playable. My guess is Maiko's Mirage is Azura, what with the blue hair and black outfit
  10. She's Daenerys Targaryen if she was written competently and without an uncomfortable white savior complex
  11. It's fine, I can understand why it seems to be so sudden (these sorts of things usually are).
  12. Okay, look, there's no way to get around this: Niosi's story was not one incident. It was apparently just the latest in a pattern of behavior spanning YEARS. This includes emotional, physical, and other types of abuse, even coercing fans into certain acts I will not get into. It's GROSS. There's not just one person coming forward, there are several. It is BAD, as in just a bit shy of Vic Mignogna bad. He's also been accused of breaking NDAs when it comes to roles, which is a HUGE taboo in the entertainment industry. And even aside from the moral reason to get rid of him, there's just the PR. Japanese companies are VERY sensitive to stuff like this. For instance, the Yakuza spinoff Judgment had a HUGE scandal concerning Pierre Taki, the actor of one of the characters as Taki had been caught with cocaine. They recast the character not only in terms of voice, but completely changed his appearance (the character was modeled after Taki). And considering Nintendo's wholesome image there is no way they want to have "Cast an abuser" hanging over their heads. Sometimes these things are questionable, in this case it's not. They made the right call. And I think it's safe to say we not talk about Niosi for the time being. It's just a mess to do so, though I will say we should believe the people who came forward.
  13. Veronic Taylor confirmed she's voicing Manuela:
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