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    Peering into wells, breaking pots and barrels, searching dressers, grinding for class levels, talking to everyone, solving villages' problems and saving the world from the Demon Lord.
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    Changsha, Hunan, China

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    Thracia 776


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I've been on Fire Emblem forums since the spring of 2005, when I was active on the relevant GameFAQs boards. I joined Fire Emblem: Sanctuary of Strategy on 16 January, 2006 under the name Thunk00 and was a Grand Example of Stupidity and then a FESS Veteran before the site was closed. At one time I also maintained a presence on the now-defunct Fire Emblem World, Fire Emblem Anthology and Fire Emblem Empire. I joined Serenes Forest as the successor to FESS on 13 November, 2008.

I used to have a bunch of identifying personal details on this page. Man, what was I smoking when I wrote that?

Avatar: Yaroslav the Wise, grand prince of Kiev and Novgorod 1019-1054, famed for his victory over the Pechenegs and his code of laws, widely respected as just. Engraving courtesy of the Name of Russia TV series.

Profile photo: Aleksandar Stambolijski, prime minister of Bulgaria 1919-1923, pan-Yugoslavist ideologue and leader of the Agrarian Movement. Photo courtesy of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry website.


Within the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, I claim Moonbrooke, Alena, Meena and Maya, Bianca, Nera, Debora, Maribel, Aira, Jessica, Origa, Eliza, Sandy, Slime, Red Slime, Spotted Slime, Slime Knight, Metaly, Metabble, King Slime, King Metal Slime, Platinum King Jewel, EvilWell, EvilPot, EvilBook, Cannibox and Mimic.

Within the Fire Emblem series, I claim Banetou, Lilina (top tier!!), Sophia, Fa!, Marcus' horse, Hector's beard and Karla.

I also claim CrashGordon94, Facekip, Judah Ben-Hur, T. E. Lawrence, Seleukos Nikator, the theory of Socialist Emulation, God, Far from the Forest and the spirit and character of all the posts and other content created by this user under any display name.

My claims on Banetou and Fa are in conjunction with Fa!, and my claims on Lilina and Sophia are in conjunction with Soul.

Minesweeper's lame, play a REAL game.

Like Fire Emblem? Now there's a man's game, with fighting, killing, drama, cute little anime girls, equally cute little gay anime boys and not-so-subtle incest.

I feel like a total pussy now.

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