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  1. Sorry? What makes you think I'm trying to back him up? Not only do I agree with you and Fox in most respects, but I told Jyo something identical no more than two or three days ago, albeit in a private setting. :/

  2. Blacken

    Look in Here!

    Congratulations. You've outed yourself as the failure-fearing child I've said you were throughout this thread.You need to apologize and right your fuckup, right now. Because now people who thought that BK was being stupid? Now they think differently. You fucked up.
  3. alt-o, select serenia from your IRC server list, click "new server window", connect.

  4. See, there's the thing. I admit I have faults. I revel in having faults. That's what makes me a goddamn human. I'm also not a person put in a role of authority. I'm not good at those roles. I actively avoid them because I'm not good at them. And I actively work to address my own failings, and minimize my exposure to roles in which those failings will cause significant problems (as opposed to roles where I can comfortably exercise what skills I have in those areas, and improve them).These are not habits of yours. They need to be if you're going to do well. And running from your mistakes is not a good way to do that.
  5. So I suck with mIRC, and can't get it to connect. I'm currently on coldfront, where pals use. Is there a way I can open up serenia on it while also being at coldfront?


    we all idle all day anyway

  7. Blacken

    Look in Here!

    Victoly? She's not. I'm scared. :(
  8. I am never good with IRC. I have a habit of idling and forgetting the program is on. I'll try going on sometime soon, though.

  9. Blacken

    Look in Here!

    "Stop sucking and actually make the place worth the FESS members that we suggested go here, with our word that it wouldn't suck, and we'll rein in point-and-laughing at stupid people."Compromises are fun.
  10. you. douchenozzle. why are your douchenozzling not in OUR IRC?

  11. Blacken

    Look in Here!

    Semantic equivalence. If you are talking about shit you don't know anything about, you are a fucking nitwit. Because when you walk away, others are misinformed. Monkey see, monkey do.And I don't fucking like dodgers. You don't get to be wrong and keep talking without being introduced to the Backhand Of Correctness. You getting butthurt is not my problem. If I'm right, I'm right. That I'm very pointed about being right does not change a thing, and claims to the contrary are laughable.And you might notice that I don't get pointy when it's not something that any remotely educated human being should already know. If I'm getting annoyed, it's because you didn't do your homework. And, yes, being educated is a prerequisite to actually having a discussion: tardhopping around without a shred of a clue does not a discussion make. If you don't want the MEAN OL' BWAAAACKEN to give you a rhetorical thump upside the head, and you know that he does so when you are grossly uninformed about something basic...welp, I think you can put two and two together. He's too busy feeling persecuted to even talk, let alone compromise.
  12. Blacken

    Look in Here!

    That would be unethical.
  13. Blacken

    Look in Here!

    Go back to that man of an e-girlfriend and let the adults talk.
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