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  1. All this talk about Rhea supressing scientific advancements doesn't even make any sense in the game since Nabateans seemed to only have been in Fodlan and for all we know none of the other country around them are more advanced even though they don't have anyone supressing scientific discovery.
  2. TWSITD, it's as simple as that. When you see the dudes in chapter 4 getting judged they say : "No, this isn't what we were told would happen! We've been deceived!" So yeah, TWSITD. Majority of bad events in the game (and probably throughout Fodlan's history) can probably be linked to TWSITD manipulating people.
  3. So she tells him to "kill as many noble pipsqueaks as possible" to hide her real plan which you think is "kill the teacher" and you also think that somehow the stupid bandit is going to miraculously do what her real plan was instead of doing what she asked him to do...What ??? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds ? It's not because she's not emperor yet that she can't take actions that will make it easier for her when she will be. On the contrary it is a lot easier to deal with them now than when she will declare war and they have the might of their nations behind them.
  4. "As many noble pipsqueaks as possible" translate for you into "Kill only the teacher" even though we don't know if he's a noble, also the fact that pipsqueaks is most likely used to talk about the students since they are not adult contrary to the teacher, and the use of plural. Sure sure... Killing Dimitri and Claude means that the last heir to the head of the Kingdom and Alliance are no more. And you ask what would she get from it...what about the chaos that would ensue inside the two territories that she will soon conquer because of the bickering between noble houses about who should be in charge now. Also that last line is pretty ironic since it's exactly what's going on with Edelgard (Kostas) and TWISTD (Flame Emperor).
  5. First dialogue box that Kostas said when he meets the Flame Emperor : "What is this nonsense?! All I was told was to kill as many noble pipsqueaks as possible!" And The Flame Emperor : "I had hoped you would achieve your goal despite the setback."
  6. That's my interpretation as well, she knows Dimitri wasn't going to kill her so she "attacked" him to trigger a reflex in him. She committed suicide by Dimitri basically.
  7. Doesn't that make 3 turns though ? 1 turn Miklan, 1 turn lure beast, 1 turn kill beast. And getting to B by chapter 5 is possible ? o_O Wouldn't that make you behind on Reason by a lot ?
  8. Talking about Linhardt gaining Warp at A Faith but then talking about Dark Spikes on Hubert which is A Reason. Manuela doesn't get Physic and has less Mag than Lin. Annette doesn't get Physic, her only good thing is Excalibur/Double Rally but she's slow and extremely frail. Not having Physic makes you a subpar Healing unit. Chapter turncount : Chapter 5: 2 turns ? How is this possible though.
  9. -I don't want Battalions to come back. I didn't really use them to their full potential (only used E/D battalions except for the lord's one) and never used any Gambit after the first beast encounter. What I know though is that as someone playing with combat animation "ON" it is extremely frustrating to see those stupid Enemies spamming their Gambit with shit Accuracy and shit damage and not being able to retaliate. I roll my eyes each time I see one being used. It's a bore. -The class system if it comes back like that needs a lot of balancing on about everything around it (skill/growth/bonuses, etc...) and I don't really like all the weapon being available for almost every class.
  10. Pretty sure only the Manakete's blood can give a crest with a transfusion.
  11. Speaking of this, for Ignatz since he already has Hit+20 it could be a good thing for him to go Fighter -> Brigand (for that sweet Death Blow + Strength growth) -> Sniper -> Bow Knight. It is a good way to salvage is sub-par Str it seems (since his Dex/Spd/Lck are already pretty good in term of growth.)
  12. Not really, the technological advancement was thanks to the Children of the Goddess sharing their knowledge to begin with. Rhea didn't need the Church to limit that.
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