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  1. It depends. I usually play it waifu simulator 2015 style and pair people based on how good I think they are together. Though, on the highest difficulty I tend to pair for stats.
  2. I have no problem with the fan service. If anything, I kinda like it. I hope they don't gut it when it comes over here.
  3. Am I the only one who just uses the Falchion with Chrom? The only time I've used a sword other than the Falchion on him was when I wanted to see what it looked like. It's just in my nature to preserve the use of weapons, and since the Falchion can be used infinitely I tend to only use it. Does anyone else do this, or is it just me?
  4. Crossed Blades looks pretty sweet. But I also like the Sumia and Lissa one, as well as the Tiki and Nowi one.
  5. I'm comparing Astra to Lethality in a hypothetical situation. In a 1 on 1 fight with another unit. Since I'm comparing abilities, in this hypothetical situation they both activate in this fight. If I were to count in every possible factor (Stats, terrain bonuses, Pair Up bonuses, etc...) I would literally go insane from this. I am comparing them in the easiest way possible. I'm not saying someone is actually stupid enough to attack a Warrior with Counter at 1 range. (Even though before I knew what Counter did, I did that on accident. Funnily enough, I had Astra activate in that fight. Was not pretty.) Everyone is human. They make mistakes. Sooner or later, it's possible that someone will miss an enemy on the field. This is the kind of situation I'm talking about. But, on topic. I think maybe the way the dual-wielding could work is that if it uses the attack stat of one sword, but cuts it by half and attacks twice. And only have a chance of activating the skill on the first weapon strike.
  6. So what's that for Astra? One situation where Astra is better? Two, if you count Miracle activating before the 5th hit on a War Cleric? Cool. Have fun fighting that Warrior with Counter. Astra will SURELY come in handy in that fight.
  7. This is true. I didn't mention that because (unless I am mistaken) only the Player can utilize Support Block. Thank you for mentioning it, however.
  8. To be fair. Astra's activation rate isn't much better. 24% isn't all that better than 12%. It's double, sure, but those numbers are both really low. If we're doing this comparison on a situation where both activate, Lethality is instantly better. Lethality kills instantly. The only thing (to my knowledge) that can block a Lethality strike is Miracle activating. Astra can miss, be affected by Pavise and Aegis, and triggers Counter. Although, to be fair, it CAN crit. But Lethality can too. And for Lethality, it doesn't matter. In the case where Mirace activates, Astra is better... If it doesn't activate on the 5th attack. If it DOES, then neither Lethality nor Astra have an advantage in that situation. But, on topic: It bugs me how Swordsmasters have two swords in their field sprite, but it's not that big of a deal. They look cool.
  9. Assassins are better... In my opinion. Lethality is a better ability than Astra. Pass is useful, about equal with Swordfaire. I'd take an Assassin over a Swordsmaster any day.
  10. If I can shoot an arrow through a wall, my partner can attack with an axe through a wall.
  11. I think the enemy should get it. Make the game a LOT more fun.
  12. In my opinion, this game has some of the best characters. Inigo. Just... Just... Inigo. Seriously. He's awesome. His supports with his mother and father. Just... Just go read them and enjoy. But this thread isn't. It's about funnies. And, the C-Support with Lucina and her mother is HILARIOUS, in my opinion. A dress with giant pink polka dots with Emmeryn's face. Heck, I'd wear that dress! It could just be my secret love for her, but I find Noire's psychotic outbursts quite adorable. I haven't seen them all, but Owain's dialogue all seem wonderful. And all three of the Ricken and FeMu supports are good.
  13. ... I've been doing a bit of grinding in my Lunatic Classic run, because I honestly don't see how it's possible without losing everyone. ... That could just be because I suck at these games. I got a game over in Lyn's story of FE7, for Naga's sake.
  14. After playing Lunatic for a while... I'm really starting to like Frederick. I never used him in normal or hard, but now, it seems he's super useful.
  15. "..." - Professor Marth "Now that's strategy." - Avatar "I am your omega!" - Libra "It's been lovely." "I'm a man of passion!" "This is your last dance!" - Inigo "Hope will never die!" "I challenge my fate!" - Lucina "Anything can change!" - Chrom "BLOOD AND THUNDER!" "TO THE ABYSS WITH YOU!" - My Waifu Noire
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