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  1. Two posts about a possible title for FE16. I'm not sure about it but This account was the first to break the news about the Direct https://twitter.com/vandal_leaks/status/970637161379844096
  2. Probably do Nohr first and then Hoshido on hard/Lunatic
  3. Hm I had a Crazy thought: What if IntSys considers Awakening a sort of Reboot of the series? So now If/14 corresponds to 2, and then we go back to Ylisse for the next game ala 3 and so one. Honestly I'm doubtful of my own theory, but could be interesting
  4. Always thought she seemed more like a Priestess/Oracle/Shrine Maiden.
  5. Hopefully there not too many differences and its more like the Pokemon games, but I don't know how to feel about this
  6. Just wanted to see if there were any other PoE backers/fans on here other than me. I've been playing tons of it over the last week its been out, and think i've almost completely my first playthrough. I've enjoyed it, the writing is really good, as to be expected from Chris Avellone and Obsidian. The Gameplay is great, the Art is an older style but still fine. I think it's worth all that money it raised.
  7. Bram was doing fine honestly, maybe not as well as I liked but good enough. Malcolm was probably my best unit. I'd be more worried about Magic growths, than strength. Rallel was my best caster and we've had him for a chapter so far.
  8. Late July eh? Given that If has a Summer release window, and the actual anniversary of the series is in April its interesting timing
  9. ... I honestly have no idea why I would've wrote that way back then. May so people could have there own topics? I dunno
  10. Finally started to to get into Hacks recently after being a long long series fan and I really enjoyed playing this one so far. Its challenging but not overly so. 1-4 was irritating, but that may have been more my stuborness on protecting the Duke, despite his death not resulting in a mission fail. I really like the abundance of Talk options, which are are all fairly well done. The one real exception that stood out to me was the one between Kael and Tyren in 1-3, which seemed to come out of nowhere, which I guess is kind of typical Fire Emblem.
  11. http://www.bethblog.com/2015/02/10/bethesdas-first-ever-e3-conference-save-me-a-seat/ So as the Title and link says, Bethesda annouced today that they'll be having there own conference at E3 for the first time this year, on June 14th, so zjust before the event actually starts. Fallout 4 seems to be the most likely, and biggest annoucement, given its been 7 Years since FO3, and 5 since New Vegas. I'd expect to see some stuff about the new Doom Game and Dishonored 2, and yes even stuff on Elder Scrolls Online. I doubt there will be anything about TESVI, but it'd be awesome.
  12. Another* One. I know there will be other chances, but it have it so close and slip through our fingers was devastating. I mean we may not have beaten New England either
  13. I have to say seeing Seattle blow a decent lead and God make Russell Wilson throw an interception to seal the loss felt very cathartic. Signed, A Not at All Bitter Packers Fan
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