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  1. Neat, so four-turning with the Rescue is possible after all.
  2. I Captured him and seized on turn five (unless you have a four-turn clear in mind?) in my 0%-growths file, with no real cheese. On PP5, I had Odin Pair Up with Elise to attack Haitaka and inflict an Avo penalty with Heartseeker; then I had Silas attack alone (no Pair Up); and finally I had Niles with an Arthur Pair Up and Spd + Str + HP Tonics finish (Niles finished EP3 with 1 HP thanks to the HP Tonic). That same turn I had Effie break the wall with a Javelin and receive a Song and Chest Key from Azura to pilfer the Rescue. No dodges were necessary, but everything needed to hit; fortunately, none of the hit rates were particularly bad on their own (worst was like 68 disp hit...idr if this figure includes a Skill Tonic).
  3. I didn't allow myself growths, the Mess Hall, and the Private Quarters, and I wanted to avoid rigging dodges (which I have managed to do, but like I said, I haven't actually tested the clear, so there may be some unexpected AI behavior that ruins everything), so that restricts my options a bit. I use Swap once during each of PP1 and PP2. Do you think Haitaka benefits absolute LTC in, for example, Chapter 16? I've read your brief description but haven't finished your video (so slow).
  4. In my 0%-growths HM run, I planned out a two-turn clear of Chapter 12 requiring two Captured Pegasus Knights (only one is required if the Mess Hall is allowed); Haitaka with two level-ups gained in Chapter 10 (for Swap); promoted Kaze at base for his +5 Spd Pair Up (not required if the Mess Hall is allowed); and Corrin with a Dragon Talent, promoted to a Wyvern Lord, with a C Support with Camilla from grinding in Chapter 10. None of this should require a particularly great real-time investment if visiting other Castles for foodstuffs with which to recruit Prisoners, and should be possible in a continuous LTC playthrough, with or without growths. (disclosure: I had trouble soft-patching my game with my 0%-growths patch a while ago because of a recent firmware update and so never tested the two-turn clear in full; I'll understand if you don't believe my description of the clear.) With a Kaze Pair Up, one of the Pegs can start in range of the +4 Def pot and receive the boost before flying to break the center-left pot with a Javelin. With the +4 Def on the Peg, the two Samurai should be manipulated into attacking Peri (this I have NOT tested), who OHKOs in Attack Stance (with the Peg) thanks to a Bloodthirst boost from KOing the Ninja below the center pots during PP1. I'll not describe the Sheltering logistics since my memory is hazy. Jakob, Peri, and Silas should all have it, though I don't remember if they all need to use it during PP1. Camilla Pairs with Corrin on PP1 and gets Swapped by Haitaka before Switching, Lunging and OHKOing with a Hand Axe Enemy 28 in this link. In Attack Stance with Peri, Beruka can Lunge and OHKO Enemy 30. This clear assumes that you manipulate Saizo into attacking Beruka from the center-left forest tile; as I pointed out earlier, I tested this particular manipulation in a file with growths back when I was still interested in finishing my 0%-growths playthrough. It has been a while since I played the game, so I might be wrong on this, but I don't think this manipulation is strictly necessary for a two-turn clear of this Chapter, and that it's required only for obtaining the Flame Shuriken. During PP2, the Peg Knight carrying Kaze files onto the Dragon Vein and Transfers Kaze to Camilla in exchange for Corrin, who triggers the Dragon Vein. Camilla moves with Kaze. Azura must be ferried over to Beruka, who in turn flies with her max Mov to let Azura Sing for Camilla, who can ORKO the weakened Ryoma with a Spd Tonic, Str Tonic, and either Mess Hall usage or a Rally from Laslow's Personal Skill. Don't forget to grab the Flame Shuriken before the bosskill. I (and a handful of others) don't play this form of LTC absolutism precisely because it is so time-inefficient. If the concept of LTC comes from wanting to be efficient (in the everyday sense), then a clear requiring a great deal of time to execute, even after it has been conceived of, is not compatible with the concept of efficiency to me. I won't knock anyone who plays this way, though; I enjoyed the video.
  5. It's bizarre that a tactics game should have random growths as the only setting. Random-growth LTC playthroughs for this game demand obscene RNG abuse for Corrin's offensive growths. As dondon has pointed out, the main appeal of 0%-growth playthroughs is not the challenge, but rather the reproducibility.
  6. I'd decline the movie role simply because research tends to take longer than anticipated.
  7. Are you trying to dump a digital copy? I think you may need to use CFW instead.
  8. Aren't nerds supposed to be smart? Most of us here are mere geeks T_T
  9. I dislike random growths. It's 2016 and IS has given us only one FE with a fixed-growths mode, something that greatly assists with developing reproducible strategies.
  10. I've gained enough levels in my 0%-growths run to confirm with high confidence that I've successfully zeroed growths, following these instructions from VincentASM: Without more knowledge of hacking FE14, I don't think I can go beyond merely zeroing in-battle stat growths though.
  11. How would I remove growths from the foodstuff fed to Lilith? Currently, I've removed growths from the levels she gains in battle using some Nightmare modules, but I cannot find any module that allows me to adjust foodstuff parameters.
  12. Remove the first four bytes from the GameData.bin.lz file as mentioned earlier and decompress it. Go to File -> Open Rom and open GameData.bin.lz.decompressed. Once that has been opened, go to Modules -> Load Modules and open the module of your choice.
  13. Have you dumped your ROM and properly extracted the GameData? It is pretty straightforward once you've done that.
  14. I asked Vincent about this a while back when I was setting up a 0%-growths playthrough. His response: You'll need a way of installing Homebrew onto your 3DS to dump your game before you can make these edits. Check your system settings and confirm that you do NOT have firmware v. 11.x.x.x, because if you do, you'll have to wait a few weeks till an exploit is finished; all other firmware versions should be okay for running Homebrew.
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