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  1. Arch, about the name of the hack: when converting a national proper noun into adjective form, the vowel on the end is not necessarily consistent. In other words, I think "Elibian Nights" could be a proper name after all? Unless if I'm wrong or someone in-canon has spelled it this way. In which case, does the title art reflect the changed name? I haven't played any recent patches because I'm waiting on Igrene's tale.
  2. I do wish people would check the most recent pages more often. At the time the version you are playing was released, several people playtested and reported said bugs. They have been acknowledged and in some cases, have already been fixed in unreleased versions. EDIT: This is in response to Eldritch Abomination, but for some reason, I can't quote him. I blame Internet Explorer. Good thing I don't normally use it.
  3. 2016 release, anyone? But seriously, I know that feel when you quash a bug and two more appear in its place. Wastes so much of my time. Although I figure if you need to scout unfinished text tidbits, beta testers are your guys. The more hands, the better.
  4. Eliwood's eyes seem a little close together, just by visually comparing his eyes to the eyes of everyone else around him. I, for one, think Louise's hat is fetching. I figure it could use a little more texture or character of some sort. And be less peaked. Mmm. Well, either way, she still gets the crits. So much crit. I pity their spinal cords. Their heads might fall off some time in the near future. Either way, the more sprites replaced, the better. Super hyped for the next release. It can't come soon enough!
  5. 1). What the above guy said. The Wyvern Riders are meant to be a wall of death. Legault can stall them for a while with the OP Luna dagger, but they can easily overwhelm the others. As everyone else said, your rescued characters are meant to haul ass. Don't try to fight the riders with anyone other than Legault. They can take one or two if the riders catch up with them, but not a bajillion. When I played the tale, I made it my goal to kill Dieter when he shows up after the Fangs are freed, and I succeeded...but not without trial and error. 2). The current open beta is glitched in several respects. e.g: Pent's Tale has the victory condition mapped to the wrong tile, Karel's Tale can't be played to the end due to the glitch you mentioned, and Kent's Tale can't be unlocked. These issues are being worked on and will probably be fixed in the next Open Beta, which Arch announced would be in a week or two.
  6. This was addressed a few pages back. The exit point is mistakenly placed a few tiles away from where Pent starts, rather than on the actual exit point. This glitch has already been fixed in an unreleased version as of a few months ago.
  7. Arch, I know you already said you'd do this for Normal Mode, but please don't. They make the chapter that much more interesting. I easily got the Dastards achievement (Big help with adding Dorcas/removing the walls in the way, making the chest sort of optional), even with those guys in the way. It's fairly easy, I find, with Marcus + Espontoon and Isadora + Queensgard (Lady Sword). I mean, hell, even Lowen with a Quick Axe (courtesy of the current version) could take care of them. I feel the other chapters currently present the same level of strategic requirement, and I'd hate for the latter part of Eliwood's first tale to lose its interesting bits. In my view, the chapter is two parts: The first is when you're breaking through the bandits outside the throne room, who now have specialized weapons to deal with your equally specialized forces. The second is when you're in the corridors to the left and right, converging on the lower part of the map, which is where the berserkers (and that annoying myrmidon with a runesword) come in. As I said, removing the berserkers reduces the difficulty significantly, since you're only fighting a couple of puny Warlocks and Brigands.
  8. Heya Arch, thank you for making this hack and sticking with it so far. You are GAWD. Props also to the other coders, bugtesters, mentors, and everyone else who contributed to this hack directly or indirectly. You made EN what is it today, and if you guys hadn't stepped up, nobody else would have, because the hacking community is teensy-tiny :( Arch, if you're releasing daily updates, us plebian non-official testers can't see them. I can't find it on the front page, or anywhere in the most recent pages, or any other download source. Is that intentional? Anyways, time for my own minor contributions: Pent's Tale: -Your buglist already checked off that the victory condition was misplaced. Current tile location, for anyone wondering, is one tile to the right of where Pent starts in the chapter. -Tessa has Damien's battle quote (From FE7 Chapter 16X) "You're about to die. Scream if you must". Not sure if just lifted for use, or actual glitch. -Minor typo: attrocities->atrocities EDIT: Adding as I go along A mere level 6 sniper with a crappy Longbow thought he could OHKO Pent on a Throne. gg derpy AI Louise's Tale: -When continuing from Pent's Tale, Pent's Forblaze is replaced with a Talisman with 20/1 use. I can use it repeatedly for way, way too much Resistance. Have not tested if this occurs without continuing. -Another minor typo: Unnecessary apostrophe between yours and the comma. -Another minor typo: inconsistency in use of Cedric vs Ceodore in this screen. Priest is currently named Cedric, so you may as well just change what Arcard says to "Cedric". Raven's Tale: I preferred it when the assassin was named "Alastor". Elisedd sounds too similar to Eliwood. -Minor typo: Hector says: "Ostia am in no way responsible", 'am' should be 'is'. -Minor typo: Hector says "you can rebuild your kindom". Kingdom. I vaguely remember someone else posting this typo, so no image this time, just a reminder of its existence (again, if you've already patched this, I can't know because you don't have publicly released daily patches). -Minor typo: Random soldier that spots Raven's allies says "Lord Arcard has ordered this village on lockdown." Sentence structure is off, you could reword it as "Lord Arcard's orders have this village under lockdown", or "Lord Arcard has this village locked down" or something. It's hard to get the right emphasis in there, but...eh. Can't get an image upload of this, for some reason. -Minor typo: House above Raven's allies starting point (red) says "You're fighting against the Etrurian guard?" I just remember some people in-game correcting each other about this being "Etruscan". So either the Western Isles are bleh, or whatever. You could probably get away with this by saying that most people aren't aware of the proper plural. They really aren't. This also applies to the Victory Conditions in the status screen of the second part of Raven's tale, which states "Survive the Etrurian assault..." -Minor typo: House next to Shen's (guy talking about Etruria and Western Isles) says "reduce to mere slavery". Should say "reduced to mere slavery". -The Cave entrance to the far left gives another Pugilist, as does visiting Shen's house with Shen. Not sure if the former is intended. Raven's Tale pt2: -In the opening, Raven's father is named "King Cornwell". Shouldn't it be something like Lord or Marquess? -Minor typo: Heath says "garauntee". Should be "guarantee". Also, Raven looks derpy in mid-blink. But doesn't everyone? Hector's Tale: As some other people have already said: Glitchy NPC palette when visiting Fargus' village. Silver Card has description of Eckesachs Broken House near drawbridge: When entered, displays "Show Objective" in inverted color text at the top left of the screen. If Fargus is killed, the game acts as though Dawson were killed and ends the chapter victoriously Female Mage Knights (Including Lisbet) do not receive additional damage from "effective" sources Lisbet has no death quote After the chapter ends and Hector's Speech, the screen centers on Ostia Castle. After that, the description for Hunter (In Legault's Chapter) shows up in inverted color text at the top left of the screen. The chapter then ends. Eliwood's Tale: Harken and Isadora don't have support levels with each other (they did previously). I have no idea why Nils and a random soldier converse, nor why Nils says "Ninian" and why the random soldier says something about "Lord Hector's guests". But that's the placeholder text for the Natalie - Dorcas conversation. It's freaking weird, since no Tales seem to correspond with it. Kent's Tale: omg black ppl are canon in FE, confirmed. no not really but it's not unlockable atm. Aside from wondering if whatsherface's (Hervor?) portrait palette is still discolored, I can't say much. Rath's Tale: It's getting rather late, but I do have this much from having started the chapter: Toni starts with Rath and co. Previously, she showed up with Lyn at the far left. Presumably, she was going to move downwards with Lyn in tow and meet up with Rath and co when their group headed left. In her talk with Dayan, she first talks about "sneaking away" from a guy "mumbling like a nut about his mother", who can only be Prasad. She then goes on to say that Prasad is north of their current position. All of this implies that Toni's placement in the chapter, in it's current state, is incorrect. Florina says she wants to come with Dayan when Lyn's kidnapping is reported. She appears nowhere in the chapter (given, I've only played 0 turns of the chapter thus far, and will play when I wake up...later). Minor typo: In Niime's talk with Dayan, Dayan says "May I offer you some councel?". The proper spelling is "counsel", but this word is a little awkward. "Advice" would work just as well. In fact, all the better for its informality. Zephiel's Tale: None, other than the already known "No talk between Vaida and Zephiel to indicate why Vaida is around and why everyone just blindly accepts her interference". I love that you gave her the Uber Spear, and even gave it a name and custom 2D icon art, as well as the same stats it had from FE7. Too bad no other weapon in FE really has stat bonuses that broken. Also love the little flashbacks, the vision of the Fire Emblem, everything that contributes to the Zephiel POV. Sort of related: The Nils in the Bonus Content screen has the description of "Knight Commander of Laus. Trusted by blah blah". Presumably, this is wrong. Also, I can't talk to Athos and Igrene in the Bonus Content screen. But Igrene has already been discussed, so mrrgghhh. Guys, how to cheese matchmaker? I'm too lazy to load older versions and make old saves... Legault's Tale: I love it. Legault is such a boss. Although I am curious as to how you got the Thief's Glove in that chapter in that one picture you posted. I only ever found the Double Bow and stole the Iron Rune/Hoplite Guard. Not to mention I can't even steal the Knight Ring from Dieter in that chapter (But I can steal his Elixir). Also, killing Dieter in that chapter should be some kind of achievement. Unless if I consistently Silencer the wyvern spawn spam, I have difficulty getting to him. And even if I do, at that point, there's too many Short Spear spammers for me to escape safely. although using the other units as backup and distractions while blitzkrieging it makes it relatively easy
  9. No real problem with all of the above. I don't have a set plan for my team (e.g: Maximize units with Galeforce, or get more of that delicious VVW), so I figure this'll do nicely. The only thing I might do is change Maribelle + Virion to Maribelle + Ricken. I'd feel bad for Virion if I had any sympathy for archers.
  10. He isn't really all that necessary as an offensive unit in Hard mode either. As everyone else said, should be and was used as strength/defensive support bot. Occasionally was sent out as a puppet to draw aggro. I stole his Silver Lance in the prologue (He'll probably do enough damage to finish off enemies with another weapon anyways) so I could pawn it for some delicious Iron, but you may want to keep it in case if you really favor a lance user that early in the game, or if you want added chance to kill someone.
  11. Reclassing is what it is. I liked Fire Emblem when you knew there were defined limits that units could reach, and each character had a defined role, and I also liked Fire Emblem when it introduced more customization of abilities, specializations, and generally gave players free reign over their party. I hated Fire Emblem's RNG at times, and abused or restarted and did all I could to get perfect stats back when you either played the story or abused the arena, and I hated Fire Emblem's stat-maximization through reclassing. Both systems have their merits and flaws. But in the end, archetypes and growths dominate, and my jaunts into other classes are short-lived, as I usually revert back to the promoted class that the character fits, just as the designers at Intelligent Systems foresaw and respected with their previous definitions of certain character roles in games where you couldn't reclass. Unless if they're a child or the avatar, in which case they are utterly broken and destroy all in their path.
  12. I've avoided FE:A and all them newfangled remakes for quite some time, only playing GBA hacks and whatnot. Then I decided to buy it, and have been absorbed into the vortex that is FE:A. I am now some hours into the game and have just beaten "Hard" mode, and plan on entering into Lunatic mode with a female MU, asset Resistance, flaw HP, and need to plan the best team for Lunatic gameplay. Here are some rules I've set for myself: -Cannot play any DLC maps before Endgame besides The Golden Gaffe (Bullion grinding, woohoo). -Can only play through the main story, Paralogues, Reeking Boxes, and single instances of each Spotpass team before Endgame. -No egregious abuse of Reeking Boxes for mass level ups. -Cannot allow any characters to die (lolwat who would do that anyways). -Only use original characters, no DLC characters as role-fillers. Stuff I want to know: -Best pairings? Reasons optional and helpful. Subjective, but what isn't? Here's a convenient pre-made template, with fill-ins for the fathers: Female Avatar + Chrom = Lucina / Morgan Cherche + Gregor = Gerome Olivia + F = Inigo Lissa + F = Owain Maribelle + F = Brady Cordelia + F = Severa Sully + F = Kjelle Tharja + F = Noire Nowi + F = Nah Sumia + F = Cynthia Miriel + F = Laurent -Recruitment times for children. All I can remember from trawling the Internet was that Lucina is the first recruited child and comes in after chapter 12. Or 13. I am otherwise ignorant of the chapter limitations before children paralogues become available, since I hadn't established many romantic relationships throughout the progress of the game. -Class optimization. Perhaps a better question to answer is: What classes DON'T my characters need to become, on account of their skills being useless for that character/their child? I'm particularly interested in long-term benefits and can play around momentary setbacks (e.g: I would continuously Second Seal a character into unpromoted classes to farm stats and necessary skills, against the benefits of a promoted class with better combat survivability). Format I used: Donnel: Villager -> Mercenary -> Fighter -> Bow Knight -> Hero -> Warrior -Inheritance. Some people make the argument that children always inherit their parent's classes, save for gender-specific stuff, so you should pass that. On the other hand, some people say that certain gender-locked skills, like Counter, are situational and unhelpful to certain characters (Counter for tanky Kjelle). In general, what should the mother and father pass to their child? I've tended to lean towards the level 15 promoted unit skills (Pass>Lethality, Swordfaire>Astra, on the basis of minimizing the amount of time a character spends in the dinky classes of Assassin/Swordmaster). -Things to watch out for in Lunatic. Is anything different, aside from the stats and skills? Are certain skills less useful or necessary? Is what I've set down thus far inherently flawed? Thanks for helping, and for any helpful information!
  13. [spoiler=I am a Walrus]It was so sad how Raven died...People with maxed stats should never die. He ran out of swords to stab people with. As for how nobody cared about Heath, nobody cared about Shen either. But they both died on the battlefield (probably), while Raven was hauled in front of Arcard and executed (dat crit). Not sure how that would interfere with them getting buried though. Either way, Erk is just amazing. He just sits in the back and throws Bolting at all the male characters, then steps in and grabs Priscilla when they're out of the picture. Brilliant! (Oh, except for Lucius. But maybe the distance confused him.)
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