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  1. Tristesse... Où est partie toute la communauté du Forum FE4 Francophone?

  2. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  4. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  5. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  6. Happy birthday. Thank you for your work.

  7. Hey, I remember you.

    Happy Birthday~!! :D

  8. Hi everyone. Today, got caught with lots of official paperwork to fill in and send. So I haven't found the time to advance on Fujimori translation. However, TheEnd, Marthur, NTG, make sure to check out the Private Message thread. I've added a good surprise for you. ;) Yeah, I think I'll do that.
  9. Hi everyone. Was absent yesterday due to real life stuff, and after I was done with it, I was so tired I even wasn't able to continue my playthrough of Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na, even less being able to log in or continue translating Fujimori. I swear, I needed to sleep BADLY. Unfortunately, no. And given that Nippon-Export is currently out of business for I-don't-know-what-reasons, I don't have any means to order it. :( Okay, now, daily Fujimori FE4 manga translation status: Vol.2, Stage 12: Translation = 100% (22/22), Check & Edit: 100%, ready to post. Vol.2, Stage 13: Translation = 100% (22/22), Check: 25%(?), Edit: 0% Vol.2, Stage 14: Translation = 100% (18/18), Check & Edit: 0%. Vol.3, Stage 15: Translation = 100% (24/24), Check & Edit: 0%. Vol.3, Stage 16: Translation = 20% ( 3/15), Check & Edit: 0%. Vol.3, Stage 17: Translation = 0% ( 0/17), Check & Edit: 0%. Vol.3, Stage 18: Translation = 0% ( 0/20), Check & Edit: 0%. Vol.3, Stage 19: Translation = 0% ( 0/20), Check & Edit: 0%. Vol.3, Stage 20: Translation = 0% ( 0/20), Check & Edit: 0%. Vol.3, Stage 21: Translation = 0% ( 0/21), Check & Edit: 0%.
  10. Oooook, I see... Well, let's wait and see. In any case, as I said, in the case I don't received news of her soon, I'll go the photos route as a stopgap for the meanwhile, so that at least the proofreading stage won't be slowed down (but whatever happens, I will only be able to do that until Vol.5, as I don't own the last volume, Vol.6 ). Going to bed now. Good night everyone~
  11. Ha ha, thanks. :) I've translated two more pages, but the remaining two pages (pages 22 and 23) are jammed full with text, and I'm too tired, I'll go to bed and finish those last two tomorrow. That said, I still don't have any news from Aquantis since I've sent my mail to her... So we're hitting a problem, as I don't have the scans of Vol.3 to at least allow you to proofread. TheEnd, did you have some news from her recently? Worst to worst, to compensate until I get the scans from her, I could do some high-quality photos of my copy of Vol.3 with my webcam and use that for proofreading...
  12. Bye. :) I've worked some more on Fujimori tonight. Script translation of Stage 15 (first chapter of Vol.3) is 75% done (20/24 pages). It's a chapter with lots of text, and it's starting to be late: so it's possible I'll do the last four pages tomorrow. For now, I'm going to take a shower, it's hot out there. I'll decide if I continue until I'm finished, or if I do the rest tomorrow after.
  13. Ha ha. :p Given how I've worked on those last two days, I think I can manage a translation rate of 1 chapter per day. In days where I'll be more busy real life-wise, I'll settle for a chapter every two days, or every three days at worst. Since tomorrow I'll probably have part of the day filled with other things, I'll try to advance a little more Stage 15 tonight. Yeah, Azel in this chapter gave me both "you're frikkin' awesome" and "I SO feel for you" feelings. Nice Stage overall IMO.
  14. Sorry for the late answer, Luster Purge.

    I've stopped translating in French the Fujimori manga for the time being, so I can fully concentrate on the English version (which more people will be able to read). I'm firmly intend on resuming and completing the French vers. once I'm done with the English one, though. ;)

  15. Crud, NTG, you're leaving? Our timing was too bad. :( Then, see you later.
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