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About Me

What to say about me ? M'well...

One of the rare French Fire Emblem fans out there in Serenes, and also one of the oldest members of the FE community still active.

My main gimmick in this fandom : translating Japanese FE stuff from Japanese to English, and from Japanese to French ! I'm responsible for the following :

* FE3's Perfect Ending

* FE4 Ending Map Screen, and Edda kids convo

* Fujimori Nuts' Official FE4 Manga, Stage 1 - 6 (Stage 7 is translated as well, but not scanlated, Stage 8 is in works)

* and a few stuff here and there.

As far as video games go, I'm an utter fan of :

* Fire Emblem 4,

* the Tokimeki Memorial series (particulary the Classic Kirameki Saga, which covers the first game and its spin-offs, and the Hibikino Saga, which covers the second game and its spin-offs),

* Star Ocean the Second Story,

* Mitsumete Knight,

* Streets of Rage (particulary 2),

* Rock 'n' Roll Racing,

* Road Rash 2,

* Puzzle Games in general, and the Puyo Puyo and Taisen Tokkae Dama series,

* and Light Gun games in general.

I like reading novels and manga (watching anime, not so much). I have various tastes and go on a book-by-book basis, so it would be hard to make a list.

Ok, that should do it. ;)

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