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  1. Is there a list of important paralogue in terms of items received? I'm planning to do a fresh Maddening run (still deciding between Blue Lions and Golden Deer, was learning BL until I read this page and saw you have to rerecruit Lorenz and Lysithea so might just go GD to avoid that nonsense), and realized I missed quite a bit in my first Hard playthrough. I read Lorenz is a top tier paralogue, and I recall the Sothis and the Flayn/Seteth ones being pretty good, but not sure about any others. As a further question, is there a level requirement to get someone's paralogue? Apparently there was a Ferdinand/Bernadetta one and a Caspar/Mercedes one, but I didn't get either on my CF run. Are they just not available in that route, or was Caspar being in single digits and Ferdinand being early/mid 10s prevent me from getting them? Thanks!
  2. Sounds like they need to start making some better refinements for them. Something beyond small stat boosts, so it doesn't feel like they're 100% specialized units that are only to be used in AA and PvE. They're fine in the actual games since you can switch weapons mid map, but not so much here.
  3. Been dumping my orbs into the Valentine's banner every time I hit 9 orbs hoping to get another Lyn (would feel wrong to have a single Lyn without that + when the other three have it). Finally managed to get another. Hopefully they don't release another Lyn for a long, LONG time so I can quarter-ass this game until then.
  4. Lunch break update. Holy crap, I FINALLY managed to summon Lyn (+Atk/-HP to boot!). In addition to the quoted above, between then and summoning Lyn I managed to also summon: Another Valentine's Hector Valentine's Lilina Another Linde A third Valentine's Hector Merric Brave Ike A fourth Valentine's Hector and then finally Valentine's Lyn Keep in mind, green was only selected when no blue was available, with the exception of the third Valentine's Hector who came along with Linde (pity rate was worthwhile, had only the one blue orb and a green orb, figured I'd toss 4 more orbs to see if that green would pay off). If it hadn't taken this much out of me to get a single copy, I'd try to get a second copy like all my other Lyns. That will have to wait until she shows up on a Legendary banner or something though. I'm tapped out.
  5. Sniping for Lyn to finish Lyn Emblem. Rate Up is a lie. 5-stars I rolled without getting Valentine's Lyn thus far: Tana Soren Reinhardt Linde Ninian Valentine's Hector Soren and Hector came on sessions without a blue orb. Will try more during lunch or after work. I just want birthday Lyn.
  6. If I recall, 25 is the threshold for being "old" by Japanese entertainment standards.
  7. Again, I'm not saying she has no impact. I'm saying she doesn't do much to reach the impact that she has. Ie: time involvement. This seemed to be your argument against Lyn while saying Lucina had a lot, so I was just pointing out that wasn't the case. If I misunderstood, then my bad.
  8. Lyn has story relevance for the first third, plus the final act. Lucina showed up here and there (as Lyn does in Eliwood and Hector's routes), but she does not really do much until the second half (after mask is removed). And most of what she does then is just guide the team towards Tiki (if I recall) Granted, it's been a while since I played the game, but I don't recall her involvement actually being that much in terms of time. Impact yes, time spent no. It's silly to think that they won't do a season/holiday again just because they did it once before. Do you think they won't do another summer/beach banner, a Halloween banner, a Christmas banner, or a New Years banner again?
  9. New Lyn to complete Lyn Emblem, and it comes on my birthday! Hopefully it doesn't take too much to get her.
  10. Pretty sure that shouldn't be possible. What team did you use, and did you switch teams at any point this week (ie: did you perhaps have a defense team set with a bonus unit and get a win before you switched to the current one)? I have to wonder what you do in the game if you don't like Arena. That's like... the only thing to actually do in the game outside of rolling in the gacha.
  11. Yes, having a bonus unit on defense gives you the x2 multiplier for your defense points.
  12. I had not considered using Heavy Blade on her. Will probably be the route I go with my +Atk/-Def copy, since everything else relies on her having at the very least neutral defense.
  13. But not everyone has MORE Brave Lyn. Also, I disagree that Sigurd isn't that great. He tanks hits, allowing you to bait enemies out of position to take them out with the rest of your horses. And since he's red, he deals with the greens that Lyn and Reinhardt cannot (Gronnraven, Fae, Myyrh, and Brave Ike mostly). While I agree it's likely not the worst FEH Channel (I'm sure there were some early ones that were meh), the new maps are normal and hard only. You'll be able to complete them in a minute or two, likely on auto battle. They're not made to be challenging, as they know a lot of new players generally join during anniversaries. It's their way to try to get those new players to stick around. To me, it's just cementing the feeling that all this game has to offer is an orb grind for units to maybe use in the arena.
  14. What difference is there between pulling a unit you don't want from a small pool and pulling a unit you don't want from a large pool? Your pity rate still gets broken, and you're still left without the unit you're aiming for.
  15. Wasn't too impressed with this stream. It would have been fine if I felt the game was in a good state, but I can't help but feel like it needs so much in the way of long lasting content that "feel good" fluff like this won't cut it. If this is their "answer" to that, then I guess I'll only be keeping the game installed until DanMachi ENG comes out and then drop it entirely.
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