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  1. The update patch worked fine for me using the 0.1 patch from the initial post.
  2. Confirmed that this bug is no$gba specific. So uh, don't use it and use VBA or whatever instead.
  3. Canto for Midale on that village in Ch1-1 displays the pathfinding for the entire map. She can only move her normal movement, but moving the cursor beyond the customary 11 tiles crashes the game. Edit: It's somehow broken the pathfinding display for all of my units now, and it's saved to the save file. Was fixed by restarting the chapter. Save with bug active - no$gba format. Edit 2: Seems it can be triggered from the other village as well. Doesn't require Canto, just visiting one of the villages will trigger it.
  4. Let's see if I don't get 3 units killed my first turn, this time. :D
  5. From the IRC logs, we figured it out to be about 2010-2011. He has a log of when I was explaining how a bitfield worked. :D
  6. None of us hackers really work in a vacuum. (Or we shouldn't anyway). Everyone bounces ideas off everyone. Regardless, Pi is an exceptionally talented (and far more motivated than I!) hacker. I don't see why he couldn't have done all of the heavy lifting himself.
  7. Black Hole CO Power from Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
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