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  1. i feel like outside of just adding a class to their timeskip outffit use repitoire, maybe designing a unique outfit for a master class for each unit? and yes, sylvains 'cannon' master class seems to be great knight rather then dark knight.
  2. black eagles but geanology gen2, or edelgards united fodlan slips downhill and the children of fallen lords are forced to do the deed 15 years since the wars end blue lions/faerghus remnants: Joan Lambert Blaiddyd (child of Rufus Blaiddyd x unnamed women) female, age 17 well only dimitris niece, she is often considered the second coming of the ill fated prince by faerghus loyalists due to her charisma and style of command. unlike her uncle who suffered from depression, mania, and survivors guilt throughout his life, joan has been raised since a young age with the intent of shaping her to raise an army and take revenge against emperor edelgard and the adrestian empire. Thus, well at heart she simply yearns for a quite life in the isolated duscur village she grew up in, the expectations of the kingdom loyalists have shaped her to be much as her uncle had been during the war due to the pressure of expectation and burden of revenge placed upon her shoulders. Her relation to her biological father was equally fraught until his death, placing another burden upon her shoulders due to her fathers own drunken depression during his final years. major blaiddyd crest skilled in lances, axes, authority, heavy armour weak in faith hidden talent in faith Liadan Molinaro (adopted child of Dimitri x Dedue, unknown but deceased biological parents) female, age 22 an adopted child of dimitri x dedue of duscarian origin, her mother and father died in an imperial raid and she was raised by the two until their deaths. she grew up alongside joan and considers herself her confidant and aid. A hard worker who tries to be stern faced, silent and strong of spirit like dedue, however she is by her nature more easily startled and relaxed and her mask has a tendency to slip with little provocation. she is however fiercely loyal to joan as she feels its what her foster parents would want, and very protective of her loved ones in general. no crest skilled in axes, brawling and heavy armour weak in nothing no hidden talent Neasa Glenn Fraldarius (surviving felix x unnamed deceased duscur women) female, age 15 daughter of felix born shortly after the war. her father managed to barely survive the defeat and destruction of arianrhod and escaped to the isolated duscur village rufuses child was being kept at. He fell into grief and anger after news of dimitris defeat and fhirdiads burning, and engaged in a brief affair with a duscurian women. a year later neasa was left at his residence with news that the mother had died at the hands of imperial soldiers hunting for crest bearers. felix and neasa have an even more turbulent relation then felix had with his own father, neasa resenting her fathers seeming indifference to her and obsession with revenge on the empire, well felix associates her with his own guilt over failing to save dimitri, his friends, or even his own childs mother and being unwilling to confront that guilt. As such Neasa has grown up to be something of a delinquent, engaging in petty thievery and running a small gang of thugs and cutthroats with a blaise charm and swift deceitful hands. However, the sheer devastation across faerghus has her with the growing uncomfortable realization that her current lifestyle cant last especially with her homeland falling apart around her minor fraldarius crest skilled in swords, bows, flying weak in authority and heavy armour hidden talent in lances Andre Emil Dominic (annette x mercedes, doner father) male, age 16 son of annette and mercedes through a doner father in order to maintain the dominic bloodline. However due to their deaths only a year after he was born, andre was primarily raised by annettes uncle, baron dominic. the baron made sure that andre understood how much his mothers loved him, and raised him as best he could in the chaotic new world the empire was forming. ultimately however, andre was forced to flee when imperial soldiers began a purge of baron dominics household due to subversive behavior when working with the empire. since then andre has been flitting about as a mercenary for hire with a tendency to work for free. He is also a member of underground serios sermons and a member of its small but dedicated knight order, seeking guidance and comfort for the turmoils of life within the faith. major crest of dominic skilled in lances, axes, faith and riding weak in brawling and flying no hidden talents Ludovic Gronel Galatea (ingrids unnamed brother x unnamed mother) male, age 20 ingrids , due to the galateas poor land and financial trouble the galateas were quick to swear allegiance to the empire when the dust settled. thus ludovic has been primarily raised as an imperial loyalist in order to not cause any trouble and was even sent off to enbar to study under and join the empires wyvern riders. Originally quick and happy to denounce his deceased aunt, and something of a hedonist who lived it up in the capital, his life was changed when he was ordered to take part in subduing a rebellion on galatea land which had only further deteriorated under harsh imperial rule. The ensuing bloodbath and murder of several of his family members caused a crisis of faith within him, and he deserted shortly there after. Since then hes become a drifter interested only in earning quick coin and drowning his sorrow and depression with booze and pleasure well looking at the empire with a vigorous disgust and cynicism. minor crest of daphnel skilled in swords, lances, axes and flying weak in faith, reason, authority hidden talent in riding Trudor Ubert (ashes younger brother) male, age 21 ashes younger brother, when news came of his older brothers death he was devastated and when his older sister ended up dying during the imperial suppression of civil unrest he was further devastated. Refusing to fall into a depression and instead dedicating his life to a bloody revenge he joined forces with remnants of the westren church who were already well entrenched and learned the art of war from them as they struck out in a directionless rage. However, after a particularly violent battle in a faerghus village for contrived reasons he came to realize the weight of his own sins and abandoned the extremists. since then hes settled down as a doctor of sorts aiming to aid as many people as he can, though he has also taken to studying what strange imperial technology he can, having realized that somethings up with the things and that something larger might be happening out there. no crest skilled in axes, reason, faith weak in swords, heavy armour hidden talent in lances Perrine Nicholas Gautier (Sylvain x ingrid) female, age 18 a brief fling of passion that led to a child of all things, well neither were particularly excited to bring a child up in the middle of a war the tried their best to protect the child until their deaths. Perrine has been raised by sylvains father maugrave gautier since the end of the war whos was allowed to keep his position despite his outspoken support of dimitri so long as he remained under house arrest and his soldiers remained on the border with a supplement of imperial soldiers. the maugrave has since raised perrine much like he raised his own son, though unlike sylvain perrine is practically the embodiment of the gautier mentality and ideal. However, the empire has taken more and more control of the border, simultaneously diverting reasources from the sreng border to other military matters. As such, sreng raiders invade and manage to kill the maugrave, forcing perrine to disappear into the night in search of rufus daughter. well not particularly invested in revenge against the empire, perrine has a sense of loyalty and duty to joan and her own desire to reclaim the gautiers historical land and resume the duty she feels she was bred for. major gautier crest skilled in swords, lances, heavy armour and riding weak in nothing no hidden talent so blue lions kids (even though most of them arent directly kids of the characters) done, golden deer when i can get around to it.
  3. maybe not the most stressful aspects of it but an important one none the less. as you admit, so long as you allocate your money right your probably not going to be short of it in most fe games and thats an aspect of resource management right there. allocation of exp to your units, maintenance and distribution of weapons, stat boosters and other consumables, what units you have and deploy, its all resource management to some degree or another and it all makes a part of the backbone of fe game design. thats why things like auxiliary battles and regenerating spell lists and even the arena are arguably harmful to fe game design because they provide an unlimited resource to the player in a game series traditionally structured with limited resources and making it all count. now whether or not each fe game is able to do this well or not is a different argument. granted this is all hyperbolic of me, and honestly my beef with the regenerating spell list mostly just comes from it being functionally identical to tomes in execution but with less freedom of build. at most it lets ya be a bit more liberal using powerful spells but your only suppose to be using those for special occasions anyways.
  4. not a fan personally, tomes may have been stupid in the sense of why does book break but it was more versatile and practical as a system and worked into the resource management and allocation i feel is rather important to the series. recharging magic certainly makes things simpler if your looking for speed and efficiency from a player perspective mind, i just ultimately prefer the books personally. that said, if and when this system sees further use i would prefer that they just let us customize spell lists as opposed giving characters unique spell lists ya cant change. events that let characters learn unique spells could always be a compromise in that regard.
  5. a few of these feel a bit persnickity and geared more towards optimization then providing a better experience for the average player. that said, the changes i feel would most benefit the game for the average joe: unlock gender locked classes, this system is suppose to provide flexibility and freedom and yet has those arbitrary restrictions that hurt more then help (lysithia greatly benifits from dark mage early game for instance, hilda benifits from war master to an extent, the dudes benefit from access to flyer earlier etc.) moving some classes around. for instance, moving dark knight to advanced and rebalancing it accordingly would greatly benifit lorenz whos geared towards it but cant access it until level 30.
  6. i kinda feel the feh obstruct skill should be an armoured knight base skill. their job is to defend against and 'obstruct' opponents so giving them a skill that makes it harder for enemies to physically move past them would make them more effective in that sense and it would also make a horde of armour knights something a bit trickier to just waltz past.
  7. hes savy but i wouldnt say caution is actually a prominent trait of gharnef, hes a schemer certainly but he never actually fears medeus, simply doesnt want to share power, and the first time he actually encounters marth he quite fragrantly attacks him before leaving because he has better shit to do. his motivation for taking the darksphere was an overabundance of confidence and ego that was bruised by his mentors decisions, whatever caution he might have had is usually going to be buried under that massive ego. Hell its only after his body is destroyed that he starts showing some caution in regards to marth which is understandable since marths beat him once before and he isnt suppose to be stupid. as for the sages shield being in place when alm and celica arrive, that is a good point yes though considering its literally a shield that needs to be put in place to manifest the seal i see no reason that the seal couldnt be put back in place if the shield was put back in place, especially by a skilled magician seeking to lock up shop for the day.
  8. i mean this also assumes that gharnef isnt going to act like gharnef and take the more cautious approach. remember this is a man whos fall was predicated on his inability to accept that gohto didnt trust him with auras power/responsibilities and who wanted to prove his own worth and talent/power by using the darksphere and creating imhulu from it. and its not like his corruption would make him any less cautious, the darksphere amplifies the dark aspects of ones personality as shown by hardin, and well gharnef has a perchance for planning and schemes hes also definitely the bold type who would see the warnings and think "what a bunch of babies, i could do even better then they ever could!" out of pride alone. that all being said, if your looking for a plausible explanation as to why gharnef didnt use grima in anyway (aside from grima being a concept in the series that came after the game gharnef was in) one could say that since grima was hardly at full power yet and something of an unknown in full capability that gharnef decided to keep grima as a backup plan in case things with medues didnt work out well he worked out just what grima could do (which didnt pan out because of marth and the gang invading thabes and slaying his physical body before his plans could reach fruition)
  9. 1. more standardized weapon uses. im not opposed to gauntlets having the most uses because that makes sense and steel weapons having higher uses then iron makes sense to as an incentive to use them, but lances having 10 less uses then swords and 15 less then axes on average seems... stupid? 2. no gender locked classes 3. give heroes access to sol. i dont believe its in the game and it would be at least a little more incentive to use them.
  10. BL>GD>SS>CF azure moon stands out for me not only because it does a good job in shaping believable characters who well sympathetic still need to get their heads on straight, but also because of its subtle but nonetheless present meta story commentary on fire emblem stories and tropes. its not something that one needs to notice nor is it overly strong but it also avoids being obnoxiously pleased with itself and serves to make the story stronger. the only big problem i have with it is that it could have stood to have some more room to allow stronger organic story telling but it works. not my favorite of the lot but it works. verdant wind are interesting because it has a lot of threads i find fascinating but it more often then not leaves them hanging and focuses more so on lore aspects that didnt fit into the narratives of the other routes. ultimately its the most superfluous that probably could have been cut and the resources spent on it distributed to the other stories with the game overall being healthier for it in narrative terms. silver snow may be rather half assed but it does have its narrative importance if only in the 'will you side with edelgard or not' way and if the verdant wind route was removed it would benefit the most from it both due to less repetition and from more resources to better iron it out. still this probably would have been the bottom if it wasnt for crimson flower if the azure moon is the games writing at its best, verdant wind a good batting average if pointless, and silver snow its laziest then crimson flower is it at its worse. not so much out of laziness mind but more so out of bad choices for its writing. what should have been an arvis type situation that eventually saw its epitomes character come to realize they fucked up and seek to change their ways and salvage what they could as repentance, or what should have been the evil empire wins route instead is an odd mishmash of the two where the evil empire wins but everything is lovely forever despite common sense contradicting that because its villain protagonist was very sad well she trampled over the lives of hundreds of thousands and either committed or tacitly approved by her silence dozens of war crimes in pursuit of minor tactical gains. not helped by information in the other routes essentially proving her entire basis of beliefs... well wrong. nemesis was no mistreated hero, crests and the systems associated with them were not invented by rhea to control humans but by humans for more power, and rhea has soft power over the other nations at best. which is a shame because there was a great villain protagonist buried in here, but it was buried probably because people would have called edelgard a bitch otherwise and not wanted to marry warcrimes mcgrime.
  11. true, though medeus isnt exactly suppose to be a push over either since at full power hes supposedly capable of fighting equally against full power naga. then again, being weakened for the war of shadows and heroes would make him easier to control... though i believe the lightsphere and starlight are suppose to work so well agaisnt him due to being the antithesis to his darksphere power? thats definitely conjuncture on my part but it would make sense, so if the sages seal shares similarities to it it would probably work against him though i doubt it would share similarities to them since the shield of seals is a naga thing well the sages shield is more a thabes thing which ran independently of each other. plus he was apparently able to get everything else in the city up and running that still worked anyways so he clearly knows his way around thabian sciencemagic.
  12. i could see him being able to do it honestly. this is the dark wizard who got thabes up and running again, and he is very talented with magic in general considering he made imhulu and bound his soul to the darksphere and was largely responsible for both medeuses resurrection and transformation into the dark dragon/shadow dragon at the end of the war of heroes. being able to break a seal is hardly outside of the realm of his capabilities, though if that is the case it does raise the question of why he never really bothered with it. Either he took the warnings to heart which seems unlikely considering who he is, or he never bothered with grima because it wasnt strong enough for his ambitions or something along those lines. hell maybe gharnef was secretly responsible for grima getting loose at all, either inadvertently or intentionally.
  13. id personally enjoy a few more limitations, it can make for a more interesting and cohesive experience if your building a game knowing the player will have such and such by such point as opposed to the more nebulous gameplay structures that's required with a free for all build as you like approach that i feel has been a contributor in some part to the iffier map design thats been going through the series lately, but i can respect that some people want a 'i can play it my way' experience and really they just need to buckle down the design at this point because other games have managed to accomplish stuff like that just fine. my problem in three houses is some of the arbitrary decisions the game holsts onto you that hurt more then help and make no sense. female characters cant become war masters or dark mages even though those lines would directly benefit lystheia and hilda who are built in that direction, males cant become gremories even though that would directly benifit characters like indhardt who are built in those directions, the intermediate flyer class is female exclusive but the advanced flyer class is for both meaning male characters have a harder time building flyer experience early game and that if you want ingrids post timeskip outfit in battle she needs to be an intermediate class, even stuff like flayn having a deficiency in riding but a proficiency in flying and lances even though stat wise shes clearly a mage and has some basis to become a holy knight are just kinda silly.
  14. based on pre release impressions alone black eagles: team trying too hard. Edelgard especially struck me as a misguided attempt at the whole independent women who dont need no man schtick that most producers fail to actually grasp and was inevitably going to fall on its face. kinda like lucina in that regard. the rest failed to inspire much confidence except for maybe lindhart and hubert at first impression. golden deer: team token bi. claude felt like he was going to be especially token in that regard, already the awkward third wheel of the three and then shoehorned into the fandoms gay baby spot of pre release hype in terms of characters simply because he shared superfical similarities to niles and gay sterotypes. the rest seemed to be quirky but insubstantial. blue lions: team old routine. dimitri seemed like he was going to be the standard fe lord affair and he was going to do it solidly. rest of the house were bog standard but solid enough so it left me with the best overall impression of competence. impressions after launch black eagles: edelgard managed to avoid being the try hard independent women and actually does manage to earn some actual independent women credit by being an actual character instead of a cardboard cutout. unfortunately im not personally enthused by that character which felt like an indecisive compromise between making her a villain protagonist and making her a dark and dirty hero which ultimately satisfied no one but people who wanna do the nasty with her and fools. like the rest of the house far more then i thought i would though, with really only dorothea remaining the same in terms of my opinion. golden deer: surprisingly ended up being the token heterosexuals which was a funny twist. jokes aside, claude felt like a breath of relief since well he shared superficial similarities to niles he veered off into a far more interesting direction. i dont necessarily hate niles mind, i just feel he gets more love then his character deserves. back to claude though, hes genuinely enjoyable but still feels like the third wheel of the bunch that could have been left out and the game would have still felt intact and probably a lot more cohesive and complete if the resources and story details used for it where spread to the remaining routes instead. rest of the house still remains the quirkiest and i like a few of them more then i thought i would, raphael for instance greatly interests me and leonie i didnt give enough initial credit too, but its still the house im the most apathetic towards in terms of individual members. blue lions: gay babies. gay babies everywhere. more importantly, this was the most competent house in terms of character writing in my opinion and i was pleasantly surprised to see that as opposed to just being your typical fe lord dimitri ended up being a deconstruction of sorts of your typical fe lord. rest of the blue lions are solid as well with dedue and ash standing out the most to me.
  15. theoretically the objective of fog of war is to encourage the player to move more slowly and cautiously across the map by limiting the information available to them at any given point, however contrary to that aim it is often more expedient to simply charge ahead anyways and expand your field of view as quickly as possible by advancing faster then normal, especially by putting out the odd unit with expanded vision (a great example of this actually would be fe16's ch 3/lonato map, theoretically your suppose to approach the map more cautiously and slowly due to the fog but its more in the players interest to advance ahead fast to protect your npc allies and to kill the dark mage producing the fog not helped by the enemies not being arranged to take advantage of this) so the fog can be said to not actually be doing its job. personally, i would fix this by either further restricting the players field of vision such as reducing the effect of torches and lowering the thiefs view range and thus giving them less options to advance quickly with and thus improving the fogs ability to limit the players information, or by focusing on enemy placement that takes advantage of fog to slow down the player more efficiently. if we were to make the mechanic more player friendly however i dont feel changing enemy ai to act as if blinded in the fog would change much on the player end aside from making enemy waves more manageable by a tiny amount. instead of that, how about the fog doesn't completely obscure enemies but instead leaves an indistinguishable silhouette of sorts. that way enemy numbers and placement is still conveyed to the player, but information on what those enemies and what they'll do is still limited so that the fog still encourages the player to take things more slowly (theoretically anyways).
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