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  1. fair enough. Though since i was closing in on the chapter myself on a normal mode run of rd thought id give it a shot myself, and the general conclusion ive come to is that it is indeed possible [ive managed to get all three of them to yeardely in 10 turns well getting all the items buuuut it requires some luck to get right. i think the volunteers either have bugged up or intentionally erratic ai since on multiple occasions the starting position myrmidon would rush nepehnee despite that being a guaranteed onehit on him, other times he would attack brom as expected and on others hed sit and do nothing. same with the handaxe volunteer, most of the time hed attack nephenee but on more then one ocassion hed simply sit there despite her being in range and with no means to defend herself. best way i could rush to yeardely was usually to have brom waddle and collect the top houses and nephenee rush to the bottom ones and pick up heather whos pass is really quite helpful in this regard. of course this is all hypothetically done with no transfer data. that is to say, it is possible but its also a dice roll on the volunteers ai acting in the way you want/actually expect them to.
  2. if your looking to be practical sure, better to just give up on it in that ch if op is looking specifically to get the maximum possible bexp however, well getting all the items... well honestly im not quite sure on speed but i can tell you what i generally did to keep survivors if that helps but it basically amounts to dont fight and keep your units unequipped. well the volunteers can be annoying they generally cant hurt you all that much, and if you dont have transfer stats on nephenee and brom i know that they can generally survive atleast one hit from the weaker weapons. so you can, hypothetically from what i remember anyways spend the first turn cleaning up yeardlys immediate troops that are gonna harass you, let the volunteers eat a hit and then waddle about unequipped well they heal up. and since the bandits only arrive on turn 8 your real big threat there is more so the bottom one then the top one. make some liberal use of shove and you should be able to maximize bexp and get the items, but then this is guesswork on my part since i tend to deliberately slow down sometimes but i believe ive made it to yeardly within 15 turns before on normal this way.
  3. julius to red tome armor, since it more so matches his geanology movement anyways [5mov compared to ishtars 6mov] and gives him a bit more bulk to work with. narcian to sword flying since thats what he specializes in in fe6. lucius to blue tome since he is basically the original light mage.
  4. i feel like this is less trying to work with whats there and more so just tossing out the babys with the bath water. for byleth really all you need to do there is let them actually be the character they're alluded to be as someone who begins the game emotionally detached, sheltered by jeralts paranoia, and generally unresponsive into someone gaining independence and becoming more emotional and responsive through their role as a professor. Then you get the route split, silver snow focuses the most on that growing sense of self person in byleth, azure moon and verdant wind are more so about their respective lords and how their struggles shape byleths own self actualization, and crimson flower is the route were byleth instead reverts and becomes more emotionally unresponsive and dependent to symbolize and emphasize that routes nature as a truly self destructive one. theres really no need or reason to have nemesis be from ancient almyra, his general design already doesnt mesh well with the established almyran cultural emulations [persia] well nemesis is more so going for a conan the barbarian look. Personally, if i had to pin him id pin him to ancient sreng instead but its not exactly relevant either way. The church, or rather the governments and people of fodlan, don't need much else in terms of reasoning for being wary of almyra outside of almyra being aggressive and expansionist in its history with fodlan. i do agree that twistd don't add much though, but i feel the better solution then nutering them even more would be to just remove them outright and have edelgard/hubert be solely responsible for the specific atrocities the group otherwise carried out. They might as well be after all. Emphasize the whole flame emperor and human experimentation thing instead of just dropping it once the timeskip hits effectively.
  5. 1) because alm vs berkut is not actually very similar in concept/narrative position as naruto vs neji to begin with, nor does it try to position itself as such. alms story was never about an underdog overcoming the obstacles in his way to achieve self fulfillment, alms story was in essence about someone who wanted to be an underdog everyfolk coming to terms with and accepting the greater destiny and responsibilities ahead of him regardless of his personal happiness. This is especially apparent in berkuts reaction to the mark on alms hand as recognition of alms importance in terms of destiny and lineage, which spirals into berkuts growing insecurities and eventual mania. Rather, well neji vs naruto is primarily driven by naruto, berkut vs alm is primarily driven by berkut. Thus comparing the two is effectively comparing apples to oranges. 2) because neji vs naruto was never particularly great to begin with. As a fight its lamely choreographed and unsatisfying, as an ideological or character conflict its confusing and insipid because neji makes no sense [hes fatalistic about being inferior due to being a branch member but egotistical about his skills being superior, the contradictions when brought together would more so imply an underdog frustrated that his greater skill is overlooked/suppressed because of his societal position but thats not how the fight or his character is framed by the narrative which makes it a frustrating mess] and naruto is incredibly shallow [admittedly by design, though ill add that its kinda funny the kid with magic fox powers that gives him excessive mana points to dump into a secret technique/heal faster/shrug off damage easier is suppose to be the underdog in this situation against a guy whos slightly better then others at punching things].
  6. the math would would be taking the base stats of the myrmidon class and the fighter class from fe7, so 4 str 9 skl 0 lck in the myrms case and 5 str 2 skl 0 lck in the fighters case, and the silver sword silver axe stats from the same game so 13 80 for the silver sword and 15 70 for the silver axe. admittedly though i got the calculation wrong for weapon accuracy base modifiers in fe7 which is 15 hit not 10 hit in blazing blade. hit is calculated in fe7 as skl*2+lck*0.5+hit+support+tactician stars, but since we dont have to worry about lck since both classes have a base of 0 in fe7 and support or tactician stars dont apply in this calculation it becomes skl*2+hit for simplicities sake so myrm to hi become 98 well fighter to hit is 74. damage is much easier since its just str+mt to 17 damage for myrm and 20 damage for fight. in base fe7 WT bonuses turn that into a revised 18 113 for myrm and 19 59 for fight. if instead of the regular WT modifiers however we apply a 20% modifier to both damage like in FEH and expand that to hit, that is to say x+(x*0.2) or x-(x*0.2), then it becomes 20 118 for myrm and 16 59 for fight. if we used fe7 as a baseline anyways. and sure heroes has 1 colour restrictions for units but most tier one units and some tier 2 units tend to be locked to one weapon anyways, and for late game it helps encourage training a unit in newly acquired weapons upon promotion to be more flexible in countering enemy and weapons they wield so i dont see the downside there. id even go as far as to say that it should be a 30% modifier instead turning the fe7 example into 22 127 for myrm and 14 51 for fighter. and it wouldn't hurt the early game either if its a percental modifier since late game modifiers would be more prominient. say the fighter in the previous example had 20 str and 10 skl which would turn his output into 40 damage 90 hit with a silver weapon. going back to the 20 percent modifier to lowball it that 40 90 instead becomes a 32 78 when up against a sword, but conversely a 48 108 against a lance. and this is without taking into account dodge which you could also modify with 20% to further emphasize the WT but that might be a step too far so id keep it to hti and damage. and in regards to the 50 hit modifier idea, well im not enthusiastic about that one like the 20% modifier but i do think it emphasizes why the WT is atleast handy to fe design. cause you are right that passively you dont want things too extreme but i feel thats more so a case for why you dont remove the WT and rely on weapon stat differences instead which are what i would consider the passive modifier in damage calculation. the WT is an active modifier dependent on what weapons going against what so giving it greater strength [say 3 damage and 30 hit modifiers instead of 50 just to pull it back] gives it more influence and weight in game design and player decisions. not to say id be insistent on its inclusion, i really enjoy echoes. But echoes compensates for a lack of weapon triangle by having the classes be hyper specialized [barons are defense sinks, gold knights are flat aside from high mov, dread fighters are spd sinks etc]. three houses is in my opinion the wrong way to do it since it turns things into a snore fest by keeping classes more even, and the fact that they felt they need to sneak the WT back in to compensate through breaker skills on everything in maddening and cindered shadows is a good example of why the WT works more often then not [hence why i think it should be given more omph].
  7. one of the things im kinda noticing here is that a lot of people who dislike the WT/wouldn't mind if it was gone still want each weapon type to feel distinctly different from each other. And i think thats a good enough example of why the weapon triangle is important to FE and in fact should be given a stronger emphasis [on atleast one occasion]. because as it is the WT problem is that it isn't often potent enough. in most games with it the most youll get is a +/-10 to hit and +/- 1 to mt which can be easily overcome by a prepared player so it feels negligible. but in concept its basically there to accentuate the differences between weapons afterall in the same manner that giving them more distinctive statlines would. so instead why not take a page from heroes and have a hard 20% reduction or bonus to attack depending on the weapon. so say if a myrmidon in fe7 attacked a fighter and both had silver weapons the damage would go from this 18 from myrmidon 19 from fighter to say something like this 20 from myrmidon 16 from fighter and thats only applying that to attack, you could apply that to hit as well and go from this 108 to hit myrmidon 64 to hit fighter to something like this 118 to hit myrmidon 59 to hit fighter and thats just limiting the bonus or penalty to 20%. There is also the alternative of jacking up the preexisting bonuses and reductions. a +/- 10 instead becomes a +/- 50 for instance like the values the breaker skills in fates/awaking apply. instead having it be in the base WT system though. so 108 to hit myrmidon 64 to hit fighter would theoretically go to 148 to hit myrmidon 24 to hit fighter in this situation. which is excessively extreme but does a good job of accentuating weapon differences and 'the right time to use the right weapon'.
  8. FMAB well overall more faithful to the original manga lacks a lot of the mangas charm and weight in presentation, as does fma03. IDK, they both lean a bit to hard into trying to be melodramatic and thematic which makes them come off as somewhat self important, well the original manga had a better appreciation for how silly the whole thing could be. Not helped by how both animated adaptations pull punches or tone down some of the more brutal aspects of the original manga when making the jump to the screen that kinda makes important moments of drama in the source feel not as impactful [ishval being the biggest example there i'd say, which gets expounded on more in the manga then either adaptation which cut the flashback down]. 03 definitely spreads its wings from the original and creates a story that works well in its own context and it certainly indulges in its own sense of brutality, but id also argue that it gets over indulgent and revels in a somewhat misanthropic attitude and presentation that wasn't really present in the manga [especially as it diverges further and further from the manga] turning ed into a limp sadsack that gets carted around by the plot and one shocking revelation to the next as opposed to the firebrand genius he was originally who needed others to keep his head to the ground. brotherhood meanwhile well its more faithful to the original manga and well crafted in a technical manner, guts a lot of the original mangas presentation in order to try and be similar to the 03 adaptation at the same time as its trying to be faithful to the manga. Well also being more toned down in its violence. in that sense 03 knew what it wanted to be atleast, brotherhood suffers from an identity crisis reveling just as badly as 03 could but interjecting it with moments of the originals occasional goofiness that now feel out of place in this "super serial, fo real" story. but then thats just my personal taste.
  9. a) just make edelgard the main antagonist and rival she was initially conceived as, since so many of the games plotting problems can be traced back to broad handed strokes meant to make her more 'waifu' appropriate. You can even still include the twisted for those arvis parallels if ya must, all it really takes is just committing to whats already in the text instead of dancing around it and have characters call her out on her BS when appropriate. Personally id go as far as retooling the ending to SS and having a dragon crest beast abomination edelgard be the final boss instead of randomly rampaging rhea [due to edelgard overtaxing aymr causing the relic to consume her and react violently to her two crests due to its more artifical nature/use of the crest of the beast in the relics design. A visual embodiment of her ambition and hunger for power taken form and stripping her of the humanity she professes to value so much.] c) complete retool of VW. as it stands its basically shitty SS due to its almost complete absence of emotional stakes and character relevance, only held up as it is by so many people because of claudes meme status [and the potential character that is there but unrealized by the plot itself]. For a retool, if i couldnt add any additional battle maps anyways, id have it so that you romp in the alliance to pick up allies instead of a volcano, claude sidesteps fort mercurius entirely using the almyran navy to sneak into enbarr through the port, and instead of shambhala [which would now be SS exclusive] claude has to butt heads with a rival prince from almyra whos trying to capitalize on fodlans weakened state, and then have zombie nemesis show up, which forces a stalemate and cooperation between almyran and fodlan forces in order to bring the old man zombie down. its more unique, it capitalizes more so on claudes personality and portrayal, it wrings more character out of him by having to actually confront the whole almyran prince thing to his allies on screen, and it plays to the theme of cooperation which was otherwise tacked onto VW. b) Give each house a customized WC that better plays to their part II. blue lions for instance, they get to keep the lonato and miklain missions since those missions are most relevant to them. golden deer however would instead have say a mission where you need to deal with criminal merchants in the alliance or solve a dispute between rival nobles better emphasizing what leicester is like and helping to differentiate the golden deers WC from the blue lions WC. 4) reimplement the weapon triangle into the rest of the game. CS proves that doing so greatly benefits the overall gameplay of three houses tremendously and that removing it at all was a terrible mistake.
  10. Roy's growths and base stats arent actually all that bad, not exemplary certainly but 40% for str and spd is about average for units in his game. What hurts roy the most really is that late promotion which if roy hits his theoretical averages will keep him locked to 13str and 15spd for far to long. letting him promote early either through an early heaven seal or, as i would personally recommend grouping all the seals under a single master seal and letting him use that, would let him make better use of his overall build. other then that, quality of life changes mostly [ie do we really need merlinus on the map or can we just bung the convey onto the lord and have merlinus as an advisor type figure?] If i was being radical maybe bring in some mechanical aspects from other fes like reclassing, split promotions and maybe a skill system? fe6 is basic enough that some expenditure from other fes might help liven things up.
  11. eirika already gets a bit short changed in the game to begin with, despite being the starting lord and arguably the central protagonist since her routes story flows a bit better with what comes before and after. im not against some more time for innes or l'arachel to shine mind (dlc mini storys?), but id rather that a remake focus on tightening up eirikas own story and getting ephraims to flow better instead of adding more story threads to pointlessly tug on. that said i wouldn't be opposed to a simultaneous route set up like gaiden/echoes, a game sacred stones already kinda leans on. especially if were talking about a home consule release since that would give the gameplay a little bit of extra meat without additional padding. you could even still implement the alternating perspectives kinda setup for the end, where who ever got to the end of their route split first gets to have their version play out or somethin like that.
  12. ya'd have to rewrite dimitri a bit to get him there. Even outside of dimitri in the throes of his madness being so hyper focused on suiciding against edelgard to ignore claude entirely, faerghus itself is a highly martial warrior culture simply one draped in the image of knighthood and one of dimitris more prominent personal goals is to repair relations with the people of duscur. He'd definitely be willing to give almyra a chance without madness impairing his decisions and with madness impairing his decisions he'd be too focused on edelgard to care who claude brought along or what politics were at play. At most I'd be willing to give you in the situation that you proposed that the kingdom loyalists who make up dimitris army MIGHT focus more on the alliance as well IF claude reached out to obtain sreng forces (which could very easily be read as a massive fuck you towards the kingdom given faerghuses own bloody history with sreng and during a five year period where claude positions the alliance as neutral in the kingdom empire conflict). However that would also require the kingdom to be so blinded with rage that they were willing to burn bridges at a point when they need allies more then anything, since on AM gilbert makes sure to emphasis how the loyalists are basically fucked unless they either retake faerghus or form an alliance with claude and leicester. and given that gilbert and rodrigue handle the minutia when dimitris in full murder hobo mode, and both of them see more value in allying with leicester or retaking faerghus, it would feel atleast a bit out of character at the very least. Aside from that though, I'd argue that for claude the issues in his arc come less from lacking scale and more so in being too broad and making it even broader would spread it too thin. Have him actually sit down at a conference table and start building those bonds of trust that are required to start opening borders, given that fodlan realistically only keeps its borders closed because most of its neighbors either want it dead or invade for fun. and the game alludes to him doing that from what i recall on VW, but instead what they needed to do was actually show him at the very least start the process. and flinging in dadga and sreng would only overly complicate that process, especially given the beef and baggage that dadga has with the empire and how sreng has no central form of government to negotiate with ontop of its own beef with faerghus. focusing on almyra and actually going into detail is all ya really have to do to give claudes arc more punch. especially if during the process you start to have him branch out of his own limited and biased view on the subject. Which again VW implies but has trouble showing and putting into practice.
  13. dimitri and dedue or dimitri and felix have a paired ending with each other so you can pair off one of them there if you like. marianne also sports a support ending with dimitri thats fairly popular. as for actual utility though, id say the blue lions have your bases pretty much all covered outside of dark magic. shamir or cathrine aren't bad to have around since they both do their jobs well and id argue shamir is probably the best pure bow user in the game thanks to a more reliable attack growth. maybe leonie? shes reliable as a horse unit and fills a niche a lot of other units dont really do as naturally.
  14. if i had to guess it would i think it would probably be similar to geanology in a lot of ways, theres a reason most of its manga adaptations emulate the clamp style after all since the visual style suits its story telling so well.
  15. for all intents and purposes ch9 of shadow dragon is effectively filler. However, if we are to consider the actual moral implications and justification of landing at pyrathi, then the context of why the land there at all is important. Malledus:“Sire, it’s too dangerous to stay here. We must flee to Pyrathi. There are risks there, too- the Pyrathi king Mannu is said to be a descendant of the dragonkin, a Manakete. Still, we’ve no other recourse. We’ll just have to take our chances… Keep your wits about you, sire.” from this we can glean that traveling to pyrathi is a move of desperation because of the dangers present at pyrathi, implying a history of agression. Malledus cites the danger as mannu being a manakete, which isnt unfounded given dolhr is running around making extensive use of dragons and being ruled by an evil dragon, but we can also assume that pyrathi has a tendency to attack people who try to travel to it given its isolationist nature. Now if we assume, given marths general character and the context of needing to flee to pyrathi for safety, that marth and his motly army (its small enough at this point that a large contingent of grust soldiers requires them to flee) only intended to seek refuge in pyrathi, Mannu attacking a fleeing army looking for refuge is clearly an aggressive move, especially when the option to simply turn them away is fully open to him. he doesnt have to take them in yes, but if he wishes to maintain his kingdoms isolation then he could simply bar them from the country which would be easier for him then picking a fight. like, if we ever get another shadow dragon remake (which i want with all my heart) this part clearly needs either more elaboration or to simply be cut, but given the actual context behind the action its primarily mannu thats picking a fight that he doesnt have to. marth fighting back isnt unreasonable in that situation, though killing the king and effectively taking over the island is going rather overboard as a response. But then, the actual size of pyrathi is kinda vague. He could be taking over an island nation, he could just be taking over what is effectively a city state. still, id hardly call it an ivasion when its more so marth stumbling into a fight he probably doesnt want once again, which is kind of his thing tbh.
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