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  1. aside from bringing back halberdiers, im most interested in them bringing in more armoured class variations. no need to overload mind, but if generals are going to lean into lances and axes nowadays i would prefer if they introduced some armoured classes wielding other weapons to balance things out. The possibility of some interesting mixed armoured classes would also be fun, say an armoured flying class or a puppet armoured class thing (aka the mechanist but instead of horse its armour). daggers and fists continuing and having more prominence would be nice as well.
  2. according to the developers, fodlan is suppose to be nearly 2/3's the size of europe. i believe flavour text also mentions that almyra alone is larger then fodlan, possibly twice its size but i forget where thats mentioned.
  3. the jarod penultimate chapter could easily be expanded on to give a larger battle with more exp opportunities for units outside of michaiah (who honestly struggles to reach level20 before her forced promotion without special attention from what i remember), you could probably merge cannon prologue and chapter 1 into either one chapter or a two parter like ch6 and replace cannon chapter 1 with a new chapter. other then that maybe making the swamp chapter a bigger affair could help give part 1 the extra bulk it needed?
  4. when it comes to mounted and non mounted, and the disparity there in, the biggest and perhaps only problem really does come down to their movement being so much higher. consistently cavaliers tend to have lower overall stats and averages then other units, outside of some rather notable exceptions, and well pegasus knights tend to have larger stat totals and larger growths they also tend to be fragile as fuck. so when it comes to raw combat potential they usually arent any worse or better then any other unit, so the thing that has to be fixed is that busted move. i think the easiest way to address that is by changing fe map design tenants more then anything. fewer large open spaces, more restricting terrain that infantry do better on, more missions and objectives that require you to stay still rather then move across the map (like defense missions), and more enemy design that punishes for moving too far forward too fast. another possibility is halfing terrain bonuses for mounted units (cause they big and skittish animals) but then i dont think the average fe player really notices those bonuses much in modern fe design. fe heroes actually does hit one something i feel might kinda work. as opposed to just a terrain penalty mounted units in feh treat forests essentially as walls in their own right. and well going that far might be rather annoying maybe simply having more forest tiles that infantry can cross and mounted units can not might help slow em down enough especially if those forests provided shortcuts or other such benefits such as better positioning against enemies. and well its not perfect shaving 1 mov from average flying mov values and creating more impassable flying terrain might help bump them down enough to not be so broke.
  5. well i dont feel characters like randolph and ladislava should have been playable, some more insight into them might have been nice say on CF, but i can get behind judith being playable since really theres no reason why she couldn't be. I saw someone propose meotedy/assassin boss form ch 11 as a playable, presumably on CF, and honestly i could get behind that as well since it would be rather unexpected and could lead to some weird conversations in supports.
  6. azure moon as dimitri retains the greatest popularity in japan of the main lords, probably mixed with some elements of verdant wind claude investigating the roots of the war and silver snow byleth origins just to cover the essential bases.
  7. i mean yeah, i agree that youll probably have a more rewarding experience if ya sit through 1 and 2 instead of skipping them, just that if ya need to skip a part, 1 and 2 i feel its easier to do so. part 1 especially so, its good but its overshadowed by the other parts in terms of quality and any essential information is reiterated in parts 2 forward. lets not get into a debate about though and derail things i suppose, any way ya wanna watch it is fine for the most part. nother pipe dream author for an fe game, tsugumi ohba.
  8. id personally recommend it despite the copious amounts of gruesome animal death (ie, more then 1) as its flashy, fun, silly and dramatic, and it can be rather smart for a shonen action series. also posing. its divided into 8 parts currently, 5 of which have been animated. parts 1 and 2 are good but rather divorced from the other parts so dont fret to much over skipping them if ya wanna. if you decide to watch it anyways.
  9. definitely a pipe dream but hirohiko araki. for only the most fabulous of bizarre emblems.
  10. i mean, i have my quibbles with the game but i am glad its done well. hopefully that means a bigger budget for whatever title comes next.
  11. wolf and sedgar get knocked down a tier into a bow cavalier class because duh matthias remain a cavalier but one geared towards becoming a great knight upon promotion nyna becomes playable as a staff and magic focused princess class to help make her non narrative dead weight minerva becomes a wyvern rider because also duh roger remains a knight but geared towards becoming a great knight upon promotion and really thats the only big ones i would hypothetically want.
  12. nah see flayn = tiki, as she is heavily implied to have been asleep for a long time before the game began, or at least isolated as tiki archetypes often are as well, and was kidnapped and used in some form by the bad guys and possibly a character who heavily evokes the gharnef archetype. seteth = bantu, as the protective guardian who acts as a parental figure (in this case being her actual parent) and guardian of the tiki, and who holds a degree of fondness for humans but is hyper focused on his duty to his ward and duties over humans. rhea = gohto, as the older/authority figure among the dragons who works to guide humanity in some capacity as an authority figure of high renown, and tries to push them to be good people despite their own personal reservations and distaste for humans, and who runs a school.
  13. aside from the parallels between the typical crusaders affair and the ten elites though with a darker spin, i do rather like the nemesises true history is basically an evil version of archanea the countries history (which was founded by a thief who stole the 'fire emblem' for personal gain and prosperity and made it his personal symbol). also: rhea = gotoh, seteth = bantu, flayn = tiki
  14. 1) well i actually do kinda like the monastery it would probably work better if it was just a 3d interactive version of the base from radiant dawn or even the my castle from fates if were keeping to a chapter by chapter basis. ie, instead of it being a thing you have to chose to do and waste time on as an obligation make it so that its the home so to speak you return to after each chapter/map and manage units from and the like. 2) interesting attempt at reinventing the class system but it just doesnt really work, especially since master and advanced tiers are deceptive when most of the master classes are alternatives to the advanced classes as opposed to actual upgrades and are treated as such by the games design. stick to the tried and true 1 2 maybe 3 with clear paths of progression or put a little more care and effort into reinventing the class system next time as opposed to trying to mix the two together to an extent. 3) id prefer for tomes to come back personally, but if spell lists are gonna be a thing for the series now on i'd prefer some method to customize the spell lists as opposed to characters only learning certain spells. 4) just leave the class non gender locked, its always been a bit silly gameplay wise but especially with reclassing having such prevalent focus nowadays just leave them unlocked so that players dont have arbitrary restrictions. especially in cases such as lysithia whos built around dark magic but has no acess to dark magic classes until master classes at lvl 30 up. 5) well id rather not have cast inflation, i rather prefer having slightly larger teams deployed on maps then the 10-11 most three houses maps offer even if they are designed around those numbers. 13-16 is the sweet spot for me. 6) dont dump route splits entirely for the franchise, but for the next original iteration it would be nice to go down a more traditional format that has the singular story. especially if it was given a lot of fancy bells and whistles due to not needing to split development resources among routes. 7) the 3d games have long held this problem but more flair for the individual class battle animations? the gba games did this so well in part because they were 2d but you could get rather close in 3d if you put in the effort. id just rather things not feel so floaty in terms of animations anymore and admittedly three houses gets fairly close to that goal. simply put viewing battle animations should be a treat not just a chore.
  15. i feel like outside of just adding a class to their timeskip outffit use repitoire, maybe designing a unique outfit for a master class for each unit? and yes, sylvains 'cannon' master class seems to be great knight rather then dark knight.
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