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  1. could explain the whitening of the hair outside of super saiyaning. gotta keep busy somehow. they paint a couple of rocks smiley faces with blyeths blood, call them cork and bork, and have them stand in for the other two players.
  2. lock them in a magic basement for 5 years so that they age well playing monopoly with sothis (sothis always eats the pieces)
  3. plausibe: time warp shenanigans that cause blyeth to miss those timeskip years completely hence why they look the same. implausible: sat in a basement for 5 years eating unleavened bread and unfiltered water.
  4. definitely agree on that overall, but its always interesting to speculate how its going to be handled. also id just like to state for the record that sacred stones is far more eirikas story then it is ephraims story, regardless of how you feel about eirikas stupider decisions they arent fragrantly out of character and contribute to her growth which is honestly far more character and development then ephraim ever gets whos entire character and arc amounts to 'dense rock with angry face drawn on it gets less dense and less angry for no describable reason'
  5. wasnt dismounting suppose to be a thing in this game or am i remembering that wrong?
  6. dlc does promise more story content so mayhaps the strategy is that edelgard has a neutral and genocide route at launch and once the last dlc wave hits dimitri and claude get a genocide/neutral path of their own. they already had to push the release date once, and its not an uncommon buisness practice in the triple AAA market these days scummy as it is. or maybe the fourth route is one where they all go and eat icecream after stamping on a dragon gods face or something, idk.
  7. id say its taking a few risks, new class management system, a heavier focus on unit personalization and relationship building, battalions which seem like a natural step for the series even if im still kinda peeved we didnt get to see formations instead which seemed more interesting. nothing particularly new in regards to strategy gameplay mind but enough to shake things up. plus this is the first one to actually buckle down and go really in depth with the life sim aspects that have kinda hovered around fire emblem for a while now. if three houses does well i could totally see them implementing stuff like that more often (i kinda wanna sit down with sigurd or marth and have tea, even if it is inane honestly.) cant see the school thing being a common recurring thing though, but bigger and better bases and a heavier focus on personalization i could totally see being pulled forward as well.
  8. ECHOES not much i would personally change here aside from removing the meta sexism, since echoeses problem was less in its inherit story structure and ideas nor even really in its execution but in how much room it was given to tell the story it wanted to tell. give it more breathing room and the story can spend time on hashing out alms flaws a bit more and gives the other characters more room to express themselves and at that point all ya need to do is remove the meta sexisim and celicas arc shines properly and the game shines more brightly along with it. might add some more battle maps, classes and characters for each route as well just cause i tend to like slightly larger cast sizes, text on each battle map with its own self contained story, you get the idea. FATES ditch the idea of three separate games right off the bat, you buy one game you get all the content. game structure then takes two roads. one focuses on actual branching narrative with choices in game and in game performance and objectives done determining the path taken (ie certain choices on a conquest route can lead you back into a birthright route and vice versa), the others instead focuses on fully realizing the stories of each individual branch well keeping branching choice self contained in each route (so no overlap between routes). personally i prefer the former but the latter is easier to plan around and keeps to the original more so hypothetical changes to story would be done under the assumption of the latter. if that is the case then i suppose the biggest changes i would make without simply gutting the story and reworking it from the ground up would be to actually hash out who these characters are as characters. ryoma are you willing to take underhanded actions or not to achieve selfish goals, xander do you follow daddys every word because you still feel affection for him or because you actually believe in what nohrs doing, takumi are you a little bitch or not, certainly your suppose to see other sides of these characters depending on the route you pick but theres such a disconnect to these sides that you might as well be looking at two different characters for each route, hero xander and villain xander, hero ryoma and villain ryoma, its part of what makes everything in fates feel so loose and threadbare. other then that craft a stronger sense of moral ambiguity and commit to thematic ideas present and maybe make revelations more interesting and exciting and youd be golden. AWAKENING commit to chroms sigurdian character arc of 'i wish to be reasonable but i also love breaking heads', give lucinas role as a 'future witness' some more substantive weight to it since otherwise her presence in the story is a waste of time, don't bother going to valm at all and keep things contained on ylisse since valm is also a waste of time (break up ylisse into more countries i guess? or maybe just have the plegia arc not just piffle out?) or if you truly feel valm is essential then give it the comparatively higher narrative weight and presence it needs but honestly i feel plegia deserves that weight more. pull robin off of chrom a bit so that chrom has room to breathe as a credible character and grow into someone who feels genuinly ready to run a country and so that we can also give robins character some room to breath and have any arc whatsoever. id like to reiterate again give our three leads actual arcs, and just... make everything less stupid. and more of a personal quibble if the story is going to be connected to archanea however distantly then have it actually feel like its connecting to that story in a substantive manner. echo archanea themes and ideas, show us archanea locations thousands of years in the future, work archanea more into the fabric because otherwise it would be better serviced by being a new continent and world altogether.
  9. reducing the hit rates of weapons well also increasing the hit rates of enemies could be a fairly simple fix it for giving skill more importance at least. if one wanted to do it in a more casual sense though how about having skill and lck slightly increase might as well (ie, you hit their vitals more easily through either sheer luck or pure skill) which would make sense to a degree, give those stats more importance. there is also the possibility of simply altering the calculations in the game to make it so that luck and skill are more important to critical hit rate and hit rates then the weapons inherent qualities in those regards. and of course the simplest fix of all, increase enemy dodge rates which would make skill a lot more useful.
  10. i know theres been accusations of author insert in the form of kelik as well, though honestly i kinda feel like kelik is more so blazer copy and pasting a tales of character into fire emblem with little thought put into whether that actually works. which is honestly one of last promises biggest problems in my opinion.
  11. im not totally aware of its full history but waaaaaay back in the days before awakening was released (late 2000's early 2010's) there was a trend of 'community' hacks on the major fire emblem forums of the time. the basic idea was that people submitted their own custom mug sprites, write up a little bio for the character, and then a 'team' of hackers would get to work on making a full fire emblem hack with community submitted sprites and characters. of these community hacks pretty much all of them fizzled out and died for the most part but one held on surprisingly hard and that was a fire emblem hack by the name... tactics universe. helmed by a guy called blazer who was and possibly still is a fourm manager at one of the other major fe fourms of the day? idk i havent payed much attention to him as of late. the point is he was basically taking charge and keeping tactics universe on the move despite all the other community hacks fizzling out and dying but at the same time he was starting to transform it more into his brain child then a community hack and eventually such changes reached fruition as tactics universes name was changed from tactics universe into last promise and from that point onwards it was basically blazers baby. so some more time passed and eventually the last promise came into fruition and what a joyous occasion it was for you see last promise wasnt just an earlier fully completed fe hack in the style of the main games, it was in fact the very first fully completed fire emblem hack in the style of the main games (that wasnt a reskin, and was from the english speaking fe community anyways) a milestone for the english fe community reached at last! there was much celebrating and much motivation for other hackers to complete their own hacks, and everyone loved last promise for it had achieved greatness! but then the rub happened. for you see last promise is not a very good game unfortunately. certainly a technical and professional achievement for the fe community at the time, its functional, has some clever ideas, generally cohesive, and the effort put in clearly shows. however, it also carries a lot of the worse habits of early fe hacking design (overly large maps, enemy spam for days, poor placement) and some bad design choices in general really , and perhaps most importantly a plot thats trying really hard but ultimately ends up stuck up it own ass in a bad way (blazer carried over a lot of the tales of series bad habits into last promise for instance). the important thing to note here however is that the last promises flaws became more and more apparent as time went on, hence why peoples opinions have soured on it to an extent. personally i do respect the game for achieving something no other hack really had at the time, but its flaws are too prominent and too numerous for me to overlook. that said i have to give it props as being both a strong motivator for the fe hacking community in both what to do and what not to do. thats my take on it anyways.
  12. the turn based combat would interfere to much with the flow of a multiplayer game especially in a cooperative sense (turn, pause, pause, turn add more pauses for each additional player and repeat) and well you could probably find a niche audience for it most mmos live or die on player base sizes. you would have to add atleast some real time aspects in order for it to actually work as a game in the mmo sphere. that said retaining the strategy aspects and larger unit collections would be a good idea for maintaining brand cohesion.
  13. humans vs demon/monster people only the actual war happened in the past, the demon kingdom lost, human racism against demons is common place, your a captured prince(ss) from the demons, a dark dragon god spirit tm has offered you great power in exchange for service and your help in resurrecting the dark dragon, and after busting you out with magics its up to you on what to do. will you resurrect the dark dragon to take revenge on the humans, will you raise an army to take back your kingdom, branching narrative yada yada yada.
  14. eh why not i wish that another remake of the archanea series is done only in an fe3 two in one format with plenty of attention put towards updating and decking out the game in all the bells and whistles and excellent writing well remaining true to the core ideas present within the archanea games. cause like, i was listening to three houses theme song (kek) and i was suddenly swept up in an urge to play a game where i could wander around a camp and talk to marth and caeda and cain and abel and jagen and alllll the rest in between chapters.
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