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  1. Yeah. It's hard to believe that they let some people see the supports and not others. Part of me wonders if Superkyon did see the supports or if they mistook something else for supports. Maybe Daan is under the false assumption of there being other kind of supports? Hard to say.
  2. RNG is RNG...And by that, I mean no matter how the RNG is, I'll get screwed over by it like usual.
  3. I guess all we can do is wait and see since NintenDaan said that they weren't allowed to view supports.
  4. Hard to say. Depends on whether the entire game is fully voiced or if it's just cinematics and story dialogue like unique said. I could've sworn I heard some voiced dialogue between Mae and Boey. Not sure if that's from an opening of a chapter/map or not, though.
  5. Surprised I was able to change my display name to Kaze. Expected it to be taken already.

  6. Same. It'll make for interesting strategies and it also encourages/forces players to consider using more than just a select number of characters. I always felt that I was one of very few people that tried to use each character as equally as possible.
  7. I wonder if Rinean (or whatever Berkut's girlfriend's name is) will be recruitable since Fernand defects from the Deliverance. Having someone leave Berkut's side for the other might be interesting. I would need to find out more information on the "GBA style supports" before I form a solid opinion about it. This probably won't happen until I play the game. That being said, supports were never a major factor for me enjoying a Fire Emblem game, but they did help flesh out characters.
  8. Now I remember why I tend to disappear from this forums at times...Some FE fans are weird.

  9. I'd have to see more on Mila's Turnwheel to fully form an opinion, but it seems like something that would be nice in a time of desperation and being able to rewind a particularly terrible move choice.
  10. It is a shame that the character portraits don't change when the unit promotes. Though, that might also be due to the villagers being able to promote to a few classes, so it would be a hassle to redesign the portraits based on that.
  11. To my knowledge, Hidari is female not male. Edit: Aside from Wikipedia, which has been edited back and forth about Hidari's gender, everywhere else I look, it says Hidari is female. Second Edit: Well, it seems that I (and apparently a lot of other people) am wrong. There are a lot of conflicting sites regarding this. My bad if that's the case.
  12. I wouldn't necessarily say Leon's portrait doesn't match his artwork. It could be that since we only see Leon in a side angle that the armor part on his left shoulder just isn't visible in his artwork. Unless there are other parts of his portrait that are different. (I only glanced quickly)
  13. You know what, I'm actually curious as to what these videos are about, so I'm gonna check them out. (Been too busy to actually be able to check them out till today)
  14. Another thing I'd like to add onto my response from earlier. Just because you're able to make slight changes while being able to keep the characters looking close to their original Gaiden designs, you don't have to work in tangent with other people involved in working on the game like Hidari does. She has to submit sketches and ideas to the game developers and others in charged and she has to get their approval before she can even finalize anything. Hidari's designs were almost certainly approved by those in charge of Echoes and its development.
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