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  1. Right. I suppose @Dr. Tarrasque has his uses in relaying information. It's a pleasure.
  2. Found steady work, finally. My interest here dwindled, on the other hand, at around the same time. I've since filled up those gaps with different games, hosting late night B-movie screenings for a time, even dubbed one recently with a few friends, and I'm getting involved in the comedy scene in town for very soon. I'm not on Discord but I suppose Steam does fine if you're interested in keeping contact.
  3. Never fear, the Devil always answers the calls of his summons.
  4. have you correctly sacrificed the children for the ritual Real talk, I'm honestly a bit out of the loop on the subject but I know Nashville got a long term steal with the defenseman trade. I was rather surprised that San Jose got that far last season but then again they didn't have much pressure. This said it should be harder on them and I think Nashville has a lot of tools to finally go really far, probably the Conference finals at least. Chicago's still a safe pick, probably LA also. Western Canada may be a bit less of a laughingstock, although if there's one team going way south it should probably be Vancouver. Not to say I think the Oilers are going to be amazing but with a decently healthy McDavid they can't be all that crappy. Minnesota's ok I guess, Dallas and St Louis should still be good and I wouldn't bet against Anaheim unless I missed something. Arizona's new GM is probably the most interesting aspect of the team, but I'd say results should be expected next year. In the East I'm not expecting much. I want Detroit to remain in the playoffs but I don't think that'll happen. New York and Boston seem shaky too, but then again I'm not expecting much from say Carolina, New Jersey or Buffalo. Tampa Bay should still be the dominant team with The Pens a bit behind. I guess I want the Flyers to progress perhaps, they usually have fun teams in Philly. Washington isn't going to do jack once the real games are going to be played. And then there's Montreal who needs Jesus Price to be anything higher than mediocre. Toronto's there too I guess. If Matthews can repeat that every game, that's a pretty decent 328 goal season right there.
  5. I wish I could say, but perhaps the fact that FE8 blocked the Hammerne staff repairing the other copy you could get implied that you could do it in this game. If you do get the Krisheen glitch working around chapter 30, you'd need to repair weapons only for the increased critical bonus. Considering that's probably at this point I obtained my second Repair Staff, this is probably why I didn't bother to test this theory. Besides, Holmes' route also blocks free travel around the map as soon as you start chapter 31. Also IIRC you go get a kill mention in the arena in this game compared to FE4. The first easy instance where you can try this is in chapter 8, Roger's recruitment chapter, where you can conveniently buy Repair Hammers in the item shop nearby. With enough time and someone to use one of each weapon types available, you could have a +50 critical of every weapon available at this point, minus personal weapons like the Rapier and Shramm.
  6. 1. Weapon durability is really variable and doesn't seem to make much sense. It is possible to treat weapons like in FE4 since you can obtain critical hits on them through the same methods. It is possible to repair your weapons through the rare Repair staves or the more common Repair Hammer, available in some shops for 8000 gold. Note that weapons with a star next to their name can only be repaired with the staves. Another useful tidbit : be careful when you're about to get your 100th kill (+50 critical) on a weapon. If the star that pops up in the item description is pinkish red, this weapon is now cursed like a Devil weapon. If it's blue, it should be fine. 2. I'm think that the dragon's large breath (the 3x3 AoE attack) can hit your units if they're caught in it. Other than that, you'd probably just want to keep another staff user around since you're losing one in the transformation. Hope this helps. Have fun.
  7. The only area they appear outside of arenas are the Aerial Caves encounters leading up to chapter 20, and even then those may be random. I think the patch named them Savages.
  8. what kind of internet police is not allowing you to be addicted to something
  9. translation : he'll get addicted next week
  10. the only fighting game where finishing is accepted is named MORTAL KOMBAT
  11. I'd say Sephiran is more or less Alvis2 since while both are magically very competant, what is more apparent about them is their political power, but Sephiran has been at this for a much longer time. Gato and Athos might as well be named Gandalf and Dumbledore.
  12. Chances are it's probably Gato overall. In Jugdral I'd consider Alvis but he probably has better things to do than being the best wizard around. In Elibe that title would go to Athos and then Niime. In Magvel I'd go for Saleh's grandma. Tough choice in Tellius thanks to Spirit Charmers but I figure Sephiran might be the best thanks to his age and background. Finally, I'm not exactly who would qualify in Awakening's era, but I'd possibly consider the Avatar.
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