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  1. So, just wrapped up Chapter 29 on hard and hands down, the MVP is Sophie. Went with Silas!Camellia. She maxed out a little bit ago as a lvl 40 Great Lord and I started searching for what to make her next. To my surprise, Sophie got a lot of "mehs" from people, which is crazy. Great Lord, lvl 40 Aether (Use Sol and Luna in succession when attacking) Trample (+5 damage to non-mounted enemies) Dual Striker (+3 damage when backing up another attacker) Armored Blow (-10 physical damage when starting an attack) Mischievous (enemy gets -3 defense and may lose clothing) Awakening (+30 HIT/CRIT/DODGE when HP is half or less) Stats: STR: 34 MAG: 11 SKILL: 36 SPD: 35 LCK: 30 DEF: 27 RES: 29 When paired and given tonics, Sophie is an absolute wrecking machine. I can leave her on the front lines and she'll murder everyone with a stock Killer Lance. Any who. Why the dislike for Sophie?
  2. No word yet on the LE, or SE, or CE, or ULTIMATE COLLECTOR IKE SUPREME DIGITAL DELUX + PHYSICAL EDITION. But we're all sure there will most certainly be one; there's been one for every FE game following Awakening widespread success. The only thing that bums me out is like SoV, this likely won't be truly limited, and that really bums me out. To each their own, but for me, part of the appeal is owning something that is literally limited in supply. I get that it's a pain in the butt to snag one of these is about as rewarding as that one crazy hard DLC map in Awakening that I can never spell correctly the first time around, often leading me to google it and then pasting it here so everyone knows what I'm talking about. I'm guessing, tho, that I'm in the minority here w/ this thought.
  3. Master or Arms allows players to use A ranked swords; Great Knight does not. Duelist Blow, from my experience, means you will almost never get hit when starting an attack. And fwiw, for all the love Luna gets, I find it very meh. I'd argue a Killing Edge + high Skill character is better.
  4. So I've been playing Conquest for a good bit lately and I initially gave avatar Ebon Wing for Galeforce (and man, was I bummed when I realized that I couldn't pass it on to children). Anyway, I was searching for his next class and Master of Arms was an option. Did a bit of searching and most people weren't fans of it, but if there's one thing I've learned about FE, it's that the overall popular opinion on characters and skills isn't always accurate.* To be clear, I wasted a three (!!!!) Arm Scrolls on my avatar after promoting him to MoA. At the same time, I've been playing FE for a long time so I like to mix things up, so I was personally fine with that. That said, Galeforce + Relief + Duelist Blow + access to swords, axes and lances is just A+. Duelist Blow is such an incredible skill. Far too often enemy hit rate is like 20% or less. Sometimes it is 0. With Galeforce, I am often on my own, and Relief works A+ with this as I'm away from my team, but not too far away. I'm pretty excited to get Life or Death (deal +10, but receive +10 if hit) to see how that works with all this, but I'm guessing the low percentage of enemies actually even hitting me, and the already high amount of damage I'm dishing out, that it won't be as big of a problem as it seems. Anyone have thoughts? Just want to discuss this class, which seems to get little love.
  5. Just an update from me here .... finished the game a bit ago and man, it is perhaps the least memorable FE game I've ever played. I'm sure it was something special for its time, but this is perhaps my least favorite FE game. Moved on to FE Conquest (played Birthright first years ago) and I am totally digging it. Love the challenge. It's just too bad there isn't some crazy hard DLC map like there was in Awakening.
  6. Hey everyone: Fire Emblem is at its best when it's challenging. In Awakening, there was the Apotheosis DLC, which is hands down my favorite map ever for the Fire Emblem franchise. Overcoming the difficulty is just so rewarding. That said, what is the Apotheosis equivalent in Fates? I have the limited edition version of this game and do not mind at all buying DLC if it means a good challenge. Thanks.
  7. I haven't invested in Sedgar, but have been giving Wolf a lot of kills lately. Hard to level him early on, but when he levels, almost every stat increases. Gave him a forged bow to help with kills. I've been using Merric and Lenna. Need a mage and healer. Rhys in PoR turned out to be a great unit later on, hoping Lenna goes similar path. Thanks for insight. EDIT: Cain & Abel are seriously falling behind. They have been demoted to B squad.
  8. I can't stand fighters/pirates in FE games. But I dig Barst and I've decided to roll with him and ditch everyone else pretty much. Loose party formation right now: - Wolf - Hardin - Frey - Marth - Lena - Ogma (he's cool!) - Navvara (sword dude, don't know spelling, also cool!) - Barth - Cain / Abel - The princess on the flying mount (forget her name ATM) - Also, when I get her, Est. I hear she is supposed to be A+. Need a magic user or two. Just got one; forget his name, too. I'm sure this lineup will change.
  9. That's good to hear! I literally just got him and really dig his look. This has perhaps the most horseman* of any FE game I've played. I saw Wolf's growth rates on this website and was blown away. He is totally weak, but players like Wolf, who are crazy weak but later become Gods are my favorite FE characters. Huge bummer there is no optional ultra hard map. I get there is a crazy difficulty setting, but just not for me. I get if others dig that stuff, tho. Thank you for the informative info! Yea, bummer about the online shop, but I'm a weird retro collector; I only collect what I want to play. On the flip side, one day Nintendo's digital copies will no longer work, while I'm still slaying enemies with my DS lol! (I say that in a friendly, joking way btw!) regarding thieves ... is it worth it to max them out? I like thieves in general, but I get the feeling they aren't good in this game. Thanks again!
  10. Hello everyone! I bought this game for the DS a while back CIB. So many knockoffs of it ... any who. I just want to know people's thoughts on characters in this game. Rolf, for example in PoR, is an absolute god but was thought to suck by many back when the game released (and even today). I'm just wondering who is overlooked. Also wondering what major missables there/characters/items are. Bummer about online shop as it closed in 2014. Any other advice would be cool. I've destroyed PoR and Radiant Dawn (got that on release!) countless times over. Also, all 3DS games, too. One more thing -- is there some sort of challenge in this game a la Apotheosis? That was my favorite challenge of any FE game. I love the ultra hard maps. Thanks.
  11. Cool. Yes, it runs on the 3DS. Do the numbers on the back of mine match yours? And thanks. I'm sure someone wouldn't go through all this length to pass off a phony cart, considering it's CIB and all.
  12. Hey all .. been a while since I posted here, but figured this would be the best place to get an answer to my question. I purchased a copy of FE Shadow Dragon for the DS. I've been hunting for this game for a while now and finally snagged one. The game is CIB, but I'm suspicious of the cart because eBay is plagued with knockoffs for this game (some people sell the cart only and have "more than 20 in stock"). Every insert is included, from the manual (stapled binding), FE: Radiant Dawn insert, a "Join Nintendo Club" insert and DS Health and Precaution manual. These look very legit to me. Now the cart ... I'm having a very difficult time finding accurate information on how to spot a knock off. Some of my findings contradict each other. The cart has the official Nintendo seal. The back says YFEENOJOO ... some copies I have seen have the number 28. Mine ends in OO. I got it on eBay and I paid more than $35 but less than $50. It was an auction. Does anyone have insight? Pics below.
  13. Whether this sells out or not won't determine whether I get this. It has FE and many games that came out toward the end of a system's life cycle ended up being uber rare later. Can't wait to play this in HD on the couch.
  14. The news about this came out yesterday. Had no idea this was up yesterday I was checking. This will likely be a placeholder for me until I/if I can snag a copy from Amazon with 20% discount, Prime shipping.
  15. This will only be sold at Gamestop and Amazon. Likely will sell out but this forum deserves to know!!! Here is a link to buy it: http://www.gamestop.com/wii-u/games/tokyo-mirage-sessions-fe-special-edition/130255?utm_source=linkshare&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=deeplink&cid=afl_10000087&affID=77777&sourceID=FKSJxY2VJAk-XvtNkmuz6Lxch07Avdjh5w EDIT: Not up on Amazon yet Here is an article to more info:http://www.polygon.com/2016/4/20/11466822/nintendo-tokyo-mirage-sessions-special-edition-wii-u Good luck!
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