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  1. Dance on a unit without dancer BST means wind season is going to be a huge drag from now on. Hopefully it uses the swap ai and not the dance ai.
  2. I figured I'd try infernal with my arena team instead of actually putting together a team that countered things, so I parked Fae on the defense tile above the right bridge, put Tiki and Fjorm buff range, and then watched Fae take out every enemy by herself. It wasn't very exciting, but kinda fun nonetheless.
  3. I spent 135 orbs and got two Fjorms and a Xander. Please end my pitiful life. The only reason I even pulled blues was because I wanted a Caeda.
  4. I've definitely brought Leonardo to endgame at least three times, and Meg at least twice. I don't remember for sure how many times I've brought Laura, but I try and shuffle up which healer I bring, so I've probably brought her at least twice as well. Everyone else except Fiona has come at least once, but I'm currently doing a playthrough where I'm babying her hardcore with the intention of finally bringing her along.
  5. Purely from a character specific perspective: Muarim: I will forever be Muarim's #1 fan. He's my favourite character in the series. Benny: I absolutely love him as a character but if I'm being honest, I'd probably struggle to find a place for him in my team even if I had him as a 5 star Heather: I'm possibly the only person in existence who's taken Heather to endgame multiple times. Brady: Like Benny, he'd likely be a bad unit, but I love him regardless Brunya: Don't judge me
  6. It's actually tomorrow at 8:30 pst, not half an hour from now. I think they got their time zones mixed up since it's technically today for people on the east coast.
  7. Gameplay-wise, the only one I have that actually makes a difference in fights more often than not is Armads. Aesthetically though, there's something just exceedingly satisfying about the little tree that Brynhildr pops into existence. If only I actually had a Leo.
  8. I'm not going to lie, I don't enjoy this event at all. It was kind of fun the first few times, but now it's just a huge slog. I don't have the time or interest to grind through the top level 5-10 times a day, so I'll be lucky if I even hit the Breath of Life seal.
  9. I feel like everyone who had issues with their archers just didn't forge themselves a killer bow. Hunting Volley turns archers from inaccurate slowpokes into your strongest and most reliable killing units pretty much instantaneously.
  10. My first run through was: Alm Saber/Kamui/Gray @ Brave Swords Silque/Faye/Tatiana for warping Python/Leon @ Killer Bows Delthea @ Mage Ring The Dread Fighters had been looped once each, but during the main story through regular gameplay with just a bit of on the way grinding. I pretty much just warped Saber or Kamui in and hoped they killed things with their 70 crit, which they almost always did.
  11. I made it all the way too the boss in one go, warped Atlas at it to see how much damage I'd do, tried to turnwheel back and had the game crash. Needless to say, I was very unhappy. I'm grinding up a few units now to make dragon fighting less painful this time around.
  12. Zephiel is also the only character that I've come across whose skill activation attack art is completely different from his regular attack art instead of just having some flashy magic edited on top of it and having his mouth open up.
  13. I'm sitting on 8 Florinas, only 2 of which are 4 stars. I'm really sick of her. I also had something like 6 Sakuras but I sent most of them home because healers aren't even good for skill inheritance.
  14. I dropped 120 orbs and didn't get a single bunny. I've given up on wasting orbs on grey summons, but I did a couple reds for the heck of it and got a non-spring Lucina, so it wasn't a total wash. I'm still kinda mad, though.
  15. You should also note that no matter who Julia ends up marrying, the ending won't change and they'll go their separate ways during the epilogue like when a daughter ends up inheriting a title. It's pretty disappointing.
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