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  1. Don't they have another thing coming up, though? Think i read something about that.
  2. A good rule of thumb would be just to switch to a new box every time hit an area with a lot of new pokemon, especially if it has a unique encounter (which is basically just the legendaries and Snorlax, I think). If you miss those, they're not coming back.
  3. "So... Some crazy old wizard on a power trip?" Was every tragedy here really the result of some lunatic's megalomania? What did he hope to learn from all this? What could possibly justify it? Disgust overrode fear, at least for the moment. "What's the point, then? Cheap theatrics, land-grabbing, spooky warnings about experiments? How trite." Think, though... What is the point? Maybe it is just some sick game? Spread rumors about treasure and toy with anyone greedy enough to come after it? But if he's truly powerful, he could have killed us at any time, and if he wasn't he could have just attacked us in our sleep... Except he did, so we've either survived everything he's thrown at us and his ego won't let him see that, or he's got us exactly where he wants us. If nothing else, he was clearly listening to them; maybe a few dismissive words would get under his skin. For better or worse. Probably worse, with their luck.
  4. The book hadn't been interesting enough to keep Sonia awake, unfortunately, but at least she had the awareness to push it off to the side before she nodded off. Nor did it prevent her from being one of the last people to wake up (something that made sense according to Early Morning Logic). In the interest of not getting left behind, she grabbed the book and hurried through the- Wait, I could have sworn that door was locked... Did someone else open it? That had to be it. Nobody seemed bothered by it and they would certainly have noticed if someone else had opened the thing. Right?
  5. By the time they finished looting, most of the party was either asleep or at each other's throats, so Sonia decided that they probably wouldn't mind if she just quietly dropped the portion she was carrying off and then brought it up in the morning. There wasn't really any reason to interrupt their rest (or get involved in a fight), and besides, this meant that they'd wake up to treasure (And more importantly, the knowledge that people didn't explode themselves or their surroundings in the search for said treasure). She left everything except the book by the wagon and grabbed a sleeping bag, relocating to a part of the room with ample light. Sleep would probably come eventually, but whatever was in the book was far more appealing than trying to do so this close to several traps. Even if they were disarmed.
  6. And now there was a talking box. A talking box that seemed to make Valha inexplicably angry. Those other doors were starting to look very good compared to being trapped in a room with them, even if it weren't for the order. "Right. Angus? Anyone else?" Rather than wait for an answer, she rushed to the other end of the room and started on the door.
  7. "The rumor had to come from somewhere, though. Based on what we've already seen..." Angus at least seemed somewhat confident; in fact, most of them did. Enough to make jokes about all of it, at least. Maybe there was a better explanation after all. Still ridiculous amounts of danger, of course, but explainable danger. Thief duty called, and Sonia forced herself to cross the room without being entirely sure why that specific door was the right one. "It might not be too hard for you to learn how to do this yourself, I mean, you've got the finesse for it, it just..." Right. Claws. Do they have lockpicks for claws? Surely with so many harpies in the thieving business someone would have figured that out. "Never mind. Maybe later though..." Eventually, the lock clicked from within, and Sonia backed away from the door more impressed than anything about picking a lock with nearly numb hands. "That should do it, but I'm not opening it."
  8. Please don't just rush in are you crazy there could be any number of horrible things in the- Too late! The door was open and there was nothing to stop whatever horrible monstrosities in there from finding them. Or they could just find an empty room, which was no reason for them to let their guard down or anything. Nope. "It might actually be cursed though, or worse. That's what everyone says about it, at least, isn't it? Not that we have much of a choice..."
  9. Ooh, this should be fun. Going to be quite awesome to see what everyone comes up with~
  10. Happy birthday!

  11. See, the healer's perfectly normal, it's just tiredness or stress or whatever. "Maja's right, just... be careful with it. I can handle whatever casting we need to do until we get out of here." But for that, they had to move. Sonia stayed slightly ahead of the cart, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary (But hopefully someone else would deal with the horrible jumpscares first).
  12. Something exploded, and then they were in darkness. But against all odds they seemed to be safe, at least; that much was clear when the Boss spoke up. Sonia used a light spell, half expecting to reveal some horrible creature (it's what always happens in those cheap horror novels, after all). Fortunately, this wasn't one (yet). Just the equally eerie glow it cast on the ice. All this time learning magic, just to replace a couple hundred gold worth of torches... "...Wait, who's fireball was that?"
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