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  1. Day 4's showcase: Book of Exiles Sanctaea Chronicles Mask of Dunham Day 5 begins with another shot in the arm of Archanaea, but on the other side... === Day 5's Showcase The Sun God's Wrath Ember Sigil The Siege of Lemond Day 6 starts off with the return of big numbers on display! === Day 6's Showcase Faith and Blood Legends of Avenir The Heroes We Deserve Day 7 begins with another attempt at a Blitz project! === Day 7's Showcase: Prelude to Darkness Guild Wars: Tactics Voice Table Installer Demo Day 8 opens with a demo of a new full-length project that recently appeared! === Day 8's Showcase Kaga Emblem OC Emblem Seven Siblings Another Gaiden Remake Day 9 begins with a big one - that wiz kid Kirb's up to something again with a bit of a tech demo he and some others cobbled together in a few months. There's three routes to it and we're showing off all three! Here's the first.
  2. Day 3's Showcase here: Fallen Flame Terror of The Forest Tear Ring Saga Hard Mode Starting Day 4, Darrman's showing us some FE1 love in SRPG Studio!
  3. Day 2's Showcase here: Reborn Dimensions Olethian Princess Justice & Pride Trailer Hiraeth: Legacies We got a banger for Day 3: starting with Aethin's excellent Berwick Saga English translation!
  4. Here's the rest of Day 1's showcase: Vision Quest Staff of Ages on FEXNA Nuramon's Animations Day 2 opens up with an English translation of a Japanese FE8 ROM Hack called The Nameless Heroes!
  5. Today opens with Mel and I trekking through Hypergammaspaces' really well done FE15 demake on FE8, this time on Celica's route!
  6. Hey, everyone! It's time for this year's FEE3! For those wondering where it's been, Arch had the signups for this year solely on FE Universe, but he didn't want to leave you guys out for showtime so he's asked me to make a topic on SF for this year's bash(since he can't access his SF account anymore). I'm once again acting as host for this year, and we've got a big lineup as expected! Starting today and lasting all the way 'til next Friday, there's plenty of videos coming! Here's the schedule for you all: Day 1: Sacred Echoes Vision Quest Staff of Ages Nuramon’s Animation Showcase Day 2: The Nameless Heroes (Translation) Reborn Dimensions Olethian Princess Justice and Pride Hiraeth - Legacies Day 3: Berwick Saga (Translation) Fallen Flame Terror of the Forest TRS Hard Mode Day 4: FE1 in SRPG Studio Book of Exiles Sanctaea Chronicles Mask of Dunham Day 5: BSFE GBA Sun God’s Wrath Ember Sigil The Siege of Lemond Day 6: Souls of the Forest Faith and Blood Legends of Avenir The Heroes We Deserve Day 7: Reawakening - Community Blitz 4 Prelude to Darkness Guild Wars: Tactics Voice Table Installer Demo Day 8: Burdened Crown Kaga Emblem OC Emblem Seven Siblings Day 9: The Tale of Ternon (PJ) Cancer Emblem RFV DLC Battle Royale Shattered Dimensions Day 10: The Tale of Ternon (AB) FE Latino Microhacking Team SALVAGED Day 11: Immortal Sword XGA Echoes Mystery of the Emblem The Tale of Ternon (RL) And here is a link to the playlist for the videos on my YT channel. Sorry for dropping this so suddenly on you, but hey, the community's gotta know!
  7. Pi. You can't. You can't do this. Not to me. ;-; Also it's nice to confirm that Quan, Ethlyn, Finn, and Giorno can exist in the same universe and truly exist as Piller Men(and Woman).
  8. So hey. You went through all that trouble, I figure I'd return the favor.
  9. I appreciate your honesty, but well-intentioned or not, theft is theft. I'd appreciate it more if you didn't do me dirty next time. That said I'll consider it no harm, no foul; some communities have gotten away with much worse cases of theft. Plus, I'm in a good mood today and I don't feel it becoming of me to get flippant at something so innocuous. That'd just be rude. ' 3'
  10. I uh... certainly wasn't expecting to wake up to something like this at all today. Well, first of all I'm flattered - I remember your LP of FE404 well and despite my near total detachment to it now, I still had some fun reading it. I can tell you still hold it and my other work in some reverent regard or you wouldn't have done this. I've seen you comment about using this engine for some time now and admit that I was curious to see your end product. That said, as you could guess from my reaction, no, I was not told or asked about this in any way, including the use of my OCs without permission, which I'm quite sensitive about their use in other projects as I still work on building them on my down time. Heck, I wouldn't have minded their use in this at all if you had just asked permission first. I've given you the benefit of the doubt and say that you meant no ill will, but the fact that you used my characters without asking me first has left me rather bitter about this work. Use a little more tact next time, okay?
  11. And for our final entry... Something completely different.
  12. Draug may be unhappy but he should be proud of the possible potential on display with his comrades!
  13. Mekkah was kind enough to record two chapters for Cirosan's FE5 translation, so here's some of Chapter 11 to begin the final day of FEE3 2018!
  14. Check out all this hype new staff tech!
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