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  1. I guess maybe we should shift the scope of this argument. You know what the *actual* issue with Trump's campaign -- and by extension, Sanders and Clinton's campaign? They were all about finger pointing, saying the other person was corrupt then the person snipes back with a "no u" and it's not entirely false. They label the other voterbase and in this case, Trump brought up locking up his political opponent. This is not different to what a campaign based on impeachment is doing. Vote me, I'll get Fuckface Von Clownstick locked up because nobody really likes him lol! so what they're doing is a) isolating a demographic that either has no feelings towards Trump or likes Trump (before you say they can go fuck themselves, they're saying the same right now about us; these are very easily reversible arguments) and b) no actual policy and no actual awareness to issues that the local population is actually suffering from. Impeaching Trump is not a solution, calling him a fascist is not a solution, etc because it's easy to twist words and make everything intend something different. The moment you insert a 'but' in politics you've lost no matter what the high ground is. Anyone who campaigns on impeaching Trump or even has that as anything but a throwaway position is approaching it in a way that is divisive and keeps us pointing fingers at fellow Americans like NUMEROUS posters here do. If you wanna call Trump a fascist because he checks the criteria off due to the academic definition of the word, so be it, but name calling and finger pointing is exactly the bullshit that lead to someone like Trump taking office -- nobody wanted to vote for EITHER candidate because that's all they did, and all Sanders did was drag Clinton's name through the mud when he was already mathematically eliminated. So if we establish Trump is a fascist, how does this help our chances in the next election? These politicians need to hop off Trump's dick and stop giving that narcissist attention. I firmly believe he lacks any ideology except wanting attention and branding his name everywhere (if you watch other billionaires they have the same narcissistic traits too for the record) because he will say whatever makes the crowd wild. Remember "Drain the swamp"? He admitted that it was a crowd chant that he just started saying cause it sounded good. If we wanna learn from history -- lets vote for someone who preaches helping your fellow countrymen, not taking a Boogeyman (real or fake) down. Because if Trump goes down they will just move onto another. The politics of spite will lead to an even further divided and waning nation. EDIT: Remember that this guy said Mexican American immigrants rape our women but then said "many are good people." He once said "I'm a globalist and a nationalist". He has no political views or ideology, something I feel is necessary to be a fascist.
  2. A lot of those are just as easy to frame as a narcissist who has an executive spot than a fascist outright. Trump isn't nearly ideological enough to be a fascist.
  3. Trump isn't a fascist; he's a narcissist and an idiot If you play policy, you can pretty much do what the Republicans do and blame shit on Trump if good policy isn't getting passed
  4. You would think someone (and because that person is the thickest person I know, I'm specifically referring to Anacybele) who habitually gets into arguments where the other person is clearly responding with a sense of irritation would realize they are the common denominator in all this. But nope, instead of trying to learn, Ana, you just try to be right. I don't care what you think you're trying to do, it is very clear to the rest of us that your inhibited pride takes over whenever anyone disagrees with you and you end up getting into a back and forth with them that straight up hijacks threads and chats. Please go and see a psychiatrist of some sort and spend the next two years fixing yourself and going outside. I'm not responding to what you think of this like ever, for the record, because I've already argued with you enough for a lifetime and I am 100% sick and tired of seeing you speak. I don't care if I get warned for saying this but there really should be a label on your profile as someone who always manages to make a discussion worse simply by being there. @NoirCore what do you think of Pitt trying to transition tag Bell? I have no idea why they don't just let him go and get the compensatory pick bc it's very clear Bell will not play for Pitt under any circumstance. They'll get a third round pick from him most likely. And the more they do this bullshit the more likely the 2021 season will be cancelled. (I also hope these Bell to Ravens rumors aren't true unless we truly spend the off-season completely reworking Jackson's throwing mechanics from scratch bc if we want to run the option Bell is *not* at all the ideal back for it even if he is one of the best in the league)
  5. Here's my thoughts. First off, the athletic has a wonderful article summarizing Joe Flacco's career in Baltimore: https://theathletic.com/816066/2019/02/13/zrebiec-an-appreciation-of-joe-flacco-a-quarterback-who-was-always-going-to-be-himself/?source=dailyemail The athletic is REALLY good and I recommend a subscription. 30/year if you use a student email. Regardless, that Zrebiec article sums up my feelings on Flacco: this was the right move, he was starting to get injuries and he began to regress from his high peak potential in the first few non-Bengals games of the season (and the last 6 games of last year) back to below average. Unwatchably bad. Our run game was like 3.3 ypc, and we drafted a QB in the first because we needed contingencies. I understood the pick for Jackson. Flacco's peak is ridiculous and they're running the Shanahan scheme that Flacco absolutely fucking loved. Patriots fans know better than to shit on him because of how much Flacco has actually torched them through his career despite being only 3-6 (which is like 12% below their overall win% since 2001, so it is pretty significant). He is quite inconsistent and he turns up the heat in the playoffs as of 2010, it's really insane. But Jackson's the future. You've seen his insane arm talent on primetime, he can throw some incredible shit in stride and go deep for a TD if needed. He can run and make plays with his legs. The dude stays committed to passing plays and doesn't bail unless he absolutely needs to, and his pocket presence is elite as a rookie. The interior pressure in the Chargers game was bad but the guy can make plays, and he made a chump UDFA in Gus Edwards into a 4.5 YPC back and in 7 games shifted our offense from being #30 int he NFL to #2 in the NFL in rushing. He needs to work on his footwork _a lot_ to develop passing consistency. Obviously he has trouble recognizing coverages, but that'll come with time and experience and some film room. Guy is a very smart and situationally aware quarterback and he actually does have all the potential in the world. He's durable and knows how to avoid a hit. He really ducks routine passes despite dropping all these dimes becuase of inconsistent footwork. But he is far from the scrub the football work is eager to crown him right now, because his mental grasp of football is far beyond RG3's. He's a very high ceiling prospect and we've seen that ceiling in flashes; I'm eager to see what will happen moving forward with him. We will not be running him with like 15-20 carries per game like in 2018, because in 2018 we shifted to a rush rush rush rush rush rush pass rush rush rush rush rush offense just to complement the defense and because we basically completely shifted our offense to something relatively simpler for Jackson to get accustomed to + use him as a weapon to win. UrinatingTree (I hate quoting Youtubers) said it best: at the time, it was only four more games. A whole offseason, training camp and preseason as the starting QB with a proper offense will do wonders, especially if he works on his footwork. I'm pretty excited but also nervous. Our LG and Center spots are not good, and you could see that in the Chargers game.
  6. Yeah. People tend to realize ideology or hatred or whatever else is overrated when it actively hurts them. Especially since it's now associated with Trumpism or whatever. I dunno, I'm high and maybe being a bit idealistic. I don't think Trump will win thanks to tax season.
  7. i don't think i have a single reaction for that game i just remember suffering through the first half because i was playing a drinking game where we took a drink for every rams first down. thankfully i was drunk as fuck for the fourth because that was the worst super bowl i have ever seen by a country mile and i feel like the patriots deserve their 6th ring because frankly it felt like the patriots just kinda intimidated teams on their way to the lombardi seriously did they castrate every single member of both super bowl teams? what the fuck did I just watched???? that shitshow of a super bowl was the worst fucking thing ever. i really just want to say "fuck it new england take your 3 playoff wins and your super bowl ring and let's all pretend this super bowl never fucking happened" i am so glad the patriots got their 6th ring in the most flaccid way possible. i'm actually very neutral to it, as i am to the result of this super bowl like i'm just really happy that super bowl ended because it was such a shitshow of a slopfest of a super bowl
  8. To me it felt like a homophobia or Nazi allegation is people piling up on someone rather than something substantial. The harassment and bad PR are definitely more than enough to sink him and I'm unsure why people are grasping at straws.
  9. I don't know about the homophobia but I've mostly heard about harassment which is bad enough as is. I've only ever heard things about harassment and generally being a dick. If you think that the rest of anything is more than some fringes and if your fear is that a character won't be VAd instead of, you know, the fact that he could potentially be a really bad person is kinda telling of where people's priorities are. The SJW movement you're railing against is nothing much more than a fringe. You stop a movement by not giving it attention or at the very least trying to understand allegations and incorporate them into your viewpoints. You already failed at the first step; labeling them SJWs and then saying everything is unfounded despite the fact that at least some of the allegations have more truth to it than others. EDIT: I would like to say that your OP is among the many concepts Sacha Baron Cohen parodied in Who Is America.
  10. Well, you start by shifting your politics away from labeling people as "others", then you go from there. Lead by example. If other people are doing it too, that's their choice. If you want to "stop an SJW," maybe begin by not referring to them as one. Also, the harassment stuff against Mignogna is definitely far from unfounded. People I know are one or two degrees of separation from him and are unsurprised.
  11. A lot of DLinemen do that. Watch an AFC North game from the 2000s if you don't believe me. Payton was suspended because he got caught. They were both 38 and suffered much worse hits through their career. They played pre-2005 NFL. The fact of the matter is that Favre's next season hew as 40 and played like 9 games before basically retiring. Warner was old and he missed a lot of games due to injury throughout his career. I mean, bruh, nothing happened to Peyton Manning or Matt Ryan or the other 12 QBs they played that season. Notice the massive age gap.
  12. Everyone did bounties, as many players have come out and said. The bullshit was that Payton was suspended for it. That Saints defense was aggressive and turnover heavy all game. Warner's career was on life support at that point (remember he only started 16 games in three seasons of his career) as was that Cardinals' Super Bowl window, and Favre's career ended due to the Minnesota turf after their stadium collapsed not "bountygate." Gregg Williams' speech was definitely taking it too far, but from what I hear it was a league wide problem that only the Saints got punished for. Having that said, Stan Kroenke seized land and caused some former tenants of the land to kill themselves just to move the Rams to LA. I really don't believe there's any moral superiority among any NFL team, and I think Washington is the only one that is a clear tier below all the other 31 franchises.
  13. Yeah JLC kept saying that Harbaugh would leave the Ravens. Welp. Flacco to the Jags is a bad fit. I'm not sure how the Broncos cap situation looks like, but the Broncos or the Giants might be the best spot for him to land. As long as he doesn't play for like Washington or New England.
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