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  1. Reportedly 30-35 senators would vote to remove trump behind closed doors, but the GOP is too intertwined with fuckface von clownstick to make it happen
  2. fwiw ana people will harp on your mistakes because you make a ton of them either way shitty seasons happen, steelers always look like shit at the start anyway. it's pretty unbelievable that mason rudolph attempted literally two passes >1 yard on Sunday though
  3. the first amendment guarantees protection from government, not from private companies the only argument i see in favor of this is if people want their lives to be run by private companies....
  4. Good fucking game against KC, if we made the 2PCs we would've won in a hostile environment. Jackson looked off though
  5. He's not the reason, the competition committee is. Tom Brady has taken a ton of hard, legal hits and came back up swinging. Can we stop diminishing this man's accomplishments because it makes us all look like morons for this because he's the most accomplished QB in NFL history. Seriously, watch the 2015 AFCCG against and tell me Brady gets prissy about hard hits. Watch the 2014 AFC divisional round. Fuck me, watch super bowl 36 and 38 and the tuck rule game. Now, 1. Tuck rule was in existence before 2001 bro. The Patriots actually lost a game because of the tuck rule in 2001, then they won in the divisional round because of it. Tuck rule was abolished after the 2012 season by Harbaughs recommendation. The letter of the rule was followed in the divisional round. 2. Late hits on QBs started with Carson Palmer against the Steelers in 2005. They added more after Brady and Rodgers, but Palmer is the primary reason and patient zero. 3. OPI was never called on rub routes until the late 2010s, but they've always been OPI before Brady did it, it was just never called. Now if Brady were on the competition committee that would be different, but your three points make zero sense in relation to Tom Brady. I get you're a Bills fan and you hate him, but just cuz the Patriots routinely fuck the Bills doesn't mean any of that is true. Why are you so abrasive towards Ana about the *one thing* she's right about when you're so wrong yourself lol. Being abrasive and hard headed and condescending really doesn't work... Tfw u accuse ppl of lacking self-awareness as you lack self-awareness. After the Jesse James catch the competition committee rewrote the catch rule around borderline catches that they want to call a catch. There's a whole string of shit that happened up until that point (Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant were the major people who had catches taken from them) but the 2017 game on primetime was the straw that broke the camel's back.
  6. Bruh that penalty was egregious but there was a lot wrong with what was happening in that game... The fact that the fans blame it on the penalty instead of the following - McVay uncharacteristically kicked a 4th and 1 field goal near the goal line - BREES THREW AN AWFUL INT IN OT - Brees' pass to Ginn to get them there was a heave and pray, and they shouldn't have gotten there that fast without luck - passing on second down - Saints D couldn't stop the game tying drive from the Rams - GIVING UP A 14-0 LEAD I am fond of the Saints by quite a lot but to reduce that NFCCG to one play is ridiculous! I agree. I also doubt the Saints come anywhere close to beating the Rams with a Brees injury. I think their window slammed shut unless Bridgewater shows something good, which I was hoping he would but he doesnt look good. The Fitzpatrick trade basically shows that the Steelers have faith in Rudolph. If Rudolph underperforms that team is delaying its rebuild; either way I'm not a fan of it from Miami's standpoint, and if the Steelers weren't all-in on Rudolph then it's a bad trade for them because their defense seems spotty and a slot CB/Safety (he's a hybrid slot CB/Safety, think Tyrann Mathieu type of player) won't propel them too much in theory. I do hope they keep Keith Butler at least, but that's because he sucks. But if Rudolph ends up being good, then I'm pissed
  7. yes, i think the nickname is hilarious Captain Fatfuck leader of men (protip: if you want to be better at communicating, you better get used to people making fun of stuff you like)
  8. From my understanding Rudolph looked a lot better than Roethlisberger, but based on captain fatfucks game and a half this year that's not a very high bar. Rudolph is largely an unknown right now though, but he was considered to have a first round grade (by some teams) in the 2018 draft so at the very least he was a decent prospect despite being the 6th best prospect in his draft class. But the Steelers have worse problems than the QB position based on what we've seen so far. Losing 3 HoF calibur offensive players in two years blows, especially since the defense isn't looking good
  9. Captain fatfuck might retire after this season, here's hoping Kyler Murray is legit
  10. i'm liking the lamar dick sucking going on personally, i always knew that we just ran the ball last year a lot because he was a rookie
  11. Man why do you guys keep doing this, she's just gonna watch next week anyway and ask us to pity her for not being the only 6-time super bowl champ anymore EDIT: can we just talk about football and not ana's fandom thanks
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