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  1. Yes. The prosecution chose the wrong way to approach it, completely. Honestly, what a shitshow.
  2. have i mentioned lately that i hate sinema and manchin
  3. They don't, but there's a major difference in upbringing too. Neo-African Americans (I just say African immigrants) are culturally way closer to like south or east asians.
  4. Look at the fucking arguments and sources and make a decision. If you can't handle bias, that's on you for garbage critical thinking skills. Or better yet, find a source yourself if you have no arguments. How have you survived being on this forum for like 13 years? Jesus Christ.
  5. no but you've been on this forum for over a decade now and we know you're kind of concern trolling especially since we're aware that leftist messaging is garbage. chicago crime rates have little to do with police funding given that there was a marked decrease in crime in new york when the police reduced proactive policing -- https://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-proactive-policing-crime-20170925-story.html. nothing to do with police funding so much as there's a lot to it. it's very difficult to take you seriously when your baseline view of this forum's beliefs are "defund the police" and the baseline conversation for the rest of us is "police reform". also because i actually did tell you that you had some shit line of logic earlier in the thread (and even explained it!) and you didn't follow up at all. I also want to point out that people shouting "defund the police" are very likely to believe democrats are right wingers. so no, don't play this card lmao. I don't even care to respond to argue this point, I'm just explaining to bystanders where excellen is coming from
  6. i finished graduate school and now have my phd holy shit

  7. specifically heres a nice spot for it https://www.theatlantic.com/shadowland/
  8. didn't trump aggressively go after student loan debt -- during a pandemic -- and charge interest the only actual reasons to vote for brexit - profiteering - spite odds are you're in the latter boat and it definitely informs your politics
  9. Yes. I am fully aware of this. I'm not an idiot. This is the first time I've actually seen protests and consistent media pushback. "making no attempt to not sound jaded" has been you for like the entire time I've known you. it really comes off a certain way and dismissive when you've been so consistent about it. Am I reading too much into that statement? Quite possibly. But I mean, when you've been so persistent in this regard, I'm really just expressing my annoyance. You can mind it or not, I really don't care. I'm not asking you to be indignant. How could I possibly? I'm fairly certain you're some white guy and you don't feel an existential crisis anytime Islam's brought up on the news, even tangentially. And I mean this in the least dismissive way possible, since I know you know for a fact that I feel this way about the modern world. But, there is a very sharp contrast in a lot of what's happening, and you always seem to push back on new ideas right off the bat instead of investigating or questioning. That's pretty much your MO as soon as you walk into any thread or discussion here. And I mean, it's fairly obvious why at this point anyway: Likud need a coalition. They need a coalition with the far right. What better way to get support from the Jewish equivalent of a Nazi party?
  10. I just get annoyed that 'x person cares' 'oh it's always been happening.' pretty common from you. Its always so condescending. Like ppl shouldn't be angry lol, you're allowed to have reignited anger though without people pretending it's new though. But I suppose considering how entrenched it is universally, getting current leaders out of office. Except I don't think we will cycle out leaders fast enough. Progressive and young leaders in the US do not look the other way I mean even this year is the most pushback on the narratives I've seen in a while.
  11. Biden has sent aid to Palestine ftr it was just 3 orders of magnitude lower than Israel. But yeah that lines up with what I know. The extremist Zionism is a very strong faction in the US and for whatever reason wants to force the rapture.
  12. I'm being visceral but also I don't care much, one of the journalists said they lost a decade of work in that fire p much. Pretty sure the Likud is trying to consolidate their coalition anyway. Also, eclipse, there's Myanmar on top of China... And the Modi government is definitely full of Islamophobic nationalism. The Jewish side of the US is actually quite split; it's basically Orthodox that's pro-Israel and everyone else is anti-Israel. Pretty much the reason why the mayoral primaries in New York clearly took a side. Also have no time for Tryhard outright being jaded everytime I post about shit that sucks. What's the point of this subforum then?
  13. but in the end this is the way i see it palestinians don't get anxiety apparently israel has nukes it's 2021 and the world is basically reset after a pandemic and israeli people attacked people in a mosque hamas and netanyahu and the likuud both are all terrible shitty people and have been around far too fucking long and the entire rest of the world fucking hates muslims
  14. I'm basically a little too heated to give a proper intro topic, but given the victim blaming from the Western Media and politicians alike Very fucking difficult to not make this thread. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-57053074 Basically, a load of Palestinian Muslims praying at Al-Aqsa mosque were attacked by police in the middle of fucking Ramadan, killing 20 people (including 9 kids) and injuring 300 more. This is quite literally a fucking war crime and I view the western media as concern trolling when Palestine did not take the attack sitting down. Forcing Muslims to go to war as Eid is approaching really makes me viscerally wish the instigators within the Israeli government would go to hell in a snap, but I don't have faith that anyone will enforce that kind of justice. West hates it when Islamic populations get too big anyway.
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