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  1. The mic muting didn't apply for most of the debate. It was only there for the first two minutes of the candidate's speech in response to the issue brought up by the moderator.
  2. Yeah, this is ideal. The other issue is closed primaries. Independents basically resign themselves to no say in the process to nominating a candidate. I encourage people to not register as independents. I kinda like the rolling primary style, but it screws over solid blue states hard.
  3. If you can construct a way in which New York and California can be one country without including Idaho, Texas and Utah, then by all means let me know. It just becomes a weird Pakistan vs East Pakistan/Bangladesh with Kashmir in the middle. And nobody wants that.
  4. power is a goal and vision unto itself His vision is solely for himself. Not for public service.
  5. Fucking ghoul. Unfortunately SC's been trending much faster than KY. if you go from VA down to GA, it's a literal spectrum that's shifting bluer and bluer. GA and SC are in play for president and SC is in play for the senate. KY is divorced from that but it might seep in, however I would wager KY would vote closer to Ohio or Alabama than along the southern coast states. I could just be making that up, but my reasoning is pretty much that the country gets redder the further you are from the coast, and the coast is shifting so it'll take a bit for it to move inwards.
  6. Clips or articles? I think McConnell can abort a fetus during a debate and win Kentucky.
  7. Unfortunately, we all have to bet on him short of an uprising. Although, ideally a blue tidal wave will make it impossible for even Clarence to fuck this up.
  8. Yeah, but then that's cancelled out by the secret service, neil gorsuch, and john roberts not at all being on trump's side
  9. To shelter yourself from politics is to shelter yourself from a grander equity to give people a better life. It destroys friendships and family when, you know, one side votes for a wannabe outright racist autocrat who gases protesters and shits on anyone who disagrees with him. The reason why the world is burning right now is because people like you insist that the absence of conflict is peace, rather than those of us who see a police officer and don't know if the fine will make them miss rent, who are overworked and underpaid and don't have the time to the energy to protest their rights. And can't quit because we're working our ass off at the end of a gun. But sure, destroys (presumably middle class, who really appear to be the least affected by politics if I'm being honest) friendships and family, we shouldn't discuss this. If you believe your politics leads to tensions within your friendships and family, you and your family need to learn how to do better, because you're actively making it taboo to talk about issues that affect everyone's everyday life and, ultimately, convinced 43% of this country to vote for an imbecile that's fucking up the pandemic. And inspiring nihilism because it's uncomfortable. Don't force your immaturity onto the rest of us. People even on this forum disagree with each other and are totally fine with each other for the most part. We don't start getting cruel and mean until we actually deal with fucking racists lol
  10. I'm all for it. It gives me lots of hope to see him turn that 98% into a 95%.
  11. I think trump not doing the town hall debate is basically his camp realizing interacting with swing voters is baaaaad for the campaign. So bidens doing one in PA by himself.
  12. There's more coming too. Trump is putting campaign funds out of swing states and into fucking DC, which went 98% for Clinton (and neighboring areas, including my parents county, being around 90-95%). You're talking about voter apathy, 8 million people had voted as of last Friday. That number was 500k four years ago. Mobilization is up. 6.7% of the 2016 electorate has already voted, and something like a factor of 20 difference at equal points. McConnell fears the tidal wave. Lindsay Grahams seat is in trouble. Texas is purple. Biden's lead has been massive and steady. I have hope. This is seeming like the most inspiring election of my lifetime. That demographic has dwindled. Especially since the war on terror was a major issue at the time, even though it was gradually becoming clearer the Iraq War was bullshit. Given the atmosphere of the country at the time, stability was valued much more than what Kerry offered (Kerry having a history of pissing off military vets for having a purple heart and being anti-war). My family voted for Kerry and my dad was involved with a few of the locals in MD to complain about voting in Ohio to the point where our news caught up on it, though... But it was really clear from the outset it was gonna be Bush.
  13. Being muted is not a concern for anyone but Trump, who just wants to dominate with zero substance. He's really just a fucking coward. There's no chess moves involved. He knows he was a shitter in the first debate, he knows he doesn't know how to talk to fucking constituents in a town hall anywhere close to how Biden does, and he knows that the deck is stacked against him -- not because he's a Republican or because he's Trump -- but because he is one of the shittiest and most incompetent human beings on the planet, and the debates try to go for decency with some modicum of substance. He lacks both entirely.
  14. I wouldn't compare him in sheer magnitude. After his tax returns came out, it's very obvious to me he seized upon nationalism mixed with his own simpleton brand of racism / functioning to basically funnel shitloads of money towards his debts. He wants to keep being president to keep from paying his debts. He's very much the kind of person who would be the antagonist of Marge vs. the Monorail. But this has still gotten 200k people killed, he wants power so he refuses to strike down white supremacists, lots of people have the plague (including him), and he ramped up bombing and drone strikes in the middle east by a shitload. He's also a huge sexual predator on top of being a con man, etc etc I really don't feel bad he has COVID. My ideal situation is that he lives long enough to be prosecuted by the state of New York. Optimal humor is that he turns into the sick kid in the South Park episode Stanley's Cup, and I'll leave you guys to look that up.
  15. I'll give the season till Week 5. Relatively large possible COVID outbreak with the Patriots. Patient Zero is unknown, but Cam Newton tested positive.
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