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  1. osama also wasn't, you know, basically the 2nd in command of Afghanistan
  2. Yeah, but I've earned goodwill to to a decent degree, and you haven't. If someone criticizes me, instead of deflecting problems, I just take it in stride, listen, and move forward. That, and I know how harsh I can be and I do it deliberately and with a sense of self-awareness. You constantly have problems with self-awareness and listening. Don't bring up examples of you doing otherwise, when dozens of people have been harping on you for like 5+ years and you get banned from MULTIPLE sub-communities related to SF, there's a good chance you need to do some far more serious soul-searching than you've ever done. Regardless, can't fuck up someone you can't catch. Jackson stiff armed TJ Watt right in the helmet. Definitely not too scared of him. That and our OL is so good that our starting center is on IR and our backup center... still helped us get 200 yards per game on the ground. Considering he fumbled and then had an intentional grounding in his own endzone, it worked out. I was hoping the Raiders would take the 6 seed and we'd play them in the divisional but alas. Tennessee/KC are the scariest teams in the AFC to me, and the top 3 NFC seeds are the scariest teams in the NFC. Pretty fucking awesome to watch us break the all-time single season rushing yardage record AND become the #11 scoring team of all time AND win a franchise-best 14 games in person though. Even if it was Bobby Triple Sticks playing. Made extra nice by the fact that I drove past FedEx field today, because fuck Washington.
  3. Enjoy not winning the division, I'll have front row seats to your playoff elimination week 17, given I'm going to that game. Hope MAGA Rudolph breaks a finger -- karma for being a racist.
  4. He provoked Garrett, called it bush league, then apologized for his role in the incident days later. Dude basically got caught with his tail between his legs then took days to apologize. And also he's a shitty QB idk why you're defending him for doing dumb shit. As for the rest of your statements, here's some reading material, form your own conclusion and reform your idea of karma https://mobile.twitter.com/MylesLGarrett/status/1197666686536736768?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1197666686536736768&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wkyc.com%2Farticle%2Fsports%2Fnfl%2Fbrowns%2Fcleveland-browns-defensive-end-myles-garrett-issues-statement-after-indefinite-suspension-upheld-by-nfl%2F95-811714f3-8855-41c4-8279-476b31d5a3c8 https://www.12up.com/posts/5929104-fans-appear-to-send-disgusting-racial-message-to-star-bengals-lb-vontaze-burfict - if you don't think vontaze burfict's effigy being lynched is not horribly racially charged, I highly suggest you leave your house for more than 20 minutes at a time. Or better yet, carefully look over everything you say and stop assuming you're right. Be a scholar. You're nearly 30. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/browns-baker-mayfield-calls-myles-garrett-helmet-swing-inexcusable-expects-suspension/ https://newpittsburghcourier.com/2018/05/10/face-the-truth-about-lynching/ https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Maga&amp=true&defid=11786883 <- definition #6
  5. i hope the steelers and browns enjoy hatefucking each other while lamar jackson conquers the afc north for the rest of your lifetime, easier to take down weakened rivals after all :') btw it's rich to see someone who doesn't have an issue with yinzers lynching an effigy of vontaze burfict take an issue with browns fans smacking a rudolph pinata with a helmet 🙂 i bet if it was a vontaze pinata you'd say LOL XD, which is how you reacted when they lynched the burfict effigy! bro neither fanbase should act like they have the moral high ground in the TNF fight, and I have no claim to have moral high ground lol Rudolph likely said something to Garrett (and it would not surprise me if he straight up called Garrett a monkey or something), tried to rip Garrett's helmet off, then the maga dumbass fucking charged a dude 50 times bigger than him well after his OL was trying to separate him and Garrett and the moron didn't expect to get hit somehow. Rudolph is a shit stirrer, maga fucker, and a shitty quarterback and I hope he starts for Pittsburgh for the next 10 years. literally pit fans yelling cunt at opposing teams fans for 20 seconds is fucked up, both fanbases need to do some serious soul-searching and stop being so fucking arrogant It is completely in poor taste, you only don't see any malice in her words because you haven't dealt with her for 10 years. Mayfield would be (and literally is) on your side about Garrett's actions but it's "karma" to see his finger broke? Are you joking? Karma would be if Rudolph stiff armed and injured Myles Garrett or something, not a completely third party in the fight getting hurt. And this is after shit talking and calling them clowns. Again, I hope both franchises rot for the next 15 years. I have never had great interactions with either fanbase, between the yinzers being obnoxious trash talkers who yell cunt at opposing fanbases to Browns fans who basically abuse Ravens fans because their football team is shit.
  6. God bless Houston too, and Justin Tucker. You know we are only 4 points away from beating our franchise single season PF record? I'm more amazed than you guys are. We're on pace to be literally one of the greatest offenses of all time, and possibly the greatest rushing offense ever. Lol @ passive aggressively cheering baker mayfields injury even tho rudolph didn't get injured by the helmet hit and Rudolph probably started the fight cuz he's a little maga bitch cracker Mayfield straight up condemned the fight and Rudolph provoked a DL after playing like absolute garbage but youre basically cheering on his finger injury, so how is this karma? Should Mayfield have cheered on the fight on the sidelines lmfao? Is this karma too? (Warning they say the word cunt... A lot) https://mobile.twitter.com/NFL_Memes/status/1201199608648613889 Grow up you're like 30
  7. Voting and politics make much larger of a difference at a local level, not at the federal level. Even state makes more of a difference, and at the local level you can very directly hold politicians' feet against the fire. State elections are also not necessarily as polarized as federal elections, and you can find many examples of this throughout the country. For instance my home state is bluer than Azure Moon and we have a republican governor. Federal politicians have way too many interests to answer to -- corporate/donor interests and their constituents both in delicate balance, because for instance most anti-Trump Republicans would vote to impeach if the vote were taken in private on the grounds that their constituents will primary them and vote them out. So yeah, you should still always vote, you shouldn't look beyond the basic policies of federal politicians for now and the biggest difference always comes at the local / county / maybe even state levels of politics. That's where you can really grill people and start a new movement, if you really want to.
  8. Reportedly 30-35 senators would vote to remove trump behind closed doors, but the GOP is too intertwined with fuckface von clownstick to make it happen
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