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  1. That's interesting, because that was before he said all that weird shit about slavery and the 14th amendment. Meaning that he may eat more of Trump's base since... I don't really think Kanye will do anything but become a McMullin type guy in Illinois and California, personally. I don't think a NeverTrump-Kanye voter is the swing demographic in the Midwest either. Im pretty sure working class whites are the swing demographic and I highly doubt yeezy resonates with them.
  2. Currently, the answer is that it's very very very difficult to move out of your home country, especially since it also involves bringing your family over to some extent.. Otherwise, moving from PH or China is expensive as shit. Moving from PH to the USA requires a lot of money that simply the vast, vast majority of Filipino people don't have. Especially to fly from a pacific island to... anywhere else in the world. That and many who do leave the country only get work as, essentially, slaves in places like Saudi. The wealthy go to America or Western Europe, the non-wealthy only really have a choice to be slaves in another nationalist authoritarian regime, where they're not even the people supported. And traveling from China isn't that easy either. They definitely have a lot of ways of tracking their citizens, too... and there's also social credit but I don't know if it's implemented in China to the extent where they can restrict your air travel with poor social credit.
  3. No, it is saying that the hurdles are higher for black people. This is inarguable. sounds like you're in favor of our tax dollars being wasted in prisons based on uhh... bullshit. Can you provide statistics showing that this is a widespread problem, or are you just going to talk about your family member? Because I've argued that the drug war and reefer madness only started cuz of the Nixon campaign because they were racist. Given its racist intent and the fact that its still going on, along with the fact that so much of our money is being wasted on it (when legalizing... brings it back into our government and keeps it in our economy) is a detriment to everyone and everything. The fact that drugs are illegal will prevent your family from obtaining drugs... how? You keep avoiding this concept. However, this is a sweeping generalization of "drugs" since the majority of people I know do them... and are very well educated and successful people. You said he was arrested for drugs. He was arrested for a fake 20 dollar bill. Did that deserve an 8:46 death penalty? Was he tried in court? I thought people were innocent until proven guilty. I guess the cop thought he was guilty on the spot! That's literally what I said. CTRL+F disproportionate and you'll see I said this. That still doesn't cancel that black wealth is often 10x lower than white wealth. On average. Disproportionate is a very very very strong point to make, stronger than you believe. These are the same exact thing. Inherent problems lead to disproportionate problems. Did you just mental gymnastic into the right viewpoint? Okay. But generalizations still serve a broader point, and they are still quite accurate within the group they exist within. Nobody wants to be racist. But saying that a white person has an advantage over a black person with all else remaining equal is a statement of fact. The protests are like 99.9% peaceful, at the very least. You're making a sweeping generalization of the protests based on like a .1% set of bad actors. You also said that George Floyd was arrested for drugs and assumed he was guilty, so you know. So we'll instate laws preventing theft and problem solved right! That was your solution to the drug problem, so if we just institute those laws preventing theft and stealing/scamming then we'll be perfectly fine right? lol
  4. Nobody is acting like this. You're putting words in our mouth. So they did something that was illegal so we should keep drugs illegal? Is that your logic? This has nothing to do with legality. In a drugs-are-legal world, they would be going to rehab, not jail and not continuing their drug addled stuff. Making drugs more accepted as a society decouples all aspects of crime from drugs. Including cartels. But still, you haven't really addressed the fact that you were completely fuckin factually incorrect about why George Floyd got arrested. I legit don't understand why you come to a topic about race to say essentially that white privilege doesn't exist. You can't have a good conversation by denial of fact. Creating a narrative... Out of fact... Lmfao Nobody is saying it's hopeless. Saying the existence of white privilege is a blackpill is some really wonky logic. We're just saying -- the black communities need a lot of reparations from our government, more social programs, less police, and polling stations and easier ways to get IDs. White wealth is on average an order of magnitude higher than black wealth, even amongst the lower class. To ignore this reality to say "why are you arguing to fix something depressing" is some really faulty logic. Your argument is ridiculously erratic in general. Can you please summarize your position again?
  5. Reportedly he put away the MAGA hat in February 2019, a month after he basically outted himself as a Trump supporter. I don't think Kanye will do anything because nobody wants someone fucking erratic right now. Someone who's erratic as shit and keeps changing their mind is what got us here, and the reason Biden is polling over 50% is because the "sleepy joe" label is preferable to Tantrump.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2016/03/23/politics/john-ehrlichman-richard-nixon-drug-war-blacks-hippie/index.html Nope... I'm pro-fact. Drug war is bullshit, and drugs being illegal wouldn't save anyone who was addicted to illegal drugs. It would encourage them to receive help instead of risking jail time for drugs they took, actually. It would save money on incarceration and put it towards rehabilitation. There's a reason why drugs are both related to racism and a major part of progressive policy -- because the drug war was founded on lies, and racism. To deny such is to deny that oxygen is a part of our respiratory diet. I am sorry for your unique situation but a war on drugs wouldn't fix that. Equity would, though. Unarmed black men is actually the term I hear more often, but do carry on. Whether or not a "victim" was perfect doesn't really take away their victim hood. They weren't "innocent" in the sense that they may or may not have committed the crime they were pulled over for, but let's not pretend that he wasn't innocent of whatever he did that caused a death penalty response. You're just playing a semantics game. EDIT: also he's innocent until proven guilty lol But they do. Because that's what essentially happens, and that's what the system encourages. Which part of the analysis is inaccurate? Just because something can be true doesn't really contradict the broader reality. Do you not know how statistics actually work? Do you not know how studies actually work? Do you not know what disproportionate means? Because the common argument -- and the truth -- is in the term disproportionate. I know the guy. He understands this. However, there are many things that are simply universal, which have been brought up in this thread. Black names are more likely to be rejected than white names, all else equal. Black & white people convicted of the same crime receive different prison sentences, the latter having relatively reduced ones. Black neighborhoods are far, far more overpoliced (by all measures) than white neighborhoods, and arguably the police work for the latter and work against the former. I didn't "pretend" like it exists like it did back in the day. I stated that it exists. I didn't pretend anything. You're ignoring the fact that having a black neighbor or black neighbors reduces the value of your home. Again, will provide a source upon request, but it's as factual as saying water is necessary to live. I don't think I'm making up lies. A lie implies intention. But I will say that someone who is quick to emphasize "George Floyd was a druggie" when he got brutally sat on for 8 minutes and 46 seconds really doesn't have their priorities in line. It read as a dogwhistle, really. https://www.nyu.edu/about/news-publications/news/2020/january/modern-housing-segregation-in-america.html https://www.epi.org/publication/modern-segregation/ https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2014/11/modern-day-segregation-in-public-schools/382846/ https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/05/segregation-now/359813/ I have better things to do with my time than list out every single piece of legislation, action, and what generally every district does to encourage segregation in their communities and schooling. Do your research, I provided you some links. Those privileges exist how? The only example of black privilege I can think of is that minorities aren't valued enough by the US that a terrorist won't take them hostage. What privileges do black people, native people, asian people, etc have? Immigrant privilege solely comes from the fact that they're already quite successful in their home countries and have means coming into the country. Black wealth started from almost nothing, and continues to be almost nothing and the system encourages such a thing. I can link you with nothing but articles if you really want to be convinced, but to deny its existence and the pervasiveness of white privilege through our culture and legislation is the same thing as saying that the change in global climate is not accelerated by humanity. The fact that we even have to argue this as a "fact" is just as insane as how people say racism is "just an opinion."
  7. For starters, drug charges are bullshit and the drug war was brought about because Nixon wanted to beat down hippies and the black community. I can source this if you want. Even if Floyd was being arrested on drug charges, who gives a fuck.... And then the next point is: the cops were called cuz he had a fraudulent 20 dollar bill. Even the store clerk regrets it. Explain to me how ANY of this is relevant to the cruel and unusual death penalty he received? What the police did is literally a violation of what Americans hold fundamental to their land, what Floyd did is almost nothing. The rest of your post is "how can white privilege exists if IM not racist and not all white people are rich!!!" Which is sidestepping how it's a large factor and not the end-all be-all. There's successful black people, that's great, but even successful black people are significantly less wealthy than successful white people. What false assumptions are being made? Collectivist statistics, legislation, and the fact that there's still blatant segregation contradicts every single point you just made. It really sounds like you just came on here to call black people shot by the police "thugs." You're right; not all black people or white people have had this all-encompassing experience. Nobody is saying they did. We're making conclusions based on facts, tendencies, and statistics. That and a lot of legislation and police brutality is enacted precisely to make the black experience hell! Immigrants have a better opening slate moving into the US than black people do, and again I can source all this if you want. But to call it a 'false narrative' means that our Venn Diagram of reality are two circles, because white privilege is not a myth or an opinion. He's a lawyer, he's the most valuable person to explain concepts we've got, it's beautiful
  8. It goes deeper! If they're "stereotypically black names" on an application, it's less likely to be accepted.
  9. /r/FragileWhiteRedditer makes fun of redditers who post dogwhistles and complain about white privilege. /r/BlackPeopleTwitter is the subreddit you're thinking of, but it's not "attacking" white people it's stuff like this at its general worst. You have to be black to submit tweets and need to be verified, but I think you can comment regardless. Mostly because when white people could post, it got really racist... Those are the two I can think of. I don't like FWR mostly because it encourages brigades, but BPT is generally pretty fine.
  10. No, COVID has exacerbated race issues by targeting black people, poor people, and other minorities in greater numbers than white people. A lot of milennials have shit jobs and shit wages and are due for shit wages, and many of these people are unemployed because of a pandemic that Trump botched and continues to make worse. If we didn't have COVID, we wouldn't be seeing these protests. There's nothing left to lose for a lot of these protesters.
  11. I would say that a lot of asian communities (south and east) are antipathic towards black people for whatever reason. I can't even figure out why, aside from basic community propaganda / trusting the US news a little too much.
  12. I don't think you quite understand the weight that comes with that, nor do you seem to understand the kind of shit "REAL black" gets. I'm Pakistani and I'm light skinned and that gets much less of a visceral reaction within my own culture than the darker skinned people. South India is darker skinned and not represented in Bollywood, which is the Hollywood of South Asia. Balochistan in Pakistan is a similar issue, with many african-heritage Pakistan is who are treated like shit and systemically discriminated against because of their skin and heritage. And I know dudes who are dark as fuck who get comments on their skin constantly. They hate it; they love their skin but the amount of people that say "I wish I weren't as dark as you" makes them feel like shit and objectified. It's actually fucking dehumanizing to say "I wish my skin were dark but not THAT dark." Whether or not your skin makes you feel uglier is irrelevant to the fact that society as a collective values lighter skin, and it's even a problem within some black communities! But it's a massive problem with the people of this country.
  13. I'm not sticking up for rioters. I'd be pissed about rioters. But I wouldn't blame it on the protesters, lol, I'd blame it on the police for attacking the protesters instead of the looters, because it's clear that they don't really work for anyone but middle class or upper class whites. It also wouldn't happen in my current neighborhood because.. we're actually more integrated than the rest of the country. But that's an aside. I mean, ultimately I'm not sure why anyone cares or how it's political correctness. Political correctness is a buzzword these days used to delegitimize civil rights in other circles... Keep that in mind
  14. Did you really talk about pandering to political correctness And did you really ignore the vast majority of the protests being peaceful You're doing literally what everyone was describing was wrong... Bad faith talking about looting like it's the majority (when it's orthogonal to the protests) @Tolvir do you have articles to back up if that's the majority of what police officers do? Because violent crime has gone down since the 90s... by a good amount... And not everyone who is policing attacks against a minority because they do too much as is... George Floyd's murder was solely callousnous, but there were way more murders that get swept under.
  15. Yeah, I can see this point of view. Fewer personnel, but better trained personnel. Although, some of the thought behind "defund the police" is that, for instance, black communities are overpoliced and that's where a lot of the funds go. There's cases where the police in New York make like 6 digits, and in some cases 200k/year due to overtime pay. The police department gets 6 billion dollars to do a job that seems like it's paid too much... especially since you don't really need a degree or screening to be part of the NYPD. And then there's the study where the police didn't actively police but they only responded to calls. Police essentially went on strike and basically only responded to 911 calls. Crime rate went down significantly in that time. Part of the conversation is that we need to rethink how policing works or the necessary extent of policing, and if we should take police & prison funding and put it into social workers for rehabilitation, rather than just saying "we need a better police force." Because really, police are oppressive and the recidivism rate in this country is horrific. Defund is simply trimming the fat from overfunded police departments, in some respects. In other respects, if there are so few police in an area not responding to much more than traffic violations, how necessary are full departments? Mix that with oversight and an executive branch willing to act (which I can tell you, this executive branch is the worst in our nation's history) and we can avoid this whole mess and make society better. And ultimately, the protesters are doing this for every American because millennials and Gen X are going to be left the worst state of the world ever.
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