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  1. There really hasn't been much news outside of the passage of the stimulus (I got my stimmy). How's everyone feeling about the administration in general? Seems like filibuster reform is gonna happen eventually, but it won't be entirely removed.
  2. Question: what news do you consume? If your answer is nowhere near along the lines of Fox News, British tabloids or similar right wing bullshittery, then you definitely don't fall under the category within the statement I made. Furthermore, if you're not American, you too are not the target of my statement. To further compound to that question, do you agree with gay marriage? Pro-capital punishment? Are you pro-choice or anti-choice? etc He was mentioning particular viewpoints rather than placing everyone who is "right wing" in the same tent. He tried to halt deportations for his first 100 days. A federal judge struck it down. It sucks that if you're not paying attention to the news, you don't really know the limits of executive power and then you blame everything on the president. Because I'm starting to learn a lot more of them by the day. im a brown person and im a hilda simp too it all works out. I also haven't lived in Ellicott City in any way, shape, or form since 2014, since my permanent address is in Laurel now and I've been living in Tucson since 2014... you'd think I would update my location (cuz uh that's been my set location for like 12 years now), but I don't feel like fixing it. Two important elections in a row and I didn't change my voting registration to Arizona. Pretty dumb in retrospect, but at least we made it to 2021. And I'm going back to permanently live in MD after I graduate anyway.
  3. Does empathy cause neurosis? (kind of a joke) I mean a good chunk of things are people being satisfied with stuff how they are without knowing why they need to change, and complacency (and the right wing media) builds narcissism. Nice to see another MDer in here, though.
  4. While the senate is something we can talk about -- they actually pretty much completely failed in Maine, for one example, and I definitely think they could've tried harder in Iowa -- the house seats that we lost in 2020 were considered to be relatively miraculous acquisitions in 2018. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. The only rumblings I've heard that could justify the witnesses is the fact that the witnesses were not necessarily reliable or had reliable information. I dunno though, I would've loved to see witnesses but I also would much rather see monthly payments and weed and healthcare The Republican side of the impeachment was mostly a sham and you gotta wonder if we should mentally screen our politicians for sociopathy lol. I also just didn't watch any of either impeachment trials, but I also don't feel like I missed out on history cuz it was just obvious that former president cocksucker was going to get acquitted by his army of cock holsters in the senate
  5. I have a feeling that later this year will be a bit of a slowdown in terms of legislation -- or maybe, more specifically, we will find ourselves a lull soon -- and then election year is when they go balls to the wall. Manchin's view of the filibuster is still a little troubling.
  6. I know the main reason it's been brought up was in reference to the fact that the win should be by a margin greater than around 537 votes or whatever the margin was in Florida. Because Republicans have actively been trying to undermine democracy for 50 years. This is really par for the course imo. Good summary of 2000. I was about to turn 8 when all that was happening, so I just remember sitting in bed with my family watching the 2000 election results, and the news showing Bush/Gore anytime we visited somewhere else.
  7. At this point anything the Democrats should do should be to get Republicans on record voting against it.
  8. Bush didn't, but there's a reason Trump was called a "fox news president." Because that shit was churning in the background. I mean this is from 2015 but there was large conservative media bias between the 90s and 2008 or so. Jon Stewart was considered novel during his time because he was pretty much the antithesis to that right wing media apparatus. Unfortunately, the fake news shows in his wake aren't as novel and aren't as in hostile a media environment to their opinions. Regardless, anyone who was against Iraq or Afghanistan wars were vilified. Look at the Dixie Chicks; hell, Taylor Swift said that she didn't start doing politics publicly until basically the Roy Moore election because of how hard the Dixie Chicks were shit on for expressing anti-war sentiments. So no, it wasn't Bush. But there was clearly a greater 'patriotism and freedom' initiative going on after the 911 attacks, and it's something we can easily look back at now as the most blatant display of jingoistic bullshit ever. Flashback to when NYT and WaPo were pro-Iraq War. I'd say Trump did a better job of preventing us from falling into authoritarianism than Bush did, by this weird ass metric of the Bush administration basically forcing us all into war.
  9. The effects of Trump's foreign policy is yet to be seen. Trump also upped drones and bombings with significantly less oversight. He emboldened China and basically fucked any chance of leverage for the TPP. He basically let China start moving in on African countries to help their infrastructure. The shattering of ties and trust is bad and we won't see the results of this near apocalyptic mess for years.
  10. The evil is gone!!!!! Now we can finally stop reading twitter to figure out what the fuck our president is thinking. We can just yell at him to do shit instead
  11. Yep. Our currently 2-3 worst presidents are given shit because of the civil war they let happen. I think this is going to be exactly the same idea.
  12. one of the greatest, in fact. It's not even that he's terrible right now either (he's nowhere near as bad as final season Manning), it's just the balls dont have the zip they used to, and for someone who relies on anticipation and tight window throws it's finally basically hit its limit.
  13. I'm reading this and I'm wondering what your starting point is. These people are ultimately powerless to stop the election. They were growing but a lot of their communication platforms have gone limp and they might just figure out that they've been getting fucked. We'll see what happens. But while these things disperse and don't disappear, from there it's basically whack-a-mole. I mean, ultimately I pray these people split off and make their own party rather than act with their delusions of grandeur. Darwin will take them if they die of COVID without proper hospital infrastructure. And hey, maybe the survivors will figure it out.
  14. Yeah, wow I was an asshole about that. I'm glad I made such a passionate defense of a team I fucking hate though. Such an awful feeling. Stefanski is a Kubiak disciple at this point, and there's no way the guy didn't know his shit. Generally anyone who works with Kubiak for a little while tends to be pretty fucking good at all facets of the game, because Kubiak has managed to make 1000-1200 yard rushers *consistently* out of nobodies very much like the Shanahan family (Kyle and Mike, respectively Kubiak's former OC and former HC). I'm high and I'll just make a weird ass rant about that coaching tree; anyone who comes out of it is insanely good and it's like the grandfather to McVay. Generally anyone out of that tree is very good and go on fire when complemented with an insane run game / workable OL / good receivers / accurate QB. If they don't have those things, they still get a lot of mileage out of their offense (if you look at the Broncos teams post-Elway until Shanahan's firing). That's exactly what the Browns had -- and more -- anyway, and them coming out flat Week 1 really was more indicative of a game going horribly out of hand during week 1 when nobody had any reps rather than a garbage team against a really good team. They gave us a hard time last year with Freddie Fucking Kitchens, and we were objectively a much better team last year, there's no way a Kubiak disciple was gonna get fucked like that again. As I said though, it was really like one or two plays near the end of the half that turned a potential 14-10 game into a 21-3 game. Freddie Kitchens was that bad of a coach though. My mans ran a draw on 4th and 10.
  15. Bro it's gonna be some bull shit about pedophilia EDIT: bring on president harris
  16. That's hilarious. How did he fall to the alt right???? Did I read this tweet correctly??? I posted that tweet because it sounded genuine.
  17. At this point, I really do hope we get out of the next week safely. I really have no idea what will happen. I didn't expect the permanent ban this soon. You say people, but I know you're talking about Trump Jr.
  18. @eclipse I think you and I can both sympathize how fucking hilarious it is to watch Trump ban evade. Makes any online moderator feel power over the president in this moment.
  19. If you all want to laugh. Last thing at dragoncat before I take it to DM: I don't defend my friend's character unless they understand the fucked up shit they did, why it's fucked up, how they plan to make amends and then make attempts to figure it out.
  20. I probably don't have a popular view on the pardon but I think it should have oversight by a committee in congress (legally). Obama had a lot of very good and beneficial pardons and commutes for federal drug offenses. Trump overusing it shouldn't be that much of a deterrent imo; a power that grants freedom is heavily preferable to one that takes it away, and I don't actually believe there should be much a limit to that power beyond the public perception (and no state crimes).
  21. I just want to say something to you real quick. This friend you're talking about is presumably Ana and she pretty much said talking to me makes her want to kill herself. In fact she's had a history of telling me that if she weren't a coward she'd kill herself just to get out of being banned from anywhere. The fact that she's a Trump supporter -- that we (and I) had to endure all of the little dog whistles she repeated, lots of which reminds us of growing up, too -- was the cherry on top of an already ugly person. If you think she was banned for being a Trump Supporter, then you really aren't being objective. I can provide chat logs of my interactions with her. But Trump is an abusive fucking narcissist and you're reading propaganda if you believe Biden supporters would do the same. I have no fucking idea why you voted for Biden if you think BLM are rioters. EDIT: I mean if a guy said that he wanted to ban all autistic people from the US because they're terrorists, that person became president, and another person you're talking to not only voted for that cunt but vehemently defends him and his ideology, you'd be just as fucking pissed at Trump supporters as I am. The fact that I've spent five years being told that "they're not all like that, they're just the crazies, please understand them they don't mean it" while I watched our president gas protesters who are fighting for *everyone's right to not be assault by the police for not being rich and white* and these people stood by them told me all I needed to know. The literal fact that he withheld aid to investigate a political opponent didn't ring the fascist bells for many of these dumbasses (he got impeached but not removed for this horseshit). The fact is that I gotta be told to understand the mentality that would lead to a Trump vote and that it was never fucking mutual is gaslighting. Why doesn't one of these Trumpers go to my face and ask me what stupid shit would lead me to vote for Biden? At least we are and were curious, it's pretty obvious that they know why and they just don't care. I know you wanted to back out of this but I have had to spend like 6 years dealing with her, her uncle, and her bullshit; even if it's someone you hate and don't care for, nobody with a soul wouldn't be affected by someone saying "you make me want to kill myself." Especially when the thread she said it in is about shit you fully fucking care about (BLM).
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