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  1. Nintendo sent a survey for Three Houses to my email since I registered my copy to my Nintendo account. Had the typical "what were you disappointed at/what do you want for the game" and I wrote more m/m please and as my response. Hopefully they sent you one as well! If you can't find it or haven't received it, someone linked a reddit post that had contact options to Nintendo and IntSys in this thread a page or two back. Hope that helps!
  2. Tbf most of the people I've been talking with or read discussions of the issue are simply disappointed at how the ratio is skewed to 5(3? Maybe):1 in romatic same-sex supports. There's less anger, more of a confused and overlaying disappointment on the lack of options for those who would want Byleth to end up with another male character but they still love the game anyway. On the other hand, I have also talked to people who are accepting of how things were handled with the supports… but there were also people who are frankly indifferent to the issue because it doesn't personally affect them; for me, the indifference is the more frustrating aspect since it feels like they're telling me I should just smile and accept we have anything at all. Coming from that end, I can understand why some people are angry and why they would react rather er, harshly, I suppose. I think sharing an opinion politely and in a level-headed manner goes a long way, forums or otherwise. Hopefully anyone who is planning in contacting Nintendo, IS, etc. with their opinions can share it civilly.
  3. I'm still super sad at our lack M/M choices, but I'm gonna follow the reddit post and contact NoA, IS, etc. with how I feel about the issue in an otherwise stellar game :( too sad to be properly angry, but one can hope this can be better in the future! That or pray the hacks are made faster lol.
  4. Hey guys! So. I made a costly mistake. I accidentally got the two 6 pack starters instead of the single for the Chrom and Marth versions (and amiami won't cancel the Hoshido 6-pack starter set either), so I'm going to be selling them. PM me if interested!
  5. Just got my cards today, and I'll join as soon as I open the rest of the booster packs. Maybe? If I don't forget.
  6. Argh, super late to the party but is it still possible to send the swapnote? Though idk who's sending it now, haha.
  7. Senpoi


    Hi guys, long time lurker here! Never saw a reason to register until now, haha.
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