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  1. This is directed towards the people who are getting both games. Considering they are coming out so close together what do you intend to do. I can't decide because I want to play rune factory 4 but 12 days isn't near enough to beat it, but picking up games after a long time is hard. So what are you going to be doing about them both coming out on top of each other?
  2. I was wondering how many people do all the extra things that always are in JRPG's but don't have anything to do with the story. Like the stupidly large amount of side quests in Final Fantasy or the Tales series? When ever I play these games I never bother because I prefer story over actually game play. I just skip them and kind of rush through the games on the simplest difficulty to get the story moving. Am I the only one who does this?
  3. People saying they are using Spotpass to help them in the game. How are they doing this? I have yet to have figured this out.
  4. i am going to have to go with the Avatar
  5. Morgan hands down no questions asked. Why? Because she is my little girls, that's why
  6. Put your questions you are wondering if anyone does something or if it is just you? Example my question Does anyone use casual over classic and are the people who do new to the series?
  7. No I mean is there a set amount of actions it takes and is it any actions?
  8. How does building up supports work? Is it per kill or a specific amount of exp or something?
  9. So I know you unlock the paralogs when a child become avaible but are the children parent specific or if you marry a specific person you will always get the same child. So what I am asking are the children parent specific?
  10. does this mean there is nothing new to download or is it a connection problem?
  11. I know people have probably asked this before but I was wondering where you can get more master seals
  12. Who did you end up having your avatar marrying?
  13. I can not beat the level where you first meet Anna. I am going on 18 tries and this one mission is on the verge or ruining this game this game for me. Nothing can survive the berserker, not even fredrick. How can I beat this. I have tried everything.
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