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  1. After working with some tips and suggestions, here's a tweak to the Merchant: [spoiler=sprites inside] So yeah, we're basically going full Anna with this one. And then here's a more extreme change: [spoiler=moar merchant] yes it's jake not merlinus now shush This is a male version of the Merchant, with the head based off of the GBA Fighter to match the Archanean Jake's look. The overcoat has been changed as well to look less feminine, and the feet follow the same "rules" as the Archer classes.
  2. Been a while! Still, better late than never. Just like the female Fighter and Warrior, here are the five palette variations of the Merchant sprites: [spoiler=map sprites within] In return for making you guys wait, here's something I put together on April Fool's Day. [spoiler=click for links]with logos sans logos Yeah, I know there's probably tons like these all over, but oh well. I still like it, and maybe you will too. These are set for 1366x768 and similar ratios.
  3. Finished a full prototype set just minutes ago. [spoiler=map sprites] As a few of you have correctly guessed, this is supposed to be the Merchant class as seen in Fire Emblem: Awakening, adapted for GBA FE romhack use. Battle sprites not included. Basically, if you wanted a separate Convoy unit capable of self-defense (no, that lance is not for show), this could be one way to go. You could even have her promote to a lance-wielding version of the mobile Transporter if you wanted to. A critical animation where she leaps onto the horse just to overkill somebody would be pretty cool Bits and pieces were borrowed from the female Myrmidon (mostly the hair, because of the ponytail) and the female Archer (legs), but the rest of it is custom-made and based on the FE:A Merchant map sprites. Here are the frames of each set in action, if you're curious: [spoiler=idle] [spoiler=selected] [spoiler=side movement] [spoiler=downward movement] [spoiler=upward movement]
  4. In case you were wondering, here's what I've been working on lately... [spoiler=work in progress, under pretty crazy construction] I hope to have it done soon!
  5. I fixed the shading errors. Those ones on the bottom left aren't errors, though. I explain why in an earlier post. [spoiler=another revision] I went and looked back at FE6's "An Undying Dream" and the tileset I have of that map, and it seems that particular set of tiles works in sets of twos, because that is the most I see in a row. FE8's "Father and Son" changes that "rule", like you said, and it looks about the same there as it does on here. It looks a bit strange, but barring replacement of those tiles with the more simple stone-only layout, I'm not sure how else to fix it outside of more custom tiles. Still, all the advice has certainly spruced this map up so far, so props for that.
  6. I applied the fixes you suggested (and a few others I noticed in hindsight). [spoiler=revision] It has been a while since I last worked on the map, and yes, the options are pretty limited. So...I cheated and spliced bits and pieces together to recreate that section of wall. I did the same with the corner to the left of the big door and to the right. Like you said, a column could have worked, but I suppose I was just too stubborn. That left banner would have posed problems if I put a column in there, anyway. Oh, and those weird gaps in the shading in the lower left are there for a reason: there were windows on that wall in FE9; rotating this map so the western wall faces the camera would show windows matching those shading gaps as well. Whether they are simple windows or stained glass images of that monocled mug...I'll leave that up to interpretation~
  7. It was the result of a discussion with the guy who issued the challenge. We were brainstorming along the lines of, "if this isn't gonna be Tanas Manor, who owns the place?" After browsing through the portraits for FE6-8, we decided on Aion. Just Aion wasn't enough, however. So we went farther and gave him a monocle. ...And put his mug over the big Bern dragon emblem tiles. And there you have it. This manse belongs to more or less the Fire Emblem equivalent of Col. Klink from Hogan's Heroes; this guy just has more hair. The chests are positioned just like how they were in FE9. Like I said, this is meant to be as faithful to the source material as possible but with GBA graphics. You do raise a good point, though. Perhaps I'll release a "woolsey-fied" version of this map sometime in the future. If you have any suggestions, fire away! As for that corner, duly noted. Can you highlight the other errors?
  8. And now for something rather silly. [spoiler=map hidden inside] This is the result of what was sort of a challenge: a GBA version of FE9's "The Atonement" map. There are a fair number of custom tiles on this thing, and they all aren't as obvious as the pretentious "monocled Aion clone" portrait on the rug there. The columns in the lower half of the map are meant to be Braces within the terrain data, not Pillars. Other than that, the grand majority of the tiles come from FE6's "Bern Keep" tileset. All in all, I tried to stay faithful to the original source's structure, but the 3D-to-2D transition brought in a couple hiccups, and in order to keep the floors distinct from one another, I had to add another horizontal row to the ground floor. A consequence of this decision is the fact you also now need Longbows and other three-range weapons to attack through the horizontal walls in the lower half of the map. I doubt hardly anyone took advantage of this in PoR though, except maybe to kill the Priest in the bypass corridor.
  9. Here's something different. [spoiler=sprites inside] Map sprites for those who have female Fighters and Warriors in your GBA hacks. There's probably lots of different versions of the same concept, but well, here's mine. These are based off of the original male Fighter and Warrior map sprites. Why the hair bun? It was simple, it was kinda cute.
  10. I tried doing it counter-clockwise, but that seemed even more off to me. But I do admit I may have went a bit overboard with the amount of steps. Perhaps I'll limit it to one or two with the next revision.
  11. Hey, all. Work on the final check-through of my other project is still ongoing, so in the meantime, allow me to show off some of the other things I've done when I've had enough of looking at dialogue and manipulating code for a while. First off, we have this: [spoiler=Animations hidden within] Looking at the ever-neglected cult classic class, I went and edited the melee-range animations for the GBA Soldier. So now you can have smoother frames and witness an infantryman's impression of a marching band drum major/majorette...except it's much more lethal. The frames for throwing Javelins are still under construction. The lance-twirling comes from the original javelin-throwing frames, some of the leg positioning from other frames, and the *shing* effect was inspired by The Blind Archer's Halberdier v2. But other than that, everything else is either the original material or custom-made by yours truly. This set of animations has NOT been tested in or prepared for FEditor or any other sprite-based romhack tool. These are raw .gifs. I will update this thread when I feel I have something to show, so posts could be frequent, sporadic, or something in-between.
  12. Hello everyone! It's been a while... I'm considering going back through all of the conversations and such in-game, see how they look now, and update this thread's contents accordingly. This time, this run-through will be meant as the final sweep so if the main site's editors want to update the Binding Blade page, they'll have the most polished content from which to draw and update. Depending on how much time I have on my hands, there might be an extra surprise or two down the road...Anyway, let me know what you think or even if you want to help.
  13. LONG ENDINGS [spoiler=Lycia arc] Young Lion – Roy Roy returned home to rebuild the lands in Lycia that were ravaged by the war. He was always popular with the people and was well-remembered long after his tenure as Marquess Pherae. Loyal Paladin – Marcus Marcus finally retired upon returning to Pherae. Although he wanted to live quietly, he was never able to rid himself of the endless aspiring knights begging for his instruction. Fiery Knight – Allen Upon returning to Pherae with Roy, Allen assisted his lord in rebuilding the trampled land. His fiery passion and powerful will were inspiring to many. Serene Knight – Lance After returning to Pherae with Roy, Lance helped his lord rebuild the ravaged land. Never losing his cool, he helped lead Pherae to prosperity again. Dutiful Archer – Wolt Wolt returned to Lycia with Roy to assist him in rebuilding their homeland. Although many hardships stood before them, Wolt unwaveringly supported Roy and led Lycia to prosperity. Iron Knight – Bors Bors returned to Ostia to help rebuild his ravaged home. His kind-hearted nature allowed him to reunite the people once again and bring harmony and prosperity back to Ostia. Saint of Bern – Elen Elen returned to Bern with Guinivere to reunite a people devastated by defeat. Her undying efforts and kind-hearted nature earned her the title of the Saint of Bern. Scarred Tiger – Deke Deke broke up his mercenary band and set out to travel on his own. Independent, he fought in various battles and left many tales in his wake. Sincere Axeman – Wade After returning home, Wade worked to cultivate the land and construct homes in the Isles. His work continued through many generations and eventually became the greatest city in the Isles. Quiet Axeman – Lot After returning home, Lot married his childhood friend and led a fulfilling if humble life. Although he played a major role in the war, he rarely talked about it openly. Cheerful Flier – Shanna After the war, Shanna was knighted and became a full-fledged pegasus knight. Throughout her career, she served in positions of leadership and was eventually promoted to Flightleader. Cheerful Flier – Shanna (A-Level Support with Roy) Shanna gave up her life as a pegasus knight and went to Pherae with Roy, where they wed. Rebuilding Lycia was never easy, but her energy always encouraged everyone around her. Lycian Wildcat – Chad Chad gave up thievery after the war. He traveled across the continent and dedicated his life to helping orphaned children. Not many would guess from his actions that he was once a cunning thief. Pious Mage – Lugh Lugh built a magic school where his orphanage once stood. He took in orphans and deprived children and taught them to use magic as a way of life. Willful Lady – Clarine Clarine returned home to Aquleia and lived her life as she did before the war. Her personality never changed, but her charm earned her the admiration of her peers in the Etrurian nobility. Surly Myrmidon – Rutger Rutger disappeared without a trace after the war. He was reportedly sighted in various places around the continent, but his name only appears in the records of the war. Amorous Priest – Saul Although the church offered him the position of bishop, Saul turned it down and chose to serve the people in his own way. His behavior always led to difficult situations. Pure Archer – Dorothy Dorothy returned to her hometown and led a peaceful life. She was never the flashiest of her comrades, but she always knew what was most important in her life. Nimble Deer – Sue Sue returned to Sacae and resumed her nomadic life. She never accepted credit for her role in the war and many said that her ability rivaled that of the legendary Hanon. Nimble Deer – Sue (A-Level Support with Roy) Sue accompanied Roy to Lycia, where they wed. She could never cast away her love for nature, however, and other nobility found her behavior unusual. Knight King – Jerrot Jerrot returned to Ilia where he worked to rebuild the land. He eventually united Ilia into a kingdom and served as the nation’s first king. Sleepy Knight – Treck Treck remained a mercenary in Jerrot’s troop. Despite being asleep half the time, he made short work of any and all who crossed his path in battle. *Note: In-game, "mercenary" is seen as "merce-nary" due to the word being on two lines. Free Knight – Noah Wanting to test his ability, Noah left Jerrot’s group and traveled around the world as a lone mercenary. Several nations offered him positions in their armies, but he turned them all down. Shadow of Ostia – Astore After the war, Astore’s name disppeared [sic] from the records. It was said that he supported the reconstruction effort in Ostia, but no one knows what became of him. Elegant Lady – Lilina After returning home, Lilina became the marquess of Ostia and rebuilt her land. She later helped rebuild the Lycian Leage [sic] into the Kingdom of Lycia, a nonviolent nation. Elegant Lady – Lilina (A-Level Support with Roy) After returning home, Lilina became the new marquess of Ostia, and shortly after, was wed to Roy. Together, Roy and Lilina united Lycia to create the prosperous and peaceful Kingdom of Lycia. Petite Knight – Wendy Wendy continued her life as a knight. She was idolized by many and is remembered as the first female captain in the Ostian Army. Solid Knight – Barth After returning home, Barth was put in charge of Ostia’s military. Although scarred by Lord Hector’s death, Barth’s strict leadership led the military of Ostia to glory once more. Little Hero – Ogier Ogier continued to travel as a mercenary and his renown spread across the continent. Even in his fame, he always held respect for his comrades in battle. [spoiler=Western Isles arc] New Sword Saint – Fir Fir set out again to travel around the world and train her sword. She became known throughout Elibe as the next Sword Saint and her legends were told for centuries. Falcon of Sacae – Shin After returning to Sacae, Shin joined his newly reunited clan. He was never a talkative one, but with his leadership and skill with the bow, he became known as the new Silver Wolf. Gentle Bandit – Gonzales When Gonzales returned to his home in the Western Isles he was not greeted with the stones or harsh words he was used to but instead with cheers for the return of a great hero. Ocean King – Geese Geese reopened his trade routes and began to make a profit. He donated nearly all of the money he made to the Western Isles, which helped develop the land, and he became known as the Ocean King. Silver Noble – Klain Klain put down his bow and became an ambassador for Etruria, using his charisma to settle many foreign disputes. While he was in office, he ensured all nations prospered as Etruria did. Wind Rider – Tate Tate returned to Ilia where she worked to reunite the divided pegasus knights. Her diligent work and leadership paid off, and the pegasus knights regained their former glory. Charming Dancer – Lalum Lalum continued to travel around the world as a dancer. Her energetic dancing touched the hearts of many and her unique style was passed on through many generations. Charming Dancer – Lalum (A Support with Roy) Lalum accompanied Roy to Pherae where they wed. Many voiced unease about a Lycian marquess marrying a woman of common descent, but in spite of the criticism, they were happy. Idol of the West – Echidna Echidna returned to her home in the Western Isles, and the people were overjoyed to welcome back their hero. Her hard work united the Isles into a new nation. Truth Seeker – Elphin After the war, Elphin disappeared without a trace. Several months after his disappearance, it was announced that Prince Myrddin had returned to Etruria. Wild Axefighter – Bartre After returning home, Bartre opened a tavern. His jolly personality ensured success, but what really kept customers coming back were the vivid stories of his valor in battle. Zealous Shaman – Raigh Raigh traveled the world, studying more about magic. Through Raigh’s efforts, dark magic rose from obscurity and became widely studied. He was well-known for being hard on both himself and others. Master Thief – Cath Cath set out to travel the world after the war. She continued to steal from the rich and greedy and give it all to the poor. She was remembered as the Master Thief. [spoiler=Etruria arc] Crimson Rider – Milady Milady returned home with Guinivere to help rebuild Bern. Her unbending will and hard work earned Guinivere due respect, and Bern began to regain its former prosperity. Knight General – Perceval Perceval returned to Etruria and eventually became the next Great General. He led a glorious tenure and was remembered as the very model of an honorable knight of Etruria. Mage General – Cecilia Cecilia returned home and helped rebuild Etruria. Her calm judgment and leadership directed Etruria to prosperity again and she came to be known as the Daughter of Etruria. Mage General – Cecilia (A Support with Roy) Cecilia accompanied Roy to Pherae where she helped rebuild the battered land. The two eventually wed, and she continued to offer him close support as his wife. Nabata Prophet – Sophia After returning to Nabata, Sophia was never heard from again. There are no records of Nabata after the war, so none know how Sophia led the rest of her life... Nabata Prophet – Sophia (A Support with Roy) Sophia accompanied Roy to Pherae, where the two married. Despite her quiet nature, her informed decisions assisted greatly in the reconstruction of Lycia. Desert Guardian – Igrene Igrene said she would return to Nabata, but no one ever heard from her again. None know for certain where or how she led the rest of her life. Retired Outlaw – Garret Garret quit banditry and led the life of a farmer. He worked and tended his crops like an ordinary citizen and lived in peace. After the war, he never picked up his axe again. Divine Dragon – Fae After returning to Nabata, Fae was never heard from again. Many historians are skeptical that she even existed... Traveling Mage – Hugh Numerous nations sought Hugh’s service, but he declined them all and stayed independent. He always struggled financially, but his magic skills ensured his legacy. Ebony Lightning – Zeiss Zeiss aided Guinivere in rebuilding Bern. As he rose in rank he was criticized for allying with Etruria, but his firm loyalty to Guinivere earned him the respect of his peers. Great General – Douglas Try as he might to retire from the military, Douglas received unending requests from Etruria to come back. Unable to refuse, he returned to the palace to lead the Etrurian Army once more. [spoiler=Ilia/Sacae/Bern arc] Mountain Hermit – Niime Niime returned to her secluded home in the mountains and continued her research. It was rumored she solved many of the world’s mysteries, but she left no records so none can know for sure. Winged Legend – Juno After returning to Edessa, Juno worked to reunite the pegasus knights. She was later asked to lead the pegasus knights again, but she declined and lived the rest of her days with Jerrot. Silver Wolf – Dayan Dayan built a new clan with the surviving members of the Kutolah. His efforts were not without hardship, but his leadership led the clan to greatness. Grand Preacher – Yoder Yoder continued to spread the faith of the St. Elimine Church. He eventually rose to the position of archbishop, but he never let his power blind him from those in need. Sword Saint – Karel Karel retired to a small village in the mountains of Bern and lived his life in peace. Although many swordsmen came to him for direction, he offered only small pieces of advice. With these done, and barring revisions to the script, my work on this thread is more or less complete. As always, feel free to comment on the content.
  14. All of the Support conversations are done! BUT... We’re not done yet! I bring you a bonus: the character endings! Compared to how it took over a month to record and double-check the Supports, getting all the endings written down took less than a day. So I thought, why the heck not? Enjoy both versions! In the first post, the Short Endings will be linked through Zephiel and the Long Endings will be linked through Idun in the choose-your-character section, while the alternate links in the Image-Unfriendly Link List will be grouped with Units 51-53. SHORT ENDINGS [spoiler=Lycia arc] Young Lion – Roy Worked to rebuild Pherae. Loyal Paladin – Marcus Retired and enjoyed his life. Fiery Knight – Allen Helped rebuild Pherae. Serene Knight – Lance Helped rebuild Pherae. Dutiful Archer – Wolt Helped rebuild Pherae. Iron Knight – Bors Worked to rebuild Ostia. Saint of Bern – Elen Worked to rebuild Bern. Scarred Tiger – Deke Continued his mercenary life. Sincere Axeman – Wade Helped develop the Western Isles. Quiet Axeman – Lot Returned home to live happily. Cheerful Flier – Shanna Returned home and was knighted. Lycian Wildcat – Chad Worked to help orphans. Pious Mage – Lugh Built a magic school for orphans. Willful Lady – Clarine Returned to Etruria. Surly Myrmidon – Rutger Disappeared without any trace or farewell. Amorous Priest – Saul Became a missionary. Pure Archer – Dorothy Returned to her old life. Nimble Deer – Sue Returned home. Knight King – Jerrot Helped rebuild Ilia. Sleepy Knight – Treck Continued his life as a mercenary. Free Knight – Noah Journeyed around the continent. Shadow of Ostia – Astore Disappeared without a trace. Elegant Lady – Lilina Worked to rebuild Ostia. Petite Knight – Wendy Lived as a knight of Ostia. Solid Knight – Barth Rebuilt the Ostian Army. Little Hero – Ogier Traveled as a mercenary. [spoiler=Western Isles arc] New Sword Saint – Fir Continued her training. Falcon of Sacae – Shin Joined his newly reformed clan. Gentle Bandit – Gonzales Returned to the Western Isles. Ocean King – Geese Reopened his trade routes. Silver Noble – Klain Became an Etrurian ambassador. Wind Rider – Tate Became the new Flightleader. Charming Dancer – Lalum Stayed a dancer. Idol of the West – Echidna Returned to the Western Isles. Truth Seeker – Elphin Vanished before anyone noticed. Wild Axefighter – Bartre Opened a small pub. Zealous Shaman – Raigh Traveled the world. Master Thief – Cath Traveled the world as a thief. [spoiler=Etruria arc] Crimson Rider – Milady Helped Guinivere rebuild Bern. Knight General – Perceval Rose to the top of Etruria’s military. Mage General – Cecilia Worked to rebuild Etruria. Nabata Prophet – Sophia Returned to Nabata. Desert Guardian – Igrene Returned to Nabata. Retired Outlaw – Garret Led a humble life. Divine Dragon – Fae Vanished without a trace. Traveling Mage – Hugh Continued his studies in magic. Ebony Lightning – Zeiss Helped Guinivere rebuild Bern. Great General – Douglas Retired and lived peacefully. [spoiler=Ilia/Sacae/Bern arc] Mountain Hermit – Niime Disappeared in the mountains. Winged Legend – Juno Continued to work as a pegasus knight. Silver Wolf – Dayan Reunited his former clan. Grand Preacher – Yoder Continued to spread the word of St. Elimine. Sword Saint – Karel Retired to a village in Bern.
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