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  1. Now for the text that everyone should see... Nice work on the project, AK! I eagerly await future installments.
  2. At its best and facepalm-iest.But I honestly like Awakening because of its gameplay (but yes, I admit that more objectives would have been nice), the sheer amount of content and customization, and most especially its Supports and how the characters grow on you. I mean, sure, some of the Support conversations can be oh-so wacky and madcap (Panne transforming to help Frederick conquer his fear of killer beasts comes to mind at the moment), but then you get moments like Lucina's sibling outright refusing to wield the Falchion because he/she would likely inherit it from Lucina just like how she inherited it...and, well, if you've seen that conversation, you know what I mean. I won't spoil any more than that. I'm a huge sucker for character development and interaction, and that's a big drawing point with this game for me. Maybe I'm a bit old-fashioned like that, because I'm sure a fair number of the new fans don't have the game for that reason. Or the old fans, for that matter. Oh well, to each his own.
  3. I'm of a mixed bag with the new fans, just like how they themselves are a mix of good and bad. At least Fire Emblem hasn't gotten to the point where the Tales fanbase is (at least...I HOPE it isn't). Seriously, I've seen comments about the HD re-release of the Tales of Symphonia duology stating that even though it's getting localized and getting dual audio (a CONSTANT demand, mind you), some people are saying they're still buying just the imported Japanese version. ...What. Is FE:A my favorite in the series? I really want to play the other games before I can truly, honestly claim my favorite. I DID have the GBA games at one point, but they mysteriously disappeared a few years ago (along with quite a few others right around the time my sister moved out...Hmmmm...) before I could finish them. Right now, though, yes, Awakening is my favorite. Tied with Path of Radiance, and with Radiant Dawn as a close second. I REALLY want to try the Jugdral saga (what with the DLC content, and that Paralogue 2 easter egg...sweet genius the original map is huge), but I keep hearing things about the available patches being very buggy or whatever. Of course, I might not be remembering that correctly. There are also plans to track down Shadow Dragon and give Heroes of Light and Shadow a shot in the future. But while all that is waiting in the wings, I can honestly say that Awakening should keep me occupied in the meantime.
  4. New Update! He now has all the teams currently released and ten characters each. Just figured I'd let you guys know, so if someone wants to lock the thread, they can.
  5. Well, he said he found and recruited Nephenee yesterday, so it looks like things are back on the right track, however winding it is...Guess he'll get one character a day until all of the RD alumni appear. Thanks for the help, everyone! If anything notable happens or if things take a turn for the worse (or downright strange), you can read it here in the future.
  6. New Update! I gave him the suggestion to summon Leo and the gang. And, now he says the game's "unable to receive new data" when he tries to update. Oh, well, some information is better than none. I WILL GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS.
  7. He says he only has up to FE10 for available teams. So, no, he does not have the FE3/12 teams. Come to think of it, I should have guessed this because if he did have FE3/12, he'd be talking about Katarina again.
  8. For some reason, all but four of the SpotPass teams from the Radiant Dawn set are missing from one of my friend's copy of FE:A. And yet, the other teams from the other games are all available. He tried the "Update Now" method, but no dice. Has this happened to anyone else, or is this an isolated incident? (He only has Leonardo, Brom, Sephiran, and the Black Knight appearing on the list, by the way.)
  9. Agh, this find may have thrown a wrench into my plans, but then again I'm sure "Woe be to the tactician who relies on plans surviving first blood on the battlefield" or something along those lines is one of the first things the various tactician characters of Fire Emblem were taught, way back in Tactician School. So I just gotta adapt and move on, or take a little longer to adapt and drive myself crazy...Either/or. Thanks, guys. Sorry for the trouble.
  10. I've tried both Casual and Classic, and got similar results. I wonder if I'm cursed...or I should go and do everything I can to make sure those bad encounters don't happen...AND CHANGE FATE. OH MY GOD, FIRE EMBLEM, YOU ARE DIABOLICAL.
  11. While playing (and getting trounced by misfortune), I noticed something potentially...disturbing. Somehow, when two units fight, the battle result doesn't seem to change, even when redoing a map. If you get hit by a certain unit on your second encounter with it, you seem to always get hit if the same conditions happen again. If your character gets four certain growths upon leveling up, your unit will keep getting those same four stats. And if an archer gets a stupid random critical on your Avatar, well...you get the picture. Perhaps it's just something I'm doing that's getting these bizarre results, and I should stop using the soft reset option. What do you guys think?
  12. Reading this thread reminded me of something. Last summer, I was in New York, and I stopped by the Nintendo World store (truly one of the most amazing stores I've ever been in), and found out they do early releases all the time, typically a day early. That's how I got my hands on Pokémon Conquest. With all these GameStop and Best Buy shenanigans, what's the Nintendo World store going to do? And why can't I have enough money saved up to go back there again?
  13. Just like how "blast" and "damn" seem to fight for screentime. So much war in this game!
  14. It's better than thinking of a certain dwarf every time you hear Gimle. IT FEELS SO WRONG--wait maybe that was the point...stupid fell dragon Also, yay for Cordelia! Cool name and VC reference FTW. And I would honestly be surprised if Walhart is indeed pronounced as it looks like. Considering the "Gregor is Russian" theory, German!Walhart would not be too much of a stretch. Real-world cultural diversity in my Fire Emblem? Can't say I'm not bored...guess I'll be on board.
  15. Yeah, it seems Dark Pegasus is the "loaded question" among Awakening's classes. No matter what you name it, you'll still get magic'd in the face because it'll think you called it fat. Feel free to kill me for the terrible joke...just make it painless.
  16. I'll get the cartridge, and then the bundle when I have enough. I live somewhere where the bundle should stay on the shelves for a while (a.k.a. a pretty small town but still enough people to warrant a Supercenter Plaza with a Gamestop), so I have some time to scrounge up $200. Because that 3DS is too awesome-lookin' for me to not pass up.
  17. Waiting for my Wizard's Edition of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch to arrive. Other than that, I'll probably do the same stuff I do every day: chat on Skype, play video games, and do required/necessary stuff.
  18. Maybe it's similar to how Cedric Drake (otherwise known as Number 25) from Valkyria Chronicles 3 states one of his reasons for fighting: If killing someone in a backalley makes you a murderer, killing tons of people on the battlefield makes you a hero. I know it sounds insane, but we're talking about a serial killer whose proclaimed purpose is to go against the law here. Maybe the same stigma is applying itself to Aversa. Just because she's made a fair number of her kills offscreen (using her feminine wiles to lure her targets into traps could be but ONE of her methods), some fans are turning their nose and cheering on the body count contest located wherever the Shepherds go. In other words, dat double standard.
  19. I hate to say this, but I think I'll go for Hard and Casual for my first playthrough, maybe making an extra Normal one just because. Why Hard/Casual? Well, while I have played Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn, my luck with the RNG is typically ATROCIOUS. The final chapters of Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance were pretty dang hairy experiences for me, because most of my units were quite underpowered due to near-constant 1-3 stat increases. And usually when I got anything more than that, then there was the usual random critical or dogpile attack that forced me to restart. It's like the games would troll me at every opportunity, and I got enough of that from my 9-days-0-deaths run of Pikmin. Radiant Dawn made things much less potentially terrifying with the Battle Save (that and it was totally cathartic to go, "HAHA, I REJECT YOUR PROPOSAL. NOW ROLL AGAIN" *resets* ), and Casual mode has a similar saving style. So, Hard for the challenge, Casual for the Bad Luck Buffer. Because I know I'll need it.
  20. Thanks for the welcomes, everyone. I appreciate it.
  21. Haha, knew it. ...Now I'm gonna expect the Avatar to start ranting about how people are making trading cards, keychains, dolls, and other merchandise out of his image. Why do I crave Avatar fruit snacks now...? A blessing and a curse...
  22. Finished playing through the demo for today, and I know I'm beating a dead horse, but I am definitely counting the days until this game comes out. I will say something about what I've noticed, though: I really don't think that's JYB voicing Male Avatar 1; sounds more like David Vincent to me. Why? The Avatar sounds like Richard from Tales of Graces f to my ears.
  23. copy/pasting the template because I'm lazy and tired right now Online name: DrPikachu (also go by DrPikachu64, Dr. Pikachu, Dr. P, etc.) DoB: 8/3/88 Favourite FE Game: Path of Radiance/Awakening (torn between the two right now) Other Favorite Series: Pretty much anything Nintendo has (grown up with it and Nintendo Power, so if you need specific series I like, ask), Valkyria Chronicles, Atelier, Ys, Trails in the Sky, Shin Megami Tensei (as a whole, but especially Persona and Devil Summoner sub-series), Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Tales series, to name several... Favourite FE Characters: Ike, Elincia, Jill Least Favourite game: First person shooters (couldn't quite get the handle of dual analog movement when it appeared, and while I have now, I'm still pretty much "meh" about it) Online friends: A group left over from the old Nintendo "Power On" forum days; most of us were part of this RP called the Yoshi Bodyguards, and while those days are over, we still talk on Skype and stuff. Favourite music: Game music/classical (more into melodies than lyrics) Country: United States MSN/Skype: [email protected] Hobbies: Playing video games, drawing, chatting with friends Good Point: Generally a funny, nice guy. I might not say much, though. Bad Point: Sometimes I get TOO quirky... Anything else? The first FE I got my hands on was a borrowed copy of PoR. I pretty much fell in love with it from the get-go and managed to beat it once before it had to go back. While I've been searching up and down for my own copy of the game that won't turn my wallet into a twinkling star in the sky, I got Radiant Dawn, and The Sacred Stones (been meaning to find FE7, and I can't bring myself to bother getting Shadow Dragon), and I'm SO eagerly waiting for Awakening to arrive. Here's to a fun time on the forums together.
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