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  1. If we're assuming there wouldn't be a change so that Astra can be used by mounted units, Ayra would actually justify the dismount option. Mobility vs. broken skill is an interesting tradeoff.
  2. Kaga wrote that the marks didn't necessarily appear at birth, it's possible it took so many years before Manfroy had proof that Julius was the one he wanted. Here's the interview where Kaga explained holy blood and markings https://serenesforest.net/general/designers-notes/holy-war/playing-guide/
  3. The history of the Loptr Emperors is itself kind of confusing. 17 emperors in 200 years does not sound like a direct line, since there's an average of 11 years between emperor. In that sort of scenario you'd expect succession among siblings, uncles, cousins etc. but no other bloodline produces major blood so regularly, without couples with the same holy blood having kids it's usually 1 heir per generation. So either some of the Emperors Galle weren't actual hosts, major Loptr blood is way more common than the others and can appear in multiple children unaided, or there was some sort of practice of royal incest that enabled multiple members of a generation to have major blood. Either way, I do wonder if some of them were actually empresses. After thinking about it, I think Suzuki was very sensible to cut the last Galle down from XVII to VII in the novel. Back to the topic at hand, I think it's possible that having 2 minor blood parents may make the firstborn guaranteed to have the major blood of that line. If so, Manfroy probably wasn't counting on Deirdre having twins and would've been much happier just getting Julius and letting the Heim blood die out. The heir being a boy is a more dubious matter, I can't imagine any way he could've foreseen, guaranteed, or planned for that. Though even assuming a female couldn't rule in her own right because reasons, ruling through her puppet husband wouldn't be a big deal for Manfroy any more than Julius being the shadow emperor towards the end of Arvis' reign was. Edit: post above me popped up while I was writing this. Only thing I have to add is that per Kaga, who inherits holy blood is generally random (hence the kings of Augusty not having any holy blood at all despite being the senior line from Hezul), so Seliph got Baldr blood and not Naga blood because he did. Note that Sylvia's eldest child Lene does not receive major holy blood if she marries Lewyn.
  4. I'm thinking maybe a way to balance bows would be for Close Counter to A) have higher requirements for learning than C in bows, and B) have reduced performance, like lowered power and accuracy, maybe 0 crit. So you can't just throw a strong bow to your tank and have them slaughter everything at all ranges on the enemy phase. By the same token, melee weapons with 1-2 range like javelins and hand axes should maybe have some limitations on what they do when thrown, though their weight and inaccuracy in some games can be fairly balancing as it is.
  5. If you're playing for rank, no. If you're playing for fun? If using super Wallace gives you pleasure, that's worth it. Edit: Saw this at he top and didn't realize it was a month old. This section's pretty dead. I imagine you've made up your mind already, so disregard.
  6. As a 9-year-old playing Pokemon Blue, I figured that once I got a Master Ball I could buy them in stores, so I used it on a random Machoke in Victory Road. That was also the playthrough where I beat all 3 legendary birds instead of catching them, not knowing that it was a 1 shot deal.
  7. You'd be able to cover the map faster, so the recruitment conditions for Karel rather than Harken might be a bit easier. I can even see Harken requiring a bit of slowing down and dawdling to recruit, but it'd take playtesting to know for sure.
  8. So, I've been using Ohana3DS to check out different weapon models, just to see them up close. I discovered something I haven't seen anybody talk about - there's models for the last two Chinese Zodiac scrolls, Dog and Boar (or Pig, but the model seems to have tusks...). The files are wep_mg037B.bch.lz and wep_mg038B.bch.lz and they look pretty complete. Attached are the weapon textures (never mind the weird transparency, apparently the game uses that to represent specularity). But what's a spell without animations, right? Well, in the effect folder I found them - Crs_12_Inu.arc.lz and Crs_13_Inoshishi.arc.lz . I found a tool to extract them, and they look about as complete as other spell models, so they might just work. I also discovered models of the Mire and Grima's Truth tomes, still in Awakening style. I imagine they were going to be overwritten with more dark spells, but that was cut. ...And that's where I hit a roadblock. I'm not really into ROM hacking so I have no idea how to get these lost spells available to work. I'm guessing they don't have stats, so somebody would have to make them up and insert them or something. I hope this sparks the interest of somebody more competent than me, I'd love to see if these unused animations can be re-implemented.
  9. This actually works fine, because Nino can't die, just retreat,. This is true for most characters who are important to FE6's plot, though I think Rebecca gets permadeath despite being Wolt's mother.
  10. I'm still inclined to think that Trump is an impulsive idiot, but he's rich enough that his various...let's call them consiglieres, because he really does act like a mafioso a lot of the time...can craft these schemes and do the dirty work. We've seen it with Cohen, with his campaign, and even with Giuliani (though his competence is dubious, especially after he's had a few...) Trump has what I've seen George R. R. Martin call a "low cunning," but he's ultimately a Joffrey surrounded by Varyses and Littlefingers.
  11. Project Naga has a really nice translation. I know the translator isn't 100% satisfied with it and has some revisions planned, but it definitely has more care put into accuracy and characterization. The Gharnef patch is more or less a continuation of a series of patches that started somewhere around 2000, but the translation has a lot of liberties and oddities and most of the editors in the last decade, who didn't actually speak Japanese, left the script as-is with a few changes. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the work everybody put into the J2E/Twilkitri/Gharnef patch, it let an entire generation of FE fans enjoy Genealogy, but at this point I think its only value is historical.
  12. Graphically I can live with what we got, but gameplay-wise I feel that even though Radiant Dawn is possibly the biggest FE game, it actually needs some expansion to give the non-Ike factions more room to level up. Plus some proper supports to flesh out the new cast.
  13. https://www.imore.com/how-fix-controller-drift-your-joy-cons I have some drift too, try this. I've had to do it a few times, but it absolutely helps. I am a bit miffed that Nintendo, formerly known for their insanely resilient products, has allowed this to happen because the inside of the analogue stick is covered by a rather flimsy rubber ring. I don't know what possible advantage the design brings that could balance out the bloody nuisance of it, especially for people with me who live in a house with ambient cat hair.
  14. I read the title as "Walhart". I was extremely confused.
  15. The Dragon's Gate doesn't lead to Arcadia, that's the village in Nabata. It leads to an unnamed realm where there's some humans. It could be Fateslandia if the Elibean dragons migrate there post-Fates, but the thriving dragon civilization Nils describes doesn't mesh well with Fates' backstory, in which there seem to be twelve and only twelve dragons of note throughout the land. I tend to favor the Elibean dragons settling in an otherwise unexplored world, but if it is somewhere we've seen in other games I'd say that the best fit is prehistoric Archanea.
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