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  1. Project Naga has a really nice translation. I know the translator isn't 100% satisfied with it and has some revisions planned, but it definitely has more care put into accuracy and characterization. The Gharnef patch is more or less a continuation of a series of patches that started somewhere around 2000, but the translation has a lot of liberties and oddities and most of the editors in the last decade, who didn't actually speak Japanese, left the script as-is with a few changes. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the work everybody put into the J2E/Twilkitri/Gharnef patch, it let an entire generation of FE fans enjoy Genealogy, but at this point I think its only value is historical.
  2. Graphically I can live with what we got, but gameplay-wise I feel that even though Radiant Dawn is possibly the biggest FE game, it actually needs some expansion to give the non-Ike factions more room to level up. Plus some proper supports to flesh out the new cast.
  3. https://www.imore.com/how-fix-controller-drift-your-joy-cons I have some drift too, try this. I've had to do it a few times, but it absolutely helps. I am a bit miffed that Nintendo, formerly known for their insanely resilient products, has allowed this to happen because the inside of the analogue stick is covered by a rather flimsy rubber ring. I don't know what possible advantage the design brings that could balance out the bloody nuisance of it, especially for people with me who live in a house with ambient cat hair.
  4. I read the title as "Walhart". I was extremely confused.
  5. The Dragon's Gate doesn't lead to Arcadia, that's the village in Nabata. It leads to an unnamed realm where there's some humans. It could be Fateslandia if the Elibean dragons migrate there post-Fates, but the thriving dragon civilization Nils describes doesn't mesh well with Fates' backstory, in which there seem to be twelve and only twelve dragons of note throughout the land. I tend to favor the Elibean dragons settling in an otherwise unexplored world, but if it is somewhere we've seen in other games I'd say that the best fit is prehistoric Archanea.
  6. Dismounting sucks a lot, one obvious solution (as mentioned) is removing the weapon lock. I think Radiant Dawn may have solved the problem, though - giving a movement penalty to mounted units. Maybe also disable canto indoors and make it impossible to fly over indoor walls. Of course, this would come at a cost - re-working maps so that the enemy also has mounted/flying units indoors.
  7. I look at it as inheriting a family business - that's pretty normal in our world, and in a setting where lineage is everything (except for the various Laguz tribes with meritocracy) it makes sense. Ike had good advice and grew as a leader, but what sold it for me was having two members leave for a time. Most of the time in FE everybody falls over themselves to follow the lordling in question, so having a few seasoned warriors decide that being employed by a teenager wasn't in their best interest was refreshingly realistic.
  8. I...don't think he actually is? He and Gerik go back a ways, but in their support Gerik specifically says "Imagine! You and me fighting together. Life's full of surprises, isn't it?" I don't think he's part of the mercenaries, just an ally.
  9. I pronounce it "Throatwarbler Mangrove", but Doe-lur is probably what's intended. I feel like Shadow Dragon (especially the US version) was the extreme of localized FE's "make it sound exotic" tendency.
  10. Just gonna mention that the recipe for Grima is more or less how the alchemist Paracelsus described the creation of a homunculus, less the dragon's blood. This also leaves no doubt as to which human fluid was used.
  11. I don't know if there's any official word. I think that Rath and Lyn's paired ending, which states that they returned to Sacae and had a daughter pretty strongly implies that it's Sue.
  12. I have two out-of-universe theories: 1) Lester was designed as a son/nephew of Lex and repurposed. 2) The designers decided there were way too many blond Gen 2 characters. In-universe, either one of Edain's parents had blue hair (maybe her mother, since Ullir was blonde) had blue hair, or Edain/Midir is canon and somehow in FE hair green + yellow = blue.
  13. That one I've wondered about (thought it may be a case of support writers and graphics designers doing different things). Of course, in that game Tiki looks like Nowi's type of dragon (presumably to avoid programming different models) and breaths what appear to be big hunks of ice too. My guess is that certain types of dragons can breath whatever the heck they want.
  14. Just want to point a few things out: Tiki's appearance and breath change drastically between Books 1 and 2 of Mystery. There's no apparent reason for this in the story or the game, but since it took extra effort to program it must be intentional. In Binding Blade (post-Kaga, to be fair) we learn that a Divine Dragon can be corrupted into a Demon Dragon, with a pretty drastic cosmetic change. My conclusions from this are that Divine Dragons have always canonically had more versatile powers than just light, and also that Duma's one-eyed form may not reflect his original body. In the very game where a lot of FE's overarching tropes and lore were solidified we see a Divine Dragon go from a silver ice-breather to a fluffy mist-breather in the span of a few years. All while keeping Gharnef's FE1 line telling her to burn all intruders. Who knows what a degenerate Tiki would have looked like and been capable of? I don't know if Duma and Mila being Divine Dragons was an unspoken part of Gaiden's original lore or a retcon, and unless Kaga improbably chimes in odds are we'll never know. But based on the evidence in Mystery and the post-Kaga FE series, I don't think it's a big stretch.
  15. The old patch went through a few hands, and I don't think it was so much a matter of "let's not finish the ending" as "we can't figure out how to get the ending to work!" I suggest the new translation patch. Project Naga translated the whole script from scratch, fixing errors that were made before the modern Western FE fandom existed, including a drastic mistake with Arden's characterization (in Japanese he's apparently whiny, not an idiot caveman). In all honesty the only reason to stick with the old translation is if you're extremely allergic to localized names.
  16. At least it goes farther than the Shadow Dragon manga. I get the feeling that the authors add so much to the plot development that they end up cutting out the end when it comes to light that nobody wants to serialize a manga based on a 5 year old game.
  17. The financially minded among us would do well to invest in Kleenex: I have a hunch their stock's gonna go up when the next chapter is out. Credit to Oosawa for staging it so that the Sigurd/Dierdre meeting is even more heartbreaking, not to mention giving Azel a light at the end of the tunnel...and then revealing it to be across a large body of water. Ouch.
  18. You know, based on the design notes, I think manga Trabant is closer to Kaga's intentions than what we saw at the game. O-sawa has an amazing ability to take already sad moments in the game and just make them absolutely heartbreaking. I think we're in for a hell of a ride.
  19. The FE3 patch is totally playable and understandable. I don't know if the script is as polished as it could be, but as far as I can tell without being able to read the original Japanese it conveys everything well enough. The entire game script used in the patch is on the main SF site, you can check it out and see what you think. As for FE4, honestly at this point I'd hold off and wait for Project Naga. I don't know how long they're going to take, but what they're offering looks a lot better than what we have and I think that your patience will be rewarded in the long run. The J2E Renegade/Twilkitri patch that's currently out is okay (we've all been living with it for a long time now), but I gather that the original translation wasn't complete and most of the revisions were more about fixing technical problems rather than improving the translation.
  20. Gotta love how Oosawa worked a gameplay element into a story like that. There's only so much you can do that in the narrative before it just gets ridiculous (imagine if Ira said "I have a Brave Sword, so I can hit you twice!" - it'd just seem stupid) but it was integrated very nicely.
  21. That's interesting. I'm into weapon art and that kind of stuff, are there scans of those pages available somewhere?
  22. This is news to me! I shouldn't be surprised, I know that translating a text-heavy NES game is like trying to put corset on a hippopotamus. What kind of stuff was cut? Good luck with the patch! The font's gonna take a bit of getting used to, but I think it's aesthetically more pleasing. The NES FE games are like old gems, any polish you can give them really helps.
  23. It's not so much that the characters were very good or the lost chapters were pivotal (though it sucks that FE3 cut the first ever dragon boss), but it feels to me like the experience isn't complete without them. Plus, if a person's only exposure to the story was Book 1 the references to Jake and Anna in FE4 and FE7 still don't come across the way they should. Also, I hate dismounting indoors with a passion. Might seem like a petty complaint, but it's easily one of my least favorite mechanics in the series. Though the weapon level system means it's not as annoying in 3 as in 5.
  24. The NES version has the distinction of being the first non-localized FE I played, mere months after FE7 came out. The learning curve isn't as hard as you might think, though of course in those days I didn't really have a functional patch, so it was all trial and error with a little help from the RPG Classics page (no Serenes Forest - it didn't exist yet!) The comparison to the original Zelda is really good - it's so retro that at first glance it seems like a fossil, but when you actually play it and think of the context at the time you really go "wow, this was groundbreaking!" Plus it can be fun to enjoy the retrospective oddities like 2-range Ballisticians and Generals who don't promote from Knights! As a remake it's not bad, I think the problem might be that it couldn't make up its mind about how upgraded it was going to be. We got the weapon triangle and other mainstays of modern Fire Emblem, but at the same time the graphics were almost a step backward from previous games because characters only had hair palettes; this made them seem less individual. The reason for this is pretty clear (reclass), though why the sprites didn't have faces instead of fleshy blocks is beyond me - on the SNES it made sense enough, but if the GBA games could give characters eyes I don't see why the DS team couldn't. Plus, I think fans used to the decent-to-great characterization of more recent games were put off by the fact that the big cast got almost no extra characterization. Some people would use a mediocre character if they liked their personality, but so many of the troops just don't have one to begin with (FE12 improved this a bit with base conversations). Plus, I don't think I've ever seen anybody defend how the gaiden chapters and extra characters were handled. I know I'm not going to. With that being said, it's still a pretty solid game play experience: I just finished my second playthrough. I don't know whether I'd recommend a newcomer the NES or DS version, honestly - the latter is much more in tune with the series as it is now, but losing the retro charm makes its differences more noticeable. As for FE3 Book 1, in all honesty the DS version improved everything it did without cutting the content to make room for a second game, so in a way it's kind of the black sheep of the Shadow Dragon family now.
  25. Ack, I'm so sorry about that. I think part of my confusion was that I just got back to the manga after a long hiatus, and I had files from the previous translator and your team in the same Chapter 6 folder, so between that and the one time mix-up with chapter 43 everything looked more mixed up than it really was. Now that I see what's what, it's clear that your file scheme is perfectly consistent. I'm sorry I didn't delve deeper into the issue before opening my mouth. I totally get how hard scanlation projects are, and I've been really impressed the quality of the current translation. As an aside, if your team ever needs an additional proofreader to take off some of the load, hit me up - I know nothing about Japanese, but on the English side I'm really solid for a non-professional and have a stupid amount of time on my hands. Now I'm left wondering if I'm going to end up feeling a tiny bit of empathy for Langobalt. I already had more feels for Andre than seemed possible (seriously, the guy got one of the actually decent fathers in the story and shot him anyway!), so let's see how it goes.
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