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  1. I'd just say let this death be a freebie and try Invasion 2 again. Invasion 2 & 3 are terribly designed chapters all around, the enemies possess scary staves and are very inconsistent & unpredictable with their actions.
  2. Hi I'm the Nephenee. I recently got back into my Conquest Lunatic playthrough and I'm kinda stuck on Chapter 21, so I removed almost every building in hope that more people will be able to get a +4 boost for the next battle. It's a slow process but it works.
  3. Crap, I was given Paladin Percy from a reddit thread I made last night & I forgot to update this topic. Could you pick someone else? Sorry about that.
  4. I'm now allowing people who have already chosen a unit to choose another. I'll probably be advertising this topic on other places to get started in a more timely fashion.
  5. Going to need to know if Corrin is going to start as an Archer or a Sky Knight And if no one chooses a battle/visit reward I'll just choose a weapon that the picked character can use
  6. I'm getting paranoid that when Nintendo launches their paid online plan that the 3DS online functions will be shutting down soon so I want to do as many of these as I can. Rules: -Corrin, 9 first gen characters and 5 children will be used. -Children can be picked regardless if the parents are a picked unit. -A single boss and a single generic unit may be captured and used, try to pick something neat if you pick a generic. The cutoff for picking ends after chapter 18, chapter 22 if Niles is picked. -The avatar's bane/boon or class can be picked alongside a unit pick. -A single Dread Fighter, Dark Falcon, Lodestar, Vanguard, Great Lord, Grandmaster, Witch/Ballistician and Anna are available. -If Jakob/Felicia is chosen before Corrin is made, then Corrin's gender will automatically be chosen alongside whichever unit I got. -Each pick must be accompanied with choosing a single battle/visit reward. Anything that isn't the Battle or Visit Seal is available. Self-imposed rules: -Units who need a unit to change class from a character I haven't obtained yet will be in their default class until then. -Units must either switch to their chosen class on the map they're obtained or before the next chapter. -Children must be obtained as soon as I have both of their parents, or at the very latest a story chapter later. -Every unit is allowed to be used until I've completed Chapter 10. -Unpicked but forced units can be used, but only as pair-up fodder Banned classes/parents that I got too many times: Classes: Xander!MasterNinja Sophie!BowKnight Anna!Adventurer Forrest!Sorcerer Percy!Berserker Selena!GreatLord Pairings for children: Forrest!Nyx Units: 1. CorrinM!KinshiKnight (+Atk -Res) (Nyx) 2. Nyx!Adventurer - Arthur's Axe 3. Arthur!Vanguard 4. Odin!DarkKnight 5. Felicia!DarkFlyer - Bolt Naginata 6. Gunter!GreatKnight - Brave Lance 7. Camilla!WyvernLord - Dual Club 8. Peri!Berserker (Arthur) - Berserker's Axe 9. Chapter 11 Samurai w/Lunge, Armored Blow, & Duelist's Blow- Nohrian Blade 10.Shura!BowKnight - Bold Naginata Children: 1. Ophelia!MaligKnight(Camilla) - Goddess Icon 2. Sophie!GreatKnight (Charlotte) 3. Nina!Maid (Elise) - Felicia's Plate 4. Percy!Paladin (Peri) 5. Velouria!General (Effie) - Effie's Lance
  7. I noticed on this forum that topics that receive posts after a long period of time, no matter how relevant or how much they add to the topic, are immediately closed. Why? There was a topic on the General Fire Emblem section recently about best/worst RNG units that received a few new posts and it was closed for pretty much no reason. Sorry in advance if this isn't the right place to ask this question.
  8. He was able to dodge tank almost half of the units in chapter 21 and never got hit a single time, even when not on a forest tile. The only rigging I ever did was getting luck for his last level so he could max it.
  9. All of the people who boast about how they're going to kill Ashnard in their pre-battle quotes with him, yet only three people at maximum can actually damage Ashnard.
  10. I don't really like posting updates, but considering this will probably be the most challenging playthrough so far so I thought I'd at least provide something. And Corrin is named Turner. Chapter 1-6 Got Turner to level 10 for Dragon Fang by feeding him almost every kill like I always do. His promising 12 strength got shot down all the way to 7 on class changing, at least I'm getting a Shining Bow later. Chapter 7 The first three turns were troublesome, Felicia couldn't one round anything and Turner had no enemy phase. Huddled everyone to the bottom of the map and had Effie paired up with Silas to block everyone except the bottom units. Taking out the boss wasn't too scary, he couldn't one-shot anyone on Enemy Phase. Paralouge 1 This was annoying to do without a healer, had to get everyone vulnearies which killed my already little funds. Paired up Mozu with Effie to speed up the support grinding and got Felicia D rank Tomes for the Horse Spirit. Chapter 8 I had to get Arthur S-rank with Elise and make him a Trobadour, I don't think I could do this map without a healer. Would've liked too been able to freeze the first Lancer from getting the first village but that required D-Staves. Was able to take out that village regardless surprisingly easily, the enemies didn't go after Felicia for some reason. I was able to visit three villages once Felicia got Warp, luckily you can still use it when frozen. Chapter 9 Had Felicia warp to Azura to take out some of the problematic Spear Fighters, then warped both of them back once they were taken care of. Rushed the bottom-middle part so I could be in an ideal position when the reinforcements came. It took a long time getting Haitaka down to the point where I could capture him. Invasion 1 All of the buildings gave me enough of a boost to take out everyone easily and no one was at any risk. That's about it really... Chapter 10 I was actually able to do this first try. Haitaka and Elise had good enough defence to hold the middle until Camilla arrived. Silas & Niles were able to take out all the archers on the right. Also got all of the houses easily. Paralouge 22 Most went to the center to stop Nina and capture the Knight, Camilla & Selena went to the left to get the Shining Bow. Doing this Chapter early is much easier, the Outlaws aren't promoted so you can catch up to them easier. Stats: Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Turner Outlaw 13.31 24 8 7 13 16 9 8 10 Felicia Witch 33.99 23 2 21 15 17 19 6 15+2 Elise Knight 12.51 26 11 12 5 14 18 13+2 10+2 Silas Mercenary 13.03 24 14 0 18 15 11 13 7 Effie Archer 13.86 23 16 0 12+2 11 14 11+2 6 Haitaka Spear Fighter 13.54 33 16 0 19 15 7 13 6 Camilla Dark Falcon 21.14 29 16+2 12 14 23 16 13 18 Selena Great Lord 11.65 25 16 5 13 19 13 13 9 Gerald Knight 12.00 30 15 0 11 7 6 16 5 Nina Diviner 10.00 20 8 9 11 13 12 5 13 Having five lance users isn't doing my funds any favors at this point. I've been doing a lot of Spotpass battles in hopes that one of my people give me something I can use.
  11. One last thing before I start this, I need a name and appearence for this lucky lad.
  12. As much as I'd like a Master Ninja, Kaze is already married to Mozu.
  13. Come on everybody, I just need one more adult and then I can start this probably tomorrow.
  14. At this point I am allowing people who have already picked a unit & item to do so again. I have also made the executive decision to have Corrin be male, considering I'm getting Felicia. Also, the visit/battle item doesn't necessarily have to tie in with whatever unit you chose, it could be a helpful item for another character or even some sort of stat booster.
  15. Alright, I need a bit of elaboration on some of these choices, so bear with me Going to need a parent for both of these. In the case of Forrest, Nyx is already married to Niles. Kagero is not available in Conquest Tell you what I'll do, if someone chooses Niles I'll go with the first option considering I doubt he'll be strong enough to capture that General, otherwise I'll go with the second choice.
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