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  1. have you involve yourself in this madness thing people call "gacha for SSR stuff"? nope, does it taste great?
  2. every *5 lancers basically already damn salty even there are someone spent like 5k bucks for the damn scath gilgamesh just damn broken with his babylon shit & anti-servant NP. he rekts lots and lots of shit in this valentine event =A=
  3. money my ass since when an ingame material of free summoning ticket is as equal as hundreds of dollars boozed away for something that can be tossed away in few weeks ugh so much for the love and the hate just for this goddamn game.
  4. shadow dragon: 60/100 FE2: 70/100 New mystery: 83/100 Genealogy: 92/100 Thracia: 90/100 Sealed sword: 72/100 Blazing sword: 80/100 path of radiance: 85/100 Radiant dawn: PERFECT 100 awakening: 95/100 Conquest: 93/100 birth right: 90/100 3rd route: 70/100
  5. the weirdest dream? i dunno, lately i can't differ which is dream and not. i dreamt of being shot in the head. the body itself stops functioning, the body can't move, heck my eyes itself can't shut out. can't move the damn lips either, in fact, anything. just laying down like cold corpse. But my mind is still totally clear in the head. What normally could be called paralysis ended up being a corpse, dead brain but the awareness/soul still resides after all its a goddamn dream. not that it's possible in actuality. if people get head shot, the brain are beyond repair, the human is considered dead outside. but it actually take minutes before the brain actually died from oxygen exhaustion or so i heard. the same goes to decapitated people maybe? now that i think about it, is it possible to suddenly entered sleep-paralysis state while dreaming at the same time
  6. visual art & music, they are what triggers the chemicals in brain that make me strive to move toward what is beautiful and masterpiece. Its quiet simple but brutally effective. science, especially in computer science and physics. So many things are still left undiscovered yet hundreds, thousands, millions of scientist are digging out those uncovered stuffs as we are speaking right now. human in actuality, the more you aware that everyday people are engaging their life problems, struggles, passion, cravings in daily basis. the more you left to wonder if you would be left behind by the advent of the incoming rapid progress of changes every hour, minute, second. that being said, i still slept over 10 hours a day in my college days
  7. anybody had the boner blessed enough to get bryn & nero bride in FGO?
  8. i thought losing to BK on PoR is nothing but to prove how suck your ike was i mean its totally manageable with 26 str for fuck sake
  9. accidentally removed you puku, add me back please.

  10. how to relate in this world

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