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  1. spent over half a decade strolling from fandoms to fandoms, mostly notorious mobage stuff in facebook. Ingrid circumstances + Timeskip DImitri vibes totally sold me. Even more she had lioness word everywhere on her title. i want her grand so badly, but i didn't get her ended up wasting my spark to the point i cant spark till end of august ;-;
  2. besides the datamine that uncovers the unused scenario of annie and felix defecting at chapter 18 in BL based on certain action, was there ever another discovery of situation like these? (students defecting in other route) vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4Yi3Zo1KtE
  3. tbh, i don't know much about him besides, guy had a really memorable fail in his Conquest playthrough's endgame 4 years ago wish he would respond quickly, right now the sparks are turning to flames in the comment section of his vids. edit: he actually just posted his response, reading atm edit2: ok, he did cross the line there. I just hope he doesn't pull another bojack. for now.. ....it's 4 am right now.
  4. people come and go, i used to hang around the forest back in 2013-2014. came back around to see how the forest fare, i'd say..neat.
  5. sooo anybody's waiting for mangs's response to the current allegations?
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