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  1. Ha! My grandma had a cat named Sylvester (Looney Toons!). It scratched my arm up when I was like 6. I decked it in the face. Vengence is sweet. Later in life I became allergic to cats. Not deathly allergic, just itchy eyes, sniffly nose allergic. I heard a story about a guy who lost his hand from an infection from a cat bite. Apparently cat's can harbor lots of sick bacteria in their mouths. Then again maybe he just didn't treat the bite properly. I'm blaming the cat anyway because fuck cats (figuratively). There's only one cat I'll trust and that's my dad's cat. He's the chillest cat ever and is named Winston so it's hard to hate him based on his name alone.
  2. I freakin' love this music. So bad ass. Make sure to turn the volume up or else it just doesn't do it justice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngUfhhoRh84
  3. I wanna high five the hell out of you for making me laugh so hard. When I was in kindergarten my parents bought me Sonic the Hedgehog underwear. I was so excited that in the lunch room, which was full of people, I yelled out to my teacher and pulled my pants down to show her the glory of my amazing underpants. I was a unique child.
  4. The officer who was there at my first (and only) car accident was named Richard Sack. He was a nice guy. But I guess we're talking about first names only. I have a little cousin named Remington. Remmy for short. Kid's freakin' adorable. Has a little brother named Jaxon. Also adorable.
  5. Finished the game a few days back. I enjoyed the endings and how they left it open for a sequel. It was fun but after all the tedium that was ch. 5-7 I don't see myself playing it again. What I said on the last page still stands, overall I'm kinda disappointed with the game. I just really wanted this game to be more than it was.
  6. No worries. I don't get offended too easily. Besides that last pet peeve I talked about is way more irrational than yours. =P
  7. Long hair that gets everywheeeeeerererdhjblk;rg I decided to smash my keyboard to show how fucking annoyed I get over this. My mother and sister are the worst for this. Shit ends up in my clothes, my bed, the shower, the sink, all over the FRAKING floor. D= I do that sometimes. I usually try to emulate my "accent" I guess you could call it. Like in real life I never say going. It's always "goin'". I also say things like "enethin'" instead of anything, and I'll remove the s from the word doesn't, though I don't usually go that far when typing/ writing. ... That makes it sound like I have a southern accent but I assure you I don't. I live in south-eastern Indiana and I, like most others here, have a pretty regionally androgenous accent. OH! That reminds me. Another pet peeve of mine is Brittish accents for flavored water commercials. I honestly couldn't tell you why that annoys me but it does. Kinda asinine when you think about it.
  8. I live in southeast Indiana, pretty much where Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana meet and it's been the coldest, most snowinest winter in years. Heck, One day it wasn't even snow, it was straight ice. 6 inch deep, so frozen walking on top won't dent it ice. Ice is the sucky one. Snow on the other hand is great. It's just so pure and beautiful. Anyone made snow ice cream this year? Eyedid. =D
  9. Agent Francis York Morgan. Just call him York. Everyone calls him that. from that one game no one knows about.
  10. One good gameboy song deserves another
  11. Right, so I'm in Ch.7 and so far I've really mixed opinions on this game. I guess I'll just kinda list how my feelings changed in chronological order Through most of the beggining chapters I found the plot pretty uninteresting. Everytime a cutscene happened I just wanted it to be done so I could go get more jobs and learn skills (which, btw, is the best part of the game). Around Ch. 3 (I think) I started to become more interested in what was happening plot wise. The character's started to interest me more, though most of the interesting developement was from the villians. At this point I turned off the voices because damn... Tiz's sucks, Agnes' is headache inducing awful at times, and Ringabel's is only passable. Edea's is okay though. Ch.5 spoilers ahead Ch. 6 Spoilers ahoy Ch. 7 spoilers derp So I guess my opinion of the game so far is that it's kinda dissappointing. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game. The battle and job systems are great fun and the story is alright 'til you get to Ch.5. I just feel like all the pointless padding from Ch.5 - Ch. 7 shouldn't have been there. They could've done so much more with those chapters to make them feel like a new twist on familiar territory but it just comes off lazy. That's what's so annoying about this game. There's so many great ideas about it that should make it an amazing game, but the poor design choices of the second half just weigh it down so much that it's only "good". TLDR Version: It's good but meaningless repitition and padding in the second half weighs it down a lot and the game doesn't live up to its potential. but that's just my opinion. I still have to finish the rest of Ch. 7 and onward (which is close to the end).
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