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  1. I know, it's ridiculous. I guess it's offset by the fact that my Ephraim is unusually bad this time through... But still :) Also oddly enough, she has had horrific level ups the past three times. I guess just an insanely lucky first fifteen level ups...? Edit: Added this picture
  2. I've played through Sacred Stones near about 30 times, LOL. And this literally must be the best i've ever seen her stats before promotion. Mainly becuase she actually has some strength and defense for once :) Eirika Class- Lord (Unpromoted) Level 18 HP 31 STR 16 SKL 17 SPD 19 LCK 13 DEF 13 RES 7 How's she looking right now to you??? Ever had better??? Edited because I put the stats in wrong the first time, LOL
  3. So, I was curious about something. Just wanted to make sure... I know that Juno and Zealots have to be recruited and alive to go to chapter 20x(A)... But do Thany and Tate have to be alive as well to advance from chapter 20(A) to chapter 20x(A)??? "The Spear Of Ice" as the chapter is also know as. Thanks :)
  4. So, I was expecting an easy little walk in the park. I load up the Class Editor module for Fire Emblem 6. I scroll down. But I hit a road block, and realize that there's not any little tabs allowing you to edit the promotion bonus's. (I expected to see them there. Because I've done this before for FE 8) So... How would I go about editing the promotion bonuses' for FE 6? Thanks :)
  5. So I have fire emblem 7 nailed down. In terms of making custom maps for it, and inserting them. But... I'm trying for Fire Emblem sacred stones now... I go to the chapter data editor module in nightmare. And the lay-out is different than FE 7. not counting the chapter number pointer at the top. It goes like this for the drop-down selectors. Object Type, Palette, Tile Configuration, Map, Tile Animation 1, Tile Animation 2, Triggerable Map Changes. So I have the code for the tiled map... but I'm not sure which numbers go where...? So how would I go about putting the right settings there...?. Would the first set of two be the object type, the second set the palette, the third set the tile configuration, and the fourth set Tile Animation 1...? Right...? Thanks in advance :)
  6. Nightmare 2 works perfectly :) Thanks :)
  7. For the past month nightmare has been screwy. Whenever I load it up it says "An unamed file was not found" And won't let me load up any modules...I've re-downloaded nightmare, used clean roms... nothing works... :( Someone, help please... this has postponed all my hacking... :(
  8. Oooops.... Stupid me... Well anyways, thanks :)
  9. I'm trying to use GBAGE for FE 6. And everything is fine when I go in to edit the weapon icons. But when I go in to edit the map sprites for the classes. The palette goes crazy on me??? After editing FE 8 with GBAGE. I know that you need a different palette offset for when editing map sprites. As opposed to weapon icons. So, anybody know the palette offset for when editing the various map sprites for FE 6??? Thanks :)
  10. You should not upgrade your FP at all, and HP only up to 25. Then Badge points ALL, the rest of your upgrades. It's fun to try to beat a play through with only BP and HP up to 25 (Of course use the badge that give 5+ in HP and the one that gives 5+ in FP) Challenging and both fun. I've managed my way all the way to Keelhaul Key so far doing the game like this :) Of course the Shadow Queen's going to kill me within the first 10 rounds if I ever get that far, but still :)...
  11. Thanks a TON! :) I'll get started on looking into it :)
  12. Yah, because someone with a bow or magic is going to beat someone armed with an auto . Well, anyways, would you rather be armed with a bow or an automatic gun??? (I thought so) By the time a mage or whatever could even even get a spell launching at the enemy second of all. They'd all ready be filled with QUITE, a few holes. And then, which would you rather have, 50 Snipers and 50 Sages at the same time. Or 50 soldiers armed with auto's. The auto's would LITERALLY, stuff just about every enemy before they could launch an attack. So yes, it is a viable argument. It's either, pull out an arrow from your quiver, aim and shoot. Or shoot your auto immediately. Take your time with your spell, or launch immediately. If you had to face one enemy, I'm pretty sure anyone who thinks with any sort of logic PROOOOOOOBABLY, wouldn't pick a bow THAT'S for sure, or even Magic, before they'd pick anything automatic (and anyone who says they'd take the first two are LIARS, that's for sure.).
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