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  1. Arton couldn't sleep for some odd reason. Maybe it was because of the variety of the group or maybe he was excited about getting into another brawl. He pondered this as he lay on his back and looked up at the stars. After a while of stargazing he shifted from his back to his side and put his arm under his head as a pillow of sorts. That was when he noticed the Necromancer, who seemed to be sound asleep. 'For a Necromancer he seems like a nice enough guy,' Arton thought to himself. 'I guess ma was right when she said not to judge a book by it's cover.' And with that Arton finally dozed off. (Sorry about the late-ish post. Computer problems why).
  2. Arton watched Silas walk into the woods until he was sight. Once he was sure Silas was out of sight he stood up and dug through the bags attached to the mule. "I don't know 'bout you," Arton said to Flin, "but I'm starvin'." Taking the pot he placed it over the fire before briefly disappearing into the woods. About a moment later he came back with a container of sorts filled with water and proceeded to pour it into the pot. Quickly, he placed the meat (and a few herbs he kept on him for such occassions) into the pot and began to wait. As he waited he noticed that Flin was kinda... staring at him. Or it looked like that at least. You could never be too sure with those Necromancer types. "W-What?" Arton asked. "I got somethin' on my face?"
  3. "Yeah, I suppose I could take his stuff," Arton said with smirk. "I wouldn't dream of actually taking it for keeps though it's practically junk. Although I'll have to knock him out first. After all, he may be drunk but if he got lucky he could still stab me. You guys okay with that?" he asked. Arton paused as looked at the mist waiting for a reply. Surprisingly he could actually see the man inside quite well considering he was surrounded by, well, darkness. He mock sighed when he didn't receive a yes or no. It's not like he wouldn't have knocked the guy out anyway. "Well if that's all you have to say..." he said in a joking tone before he ran at the cloud of darkness. He made sure he was behind the man when he entered the cloud and delivered a swift blow to the back of the man's head which caused the drunk man to collapse. "Ouch," Arton said as he shook the hand he'd punched the drunk with before he went for the man's belongings. "Finder's keepers," Arton said in a sing song voice as he disarmed the man, effectively sliding the items out of the cloud as he did so for the others to hide or steal for themselves; he didn't really care. When he searched the man's pocket he came across a piece of paper and stowed it in his own pocket. It wasn't like he'd be able to see it in the cloud of darkness anyway. With his small (and rather disappointing) act of thievery done he walked out of the cloud with relative ease and located Silas. "This was all he had other than his weapons," Arton said as he pulled out the piece of paper and gave it to the priest. "Man," he mentally sighed as he walked away from Silas. "He didn't even have one coin on him or anything. Talk about disappointing."
  4. "Hmm, I wonder what sort of loot he means to put in that bag..." Arton thought to himself as he eyed Silas's bag. For once he wasn't considering 'borrowing' it later to find out what was inside and was generally curious. After all, wasn't he present to search the tower for treasures and traps or whatnot? "What could that priest hope to gain by searching a Necromancer's tower? I could see our Necromancer wanting to do something like that but not the priest." Deciding that it wasn't really his place to pry Arton shifted his attention elsewhere; the Swordsman Klaine to be precise. He'd seen an uneasy look pass over the guy's face so something was probably up. Besides he seemed friendly enough compared to either of the Paladins. "Something wrong?" Arton asked Klaine. "You seem troubled or are you simply nervous?"
  5. Gerrant tried his best to keep his footing as the entire place shook without warning but ultimately ended falling down. It proved for the best for after he fell some rubble landed where he'd been standing that, had he not fallen, would've killed him. Somewhat shaken he stood up, finding that it took much more effort than it normally did, and looked around to see if everyone was alright. Thankfully it seemed that everyone was uninjured but he wasn't sure about that. However a realization donned on him, dying was a very probable thing at the moment. Hearing Lorentz shout and ask if they were alright after the shaking stopped Gerrant answered, "Yeah I'm fine. Just a little shaken up."
  6. Arton surveyed his companions, or they would be companions soon enough, and his thoughts immediately turned to robbing them blind. Well, everyone but the huge Paladin and the Necromancer that is. The Paladin looked like he'd be able to snap him in half if he tried anything and he didn't even what to know what the Necromancer could to do him if he got on his bad side. "No, ma wouldn't be happy if you did that." Arton thought to himself in regards to stealing. As he surveyed the others three of them got into conversation and he didn't realize it until they started talking about how they fight. "I prefer to avoid fighting," Arton said casually. "But when I do fight I usually prefer to sneak up on the enemy and end them without a sound. It usually makes things less complicated if you don't suddenly have an entire horde of monsters on your tail because you were too loud when you took one of them down."
  7. Thinks that the final boss from Live-A-Live is lame.
  8. In Soviet Emblem, Lyn has relevance outside of Lyn mode.
  9. You get female MC from Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2
  10. Dude kill Athos. It'll be a good plot twist. Trust me. Honestly speaking if you intend to kill someone their death should have a lasting impact. As an example kill off someone like... Sain, (or even better, Florina) during chapter x as they attempt to reclaim Caelin during Lyn mode. That way it can be used in many cause and effect ways ie: Lyn is depressed so Mark consoles her, Mark questions his tactical abilities so he leaves to further his knowledge, the celebration after Caelin isn't happy but instead it's sad for the legion because Sain is dead but they have to act happy, ect. Of course those are only a few ideas that you could either use or chose to ignore them. I'm just giving you a few examples. Edit: Also yes LynXMark/Tactician. I ship that shit so hard. Edit2: My bad for the male only part but I think you got the idea anyway.
  11. Gerrant looked at Lorentz after his little exchange with the Leyline employees. Something was up, that much was obvious; what he wanted to know is what they meant by zealots. Last he had heard sabotage only happened in Pulcres but there it was the norm. If it happened anywhere else, like here especially, it would probably be a big thing. Gerrant thought to himself as he pulled his hood over his head. "Yeah, I'm ready," Gerrant answered Lorentz's question. "What about you two?" Gerrant asked his teamates.
  12. B-But I'm male... ARE YOU IMPLYING SOMETHING!? You deserve uh... Zelos.
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