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  1. It looks like they don't have any of Byleth's supports? Just tried to search it and they aren't even mentioned... Otherwise, our work is done!
  2. The final two BE supports with Byleth, Ferdinand and Petra: Ferdinand x Byleth C Ferdinand x Byleth B Ferdinand x Byleth A Ferdinand x Byleth S Petra x Byleth C Petra x Byleth B Petra x Byleth A Petra x Byleth S Next up are the BL...
  3. Byleth and Bernadetta, and Byleth and Linhardt: Bernadetta x Byleth C Bernadetta x Byleth B Bernadetta x Byleth A Bernadetta x Byleth S Linhardt x Byleth C Linhardt x Byleth B Linhardt x Byleth A Linhardt x Byleth S
  4. Next ones are Dorothea and Caspar with Byleth: Dorothea x Byleth C Dorothea x Byleth B Dorothea x Byleth A Dorothea x Byleth S Caspar x Byleth C Caspar x Byleth B Caspar x Byleth A Caspar x Byleth S
  5. Hello, long-time lurker here, I've transcribed all of Byleth (M) and Edelgard's supports. Since Byleth has dialogue options I've marked his choices with a ">" and numbered them with the response if you pick them. The conversation picks up again where "Both" is noted. There is only one conversation where the choice appears to affect character's affection levels. Edelgard x Byleth C Edelgard x Byleth C+ Edelgard x Byleth B (This conversation's choices seem to affect character affection) Edelgard x Byleth A Edelgard x Byleth S Edit to add: I finished Hubert and Byleth (F) too. Hubert x Byleth C Hubert x Byleth B Hubert x Byleth A Hubert x Byleth S Enjoy!
  6. So is it a fact that if you didn't get the Special Edition pre-order, there's no way to get it? Or is it possible that at midnight on the 19th it will be available again?
  7. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  8. I just ordered mine, I would download but I figure I should support the company... damn my morals. My wallet is crying.
  9. The nice thing about this game is you can do whatever you want with them, as long as the game allows it. A little bit of planning goes a long way, but generally if you're going to be grinding, go for everything available, and pick what you like best! You'll have plenty of money for change seals anyways, with the gold dlc available.
  10. I guess it's more obsessed with being a good knight, but he doesn't seem to give Lissa the same treatment.
  11. Does the game ever explain why the Falchion started glowing during ch6?
  12. You guys have no idea how long I agonized over who to marry to who... I did it for the kids' hair colors seriously and the supports. Considering I started pairing people with translated Japanese supports and changed my mind a couple times after the English ones came out, it was hard work! FeMU/Chrom - made the most sense with the storyline. If not, probably would have gone with Olivia though. Lissa/Gaius - cute couple Frederick/Cordelia - both compensating for not marrying Chrom ;) Kellam/Miriel - support is A+ Sully/Libra - girly man and manly girl = win Stahl/Tharja - Fluffy kittens and rainbows ftw Vaike/Maribelle - Lady and the Tramp, someone put it Lon'qu/Cherche - I needed a black haired Batman Jerome Ricken/Nowi - kid with kid Virion/Olivia - Inigo inherits his womanizing Gregor/Panne - the older-looking ones go together Sumia/Henry - leftovers, but it kinda works
  13. They're like pokemon. You made them faint, they will recover and run away.
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