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  1. What's funny is that the best counter to a full breaker unit is... another breaker unit but as a beast stone user.
  2. Pretty much any class can be "viable" but optimal... no. Neither noble class is optimal but if it's what you like then more power to you. Especially if you can make it work.
  3. I've been a huge fan of the online pvp aspect. 1) the classes that stand out the most are the ones that are capable of fulfilling a role better than others. Thus we have: Swordmaster/ Elite Ninja (dodge tank)/ Falcon knight/ Dancer (support)/ Berserker/ Wyvern Lord (ORKO (one round KO))/ General (anti-ORKO) 2) Diversity in a team is good if your team is cohesive because of it. Having multiple of the same classes even can be a good choice. 3) Right off the bat, you can expect to see a lot of 5 man ORKO units. A balanced team could run 1 swordmaster/ Falcon Knight/ General (fill)/ 2 ORKO units. And if ORKO units are rampant feel free to use less diversity in your team and commit to an anti-ORKO team using multiple Generals. I could go into more depth but I'll leave this here for now.
  4. Just can't seem to find swordbreaker, lancebreaker and tomebreaker for Female Kana. Would love if anyone has this. <3
  5. Was planning on keeping my team a secret but actually I'm curious if anyone would possibly be able to make this team better. I'm not 100% sold on it yet as there is one last avenue to consider for my team. Elite Ninja/ Falcon Warrior/ Basara/ Basara/ Fox or Dancer Avatar Stats: (Elite Ninja) (Plus Spd/ Minus HP) (Max Avd 125.5 (No breaker)) (106 Base Avd w/ Kagerou's Dazzling dart (No breaker)) (153 hit w/ Kagerou's Dazzling dart) 55/ 26/ 24/ 37/ 39/ 29/ 25/ 33 Mysterious Appeal/ Swordbreaker/ Axebreaker/ Lancebreaker/ Bowbreaker/ Nohr Rainbow Elixer/ Yato-final/ Kagerou's Dazzling dart/ Reverse Katana/ Mighty Kunai Jackob Stats: (Falcon Warrior) (Pairs with Avatar) 55/ 30/ 25/ 32/ 34/ 34/ 27/ 34 Absolute Protection/ Aether/ Astra/ Aegis/ Raven Strike/ Movement + 1 Rainbow Elixer/ Draw/ Draw/ Vanished Disaster/ Brave Lance Kaze Stats: (Basara) (Pairs with Midoriko) 65/ 29/ 30/ 32/ 34/ 33/ 29/ 33 Miraculous Save/ Lethality/ Breaking Sky/ Astra/ Tactical Guide/ Rally Movement Rainbow Elixer/ Brave Lance/ *(Probably don't need all 3 of those procs) Midoriko stats: 65/ 31/ 30/ 30/ 31/ 35/ 30/ 32 Lucky Charm/ Hoshido/ Flamboyant/ Counter(or Line of death)/ Shadowgift/ Nohr Rainbow Elixer/ Luck Tonic/ Visitor Emblem/ Bond Emblem/ Nosferatu Nishiki or Azura Stats: (Nine Tailed Fox/ Singer) Note: stats are without any items/skills/weapons. Pretty sure can't get multiple emblems now but.. don't feel like changing it up yet. Else.. replace non avatar emblems with more weapons.
  6. My idea for a team: Chambray- Sniper- Defender/ Holy Shield/ Bow Expert/ Luna/ Astra (80/46/29/52/44/43/44/30) Selena- Hero- Sol/ Great Shield/ Speed +2/ Lightning Speed/ Luna (80/47/28/50/46/44/41/34) Loran- Sorcerer- Avoid +10/ Vantage/ Magic expert/ Magic +2/Astra (80/29/48/43/45/46/38/43) Mark M- General- All stats +2/ Limit Breaker/ Dual Guard/ Great Shield/ Renewal (80/59/26/44/34/45/57/33) +12 to all with stat abilities Jerome- General- Greate Shield/ Dual Guard +/ Defense +2/ Luna/ Sol (80/55/31/42/33/44/56/34) Lucina- Assassin- Aether/ Royal Weapon/ Lightning Speed/ Astra/ Speed + 2 (80/42/31/51/49/47/30/29) Noire- Sorcerer- Magic + 2/ Magic Expert/ Defender/ Holy Shield/ Life Absorb (80/30/50/38/42/44/42/45) N_N- General- Luna/ Dual Guard+/ Life Absorb/ Defense +2/ Great Shield (80/54/30/43/32/47/56/38) Ike- General- Aether/ Axe Expert/ Great Shield/ Defense +2/ HP +5 (80/53/29/43/35/42/52/35) Valhart- General- Defense + 2/ Luna/ Dual Guard+/ Great Shield/ Conqueror (80/54/28/41/34/44/54/33)
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