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  1. What's funny is that the best counter to a full breaker unit is... another breaker unit but as a beast stone user.
  2. Pretty much any class can be "viable" but optimal... no. Neither noble class is optimal but if it's what you like then more power to you. Especially if you can make it work.
  3. I've been a huge fan of the online pvp aspect. 1) the classes that stand out the most are the ones that are capable of fulfilling a role better than others. Thus we have: Swordmaster/ Elite Ninja (dodge tank)/ Falcon knight/ Dancer (support)/ Berserker/ Wyvern Lord (ORKO (one round KO))/ General (anti-ORKO) 2) Diversity in a team is good if your team is cohesive because of it. Having multiple of the same classes even can be a good choice. 3) Right off the bat, you can expect to see a lot of 5 man ORKO units. A balanced team could run 1 swordmaster/ Falcon Knight/ General (fill)/ 2 ORKO units. And if ORKO units are rampant feel free to use less diversity in your team and commit to an anti-ORKO team using multiple Generals. I could go into more depth but I'll leave this here for now.
  4. Just can't seem to find swordbreaker, lancebreaker and tomebreaker for Female Kana. Would love if anyone has this. <3
  5. Was planning on keeping my team a secret but actually I'm curious if anyone would possibly be able to make this team better. I'm not 100% sold on it yet as there is one last avenue to consider for my team. Elite Ninja/ Falcon Warrior/ Basara/ Basara/ Fox or Dancer Avatar Stats: (Elite Ninja) (Plus Spd/ Minus HP) (Max Avd 125.5 (No breaker)) (106 Base Avd w/ Kagerou's Dazzling dart (No breaker)) (153 hit w/ Kagerou's Dazzling dart) 55/ 26/ 24/ 37/ 39/ 29/ 25/ 33 Mysterious Appeal/ Swordbreaker/ Axebreaker/ Lancebreaker/ Bowbreaker/ Nohr Rainbow Elixer/ Yato-final/ Kagerou's Dazzling dart/ Reverse Katana/ Mighty Kunai Jackob Stats: (Falcon Warrior) (Pairs with Avatar) 55/ 30/ 25/ 32/ 34/ 34/ 27/ 34 Absolute Protection/ Aether/ Astra/ Aegis/ Raven Strike/ Movement + 1 Rainbow Elixer/ Draw/ Draw/ Vanished Disaster/ Brave Lance Kaze Stats: (Basara) (Pairs with Midoriko) 65/ 29/ 30/ 32/ 34/ 33/ 29/ 33 Miraculous Save/ Lethality/ Breaking Sky/ Astra/ Tactical Guide/ Rally Movement Rainbow Elixer/ Brave Lance/ *(Probably don't need all 3 of those procs) Midoriko stats: 65/ 31/ 30/ 30/ 31/ 35/ 30/ 32 Lucky Charm/ Hoshido/ Flamboyant/ Counter(or Line of death)/ Shadowgift/ Nohr Rainbow Elixer/ Luck Tonic/ Visitor Emblem/ Bond Emblem/ Nosferatu Nishiki or Azura Stats: (Nine Tailed Fox/ Singer) Note: stats are without any items/skills/weapons. Pretty sure can't get multiple emblems now but.. don't feel like changing it up yet. Else.. replace non avatar emblems with more weapons.
  6. 0_o Can you confirm this? This would be pretty good information to have and I'd have to change a few weapons for my team if it's true. I ask because it seems to me with the new mechanics of the game and class changing it is more so class specific weaknesses rather than character ones. Though it's funny to say being that Chambray is obviously a Taguel, re-classing him would make it so he's not Taguel anymore. I can't seem to see say Tiki becoming a hero and having the dragon weakness while not being a dragon. Hmm... I'm hoping it's class specific weaknesses.
  7. Yeah, I mean Chambray pretty much has like the best stats and growths for the children characters. If you take Lon'qu as the father for both Chambray and Gerome you get: Chambray- 80/49/30/44/45/45/46/28 Gerome- 80/50/31/41/41/46/47/27 Decently close but Chambray always has that Skill and Speed over others while maintaining great stats in all other areas.
  8. Onto Chambray… Chambray is actually one of my favorites stat wise. With great stats and growths, you have options. When I went through them I ended up with mine as a Sniper. (Stahl as the father) The stats show as 80/46/29/52/44/43/44/30. You can even compare these stats to a max Defense min Luck Morgan warrior with Basilio as the father. Those stats are 80/51/28/44/42/44/46/37. I used max Def to show the min damage done by Chambray here however, not bat stats to say the least from the Morgan. Anyways, you give Chambray here a brave bow and you're looking at 15 damage a hit minimum. Which means a minimum of 30 damage. As a Sniper however, you should have the Bowfaire skill (+5 str with bows) and this would lead to a minimum of 40 damage. Longbow manages to deal 14 damage and though this isn't too much, it outranges absolutely everything. Another stat to look into is the Skill. 52 Skill is amazing. (Looks at Killer Bow) 0_o However what this means is that you want a class with Strength, Skill, and Speed. Chambray can be any physical class and pull it off. A warrior, a General, a Paladin… it goes on. In almost all instances, Stahl is the best adding reliable Str, skl and Def and only losing out in mag, lck, and res. Another father who capitalizes on the speed and skill aspect more so is Gaius. This is especially well for Assassins, Swordmasters, or say Berzerker even for that extra crit chance. I'll take Chambray with Gaius and make him a Warrior. Stats show 80/52/29/47/46/43/41/35. Now this is compared to a Morgan character but if you look at it, Morgan loses to Chambray in every offensive stat and loses in the defensive ones. They're pretty much equal. Now, I'll make it so MU is + Str instead of Defense to make it more practical. Here they are side by side: Morgan- 80/55/28/46/42/42/44/35 Chambray- 80/52/29/47/46/43/41/35 Chambray is amazing no? Almost out speeding by the 5 points needed to ensure a double hit every time. :) Anyways, it's hard to say a specific point about Chambray, being a character who can do pretty much anything you need him for. I just happened to need a Sniper for mine. Fathers: Both Stahl and Gaius seem to work the best and can be used for any physical class you make him. You want more strength and defense? Go Stahl. You want more Speed and Skill? Go Gaius. Any fathers who follow this path also work such as Vaike because… who doesn't he work with?
  9. Hahahaha. XD I hear ya there. Yeah, a lot of what's "best" will end up overlapping as most of the parent choices will serve the same no matter who they pair up with and there are only so many choices. Example... Vaike, he works for like... EVERYONE.
  10. Yeah, I can't really go into detail with him because... I never actually bothered with em myself. :( Haven't ran a single calc for the guy. As for Azure (The name I also think is much better) I don't know, because of his father choices, he can get royal weapon... which is amazing to say the least. But yeah, it is a bit harder to come up with a good start for him as opposed to say Lucina especially taking their stat growths into account. Holy..
  11. Owain here has an identity issue is what it is. He thinks he's you and that he can use both Strength and Magic but... he can't. All of his stat combinations leave him with a mix between Str and Mag and as such, if you are viewing him without taking the other stat (Mag) into account then he is incidentally weaker. This leaves you with very few options for optimization. As for parents, you have... Frederick, Vaike, or Henry. Frederick and Vaike both leave him with mixed stats in both Str and Mag and the class that makes the best use of this? Demon fighter. Owain as a Demon fighter works but not much more than that. Henry is there because believe it or not but it's the only way to optimize his stats into a sing attacking stat... Magic. He makes for an interesting Sorcerer but isn't the best. I'd stick with Demon fighter and would use Vaike myself if I had to choose. Hope this helps. Edit: I believe Lon'qu is all I can really suggest besides Chrom or Vaike if looking for a father for Inigo. I broke down the character somewhere on page 2.
  12. Both parents will pass down their 5th skill to the child effectively passing two skills to the child. That means you can pass both royal weapon and lightning speed to Inigo. I believe it was meant that you accidentally got S rank support with someone you didn't want for Inigo but don't worry as I believe you have to initiate the proposal yourself to get that rank. RNG abuse is exactly that. It's easier because when grinding a level, you will have already done it before. This means you can assuredly beat it again, you know the surprises unlike a new level where reinforcements come and force an unprepared level growth on you, (eg. Enemy attacks you and you kill him growing a level and getting bad stats), you can keep going to said level so less changes and enemies are always the revenants and entomed to my understanding so you know what to expect.
  13. True. I would have to agree with this though just so all information is known I do want to also say that rallies of course only last as long as your turn. On the enemy's turn, you have no bonuses from them so it'd be good to watch your paired units that don't support well or at all as they will suffer at those times but significantly help on your turn. This is especially true for DLC chapters.
  14. Right, wouldn't be worse or even longer to train. It's just easiest for RNG abuse to do so while grinding is all. RNG abuse is pretty important but if you can get those stats during non grind levels, that's great.
  15. That's good information. Didn't know it used every single rally at once however, it's important to note that Spotpass/DLC can't support but I suppose that also becomes an issue of preference. More rallies or being able to support for stat bonuses. Also, rallies don't stack so make sure to watch for that. :)
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