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  1. Tauro

    FE8 Skill Ideas?

    If unit menu options are as difficult as you claim, then I'll not suggest any more unit option-dependent skills. In the meantime, I have a few more possibly workable ideas: Activation-rate: Healshift ([Luck]% chance to convert damage received into healing the bearer's HP) Odor ([skill]% chance to inflict poison, silence, and sleep on the opponent simultaneously if the bearer's attack successfully connects) Burst ([Mag]% chance for a tome to also deal damage to enemy units adjacent to the targeted opponent) Alpha Strike ([Level]% to convert a standard attack into a special attack that deals damage equal to the sum of the bearer's current attributes [HP, Str, Skl, Spd, Luck, Def, and Res], divided by two) Charge ([spd]% chance to begin a second round of combat with the opponent, up to a maximum of five rounds) Passive: FE9 Blossom (the bearer receives only half of the normal EXP gain, in exchange for +15% to his/her growth rates) Entrench (all allies within 3 panels of the bearer receive double their normal Defense and Resistance) [or give them a fixed bonus, such as +5 or +13 to both) Better Criticals (the bearer's critical hits now deal five times the amount of damage vs. three times for a standard critical hit) Resonance (the bearer and the opponent will receive double stats in battle if their current levels are a match and both combatants are the same tier; e.g., a level 8 Mercenary and a level 8 Fighter will trigger the skill, while a level 5 Myrmidon and a level 1 Paladin will not) Poison Gas (all opponents within 3 panels of the bearer receive ten points of damage for each turn they spend within the aforementioned range) Aura of Thorns (the opponent takes 5 points of damage for each successful strike on the bearer)
  2. Tauro

    FE8 Skill Ideas?

    I've a handful of ideas for new skills you could use: FE10 Sacrifice (the user gives his/her own HP to heal an ally) Soul Eater (the user gives his/her own HP to boost attack power by 1.5x the regular amount) Bless-Boon (a combination of FE9's Blessing and Boon skills; all allies adjacent to the user regain 25% of their maximum HP and have all conditions removed at the start of each turn) Rewarp (similar effect to the Rewarp staff in FE5 and FE10; the user can teleport him/herself to any tile that s/he could normally move through within (Mag/2) range) Passage (the user can move through enemy units just as s/he can move through allied/NPC units) Dive (the user leaves on the current turn and deals damage to any enemy unit on the map on the following turn) Strafe (the user can move again after attacking) Preparedness (the user switches from a bow to a melee weapon if s/he is attacked at melee, is equipped with a bow at the time, and has a melee weapon in his/her inventory) FE9 Discipline (the user deals reduced damage on selection) Re-Move (the user has a [speed]% chance to move a second time after having already moved) Lucky Break (the user has [Luck]% chance to receive doubled level-up gains; e.g., on level up, the user gains +2 to HP, Spd, Def, and Res, as opposed to simply receiving +1 to those stats) Empower (allows magic users to use tomes at (Mag/2) range) [excluding Siege tomes, such as Bolting] Vibration (deals magical damage to all units on the map on selection, regardless of whether they are friend or foe) [akin to the Geosphere's use effect of FE1/3B1/11, or FE2's Earthquake] Precipitation (allows the user to summon weather effects on selection depending on the map the player is on, such as rain in woodlands, sandstorms in deserts, or snow/blizzards in mountains) Armageddon (kills all units except for the user) [inspired by the Armageddon spell in the Ultima series of RPGs, but probably workable as a joke skill] I hope that these ideas are palatable, at the very least.
  3. Yes, do the third option. Perhaps you could make these items available in the Secret Shops...
  4. Might as well go with the Seahawks, since I live about an hour or so from Seattle itself.
  5. I suppose I should have seen it coming.... @Shuuda: Enjoy yourself wherever you are.
  6. I apologize for my lengthy absence and hope you enjoy your birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  8. This thread must never die! NOVICE: I got a +2 to hit... is that high or low? QUIET MAN: ...I fire another arrow at the nearest orc... JOKER: "How many monks does it take to screw in a light bulb? One... to cast Lightning! GET IT? LIGHTNING? HAHAHAHAHA!!!" CHEATER: "I roll..." *rolls a 3 on a d20* "...an 18! It hits!" *grabs dice quickly KAMIKAZE: *jumps off the perch and lands dead center in the cavaliers' patrol, then sets off all his grenades strapped to his body at once when in position*
  9. Since I'm more used to celebrating Easter in April, I am honestly say I did not notice.
  10. Let me know about what you feel are the good points, and what I can improve on.
  11. What's this? More players? Okay, I'll play along. COWARD: "Three goblins!? Retreat, retreat!" *drops his gear and runs away without another word* TROUBLEMAKER: *vomits on the mayor while he's giving his speech* INFIGHTER: "Serra's been such a twit!" *strikes her with his flail while she casts Mend* MR. GREED: "It's at a much lower level? And it's not attacking us? So what! I need the XP!" GOODY TWO SHOES: "Wait a minute. It wouldn't be right to kill someone that hasn't harmed us!" Keep the ball rolling, ppl.
  12. Now that that's out of the way, let's see how our warriors react to REAL MAN: "Orcish camp at 12 o'clock!" *readies battle-ax in hand* "CHAAAAAAARGE!" ROLEPLAYER: "Yea, let us make haste through the encampment, so that we might arrive at the next town intact." LUNATIC: *throws her sword at the orcs, and attacks with scabbard and lunchbox* MUNCHKIN: "There's only a dozen Orcs? And three Wargs? I guess I only need to use six of my magic rings to take 'em out." By the way, if you would like to add any other types of warriors, feel free to do so. :)
  13. Now that SF has an official role-play section (for at least a few years), I'm going to give running an RP another shot, even with all the competition. This is the sign-up / information thread for Deep Blade. If you wish to participate, please read the following sections below [spoiler=TIMELINE]Genesis Two dragons created the world and everything in it, creating a residence for themselves and humanity on what is now the Ancient Island. Life on this land was more peaceful than at any point in recorded human history. However, when the population grew too high, strife broke out over the island; even the twin dragons were incapable of restoring order to the land. In order to re-establish peace among the humans, the dragons created a larger continent to the northeast of the island, and encouraged humans to relocate and settle. Over the next millenia, the island was abandoned, as the humans spread throughout the continent to establish cities, farms, and other means of production. Dragons A millennium after forming the continent, the Dark Sword Dragon Captam lost his mind and began attacking human cities without warning. With the help of the Brilliant Shield Dragon Terranigma, three heroes defeated Captam and sealed him in an urn on the Ancient Isle, its exact location never to be revealed to humans. Afterwards, Terranigma left the planet, allowing the humans to govern themselves. The three heroes would establish what is known as the Strategic Empire. Trans-imperials 250 years prior to the current era, another national entity named the Grand Holy Empire of Batta, forged friendly relations with the Strategic Empire, and many immigrants from GHEB arrived to start new lives. However, unbeknownst to the Imperials, the Ghebites that settled in the Imperial lands were actually a fifth-column force meant to weaken the Imperial will to fight. GHEB forces invaded the Strategic Empire, starting a short-lived conflict where GHEB lost most of its might. Since then, they have kept largely to themselves. Betrayal 200 years prior to the current era, several lords of the Strategic Empire, dissatisfied with the direction the empire was headed, marshaled over one-third of the Empire's military and staged a coup d'etat against the Imperator. The resulting civil war led to the destruction of much of the continent, with the capital city being destroyed and the southern and western portions of the continent being submerged underwater, causing many important cities and artifacts to be lost. To deal with the rebels, Dezone - a new technology capable of literally removing living beings from the planet - was developed and used in a few battles, turning the tide of battle in the Empire's favor and ultimately purging all of the rebel elements. Serenity The use of Dezoning technology had polluted the land, turning plains into desert and in some cases leaving deadly radiation behind. The Strategic Empire slowly fell apart, with many of its towns turning into lawless zones or abandoned outright. As the northern lands turned to wastes, many of the Strategic Empire's subjects fled to the peninsula, the only place on the continent untouched by the ravages of war. Although the natives initially welcomed the refugees on their land, some of them proved insufferable and belligerent, and started a new war with the native tribes. After the war ended, both sides formed a truce and agreed to renounce war; this proved instrumental in forging the Kingdom of Serenia. [spoiler=LOCATIONS] Kingdom of Serenia A nation on the northeastern peninsula of the continent. The Elderm mountain range separates this peninsula from the wastes, and the Serenes Forest fills most of this peninsula between the mountains and the coasts. The capital city, named after the forest, actually sits at the base of Mt. Reyson in the northwest of the peninsula. Nominally ruled by a monarchy, in practice the government has limited power, and most people living in Serenia are self-reliant; they engage primarily in woodcutting, mining, and farming, with commerce occurring in the port city of Aldern as well as in the capital. While Serenia has no standing armed forces, she does have regional militias that enforce law and preserve peace. Current ruler: Jyosua. Points of interest: Serenes city, Chocobo Farm, Port Aldern Wasteland This semi-arid desert comprises the northern part of the former Strategic Empire; this land was what remained after the end of the Betrayal. Nowadays, the wastes are littered with radioactive steppes, infrastructure left to decay, zombie hordes, and warring nomadic tribes. However, some enterprising merchants formed the independent city-state of Freeport. Current ruler: none; as no-one has claimed domain, and given the state of the land, no-one really wants to. However, Freeport City is governed by a mayor and city council. Points of interest: Freeport Grand Holy Empire of Batta An empire found on an island directly north of the Wasteland. Mountains line the northern area, with steppes covering the rest of the land mass. The capital city, Behg, is located a fair distance from the coast. GHEB law is loosely based on that of the United States constitution. While the Emperor While it has since recovered much of its economic and military might, it is nowhere near as powerful as before the Transimperial Wars. Nowadays, they keep largely to themselves. Current ruler: Gringe XII Points of interest: Behg, Port of NO! Sunken Falter The southern and western regions of the continent, part of the former Strategic Empire. As a result of the Betrayal, an ocean now stands where these lands used to stand. Points of interest: none; as everything was submerged. Ancient Isle An uninhabited island located southwest of the Sunken Falter. As it is the earliest known point in civilization, various ruins can be found scattered throughout the isle, as do the myths surrounding them. CHARACTER CREATION 1. Fill out basic information. [spoiler=BASICS]Name: Self-explanatory. Age: Also self-explanatory. Minimum is 16 years, maximum is 75 years. Sex: Your character's biological sex (male or female) Nationality: Where your character is originally from; can be anywhere in Serenia, GHEB, or the wastes Appearance: What your character generally looks like; e.g., height, body size, hair style/color, eye color, clothing/armor, etc. Personality: How your character generally behaves; e.g., temperament, philosophy, etc. History: How your character came to this point in his/her life. 2. Pick a character class. For now, all new characters start at level 1. [spoiler=CLASS] Class HD Mv Weapons Armor Foot-soldier d8 5 Sword, axe Light + Shield Lancer d10 5 Sword, lance Medium + Shield Knight d12 4 Lance, axe Heavy + Shield Recon d6 7 Knife Light Cleric d8 5 Mace Robe + Shield Peltast d6 5 Rapier Heavy + Shield Females only Magician d4 5 Staff Robe Archer d6 5 Sword, bow Medium NOTE: Hit Die (HD) determines how much is added to maximum HP when leveling up. 3. Distribute 40 points to the attribute fields listed below. [spoiler=ATTRIBUTES]Strength (STR) improves your attack power. Endurance (END) improves your health and stamina, and can help reduce damage. Potency (POT) improves your magic's power. Wisdom (WIS) improves your mana storage, and can help reduce magic damage. Skill (SKL) improves your chance to land a hit. Higher levels can improve your critical hit ratio. Mobility (MOB) improves your defense (block/parry/dodge). Higher levels can improve your move power. Luck (LUK) improves many, many things. 4. Select your equipment. You may start with one weapon, one suit of armor, and one item. [spoiler=WEAPONS] Weapon Mt Wt Acc CT Hnd Rng HP Iron Sword 5 4 9 20 1 1 24 Iron Axe 7 7 8 20 1 1 24 Iron Lance 10 11 7 20 2 1 24 Iron Mace 8 10 8 20 1 1 30 Iron Dagger 3 1 12 18 1 1 18 Shortbow 5 4 9 20 2 2~3 30 Basic Staff 2 1 8 20 2 1 30 Battle Rapier 4 2 10 19 1 1 40 NOTE: Critical Threat (CT) represents the lowest number needed to produce a critical threat. Hands Needed (Hnd) determines if a weapon is wielded with one or both hands. Weapon hit points (HP) determine how many times a weapon can be used before breaking. [spoiler=ARMOR] Armor Class Df Rs Avo HP Padded Armor Light 4 0 0 24 Scale Armor Medium 7 0 0 35 Field Plate Heavy 12 0 0 50 Buckler Shield 2 0 5 16 Can use with a two-handed weapon. Rounder Shield 4 0 5 22 NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, you cannot use a shield while wielding a two-handed weapon. [spoiler=ITEMS]Healing Tonic: User regains eight life-force points per use [3 uses] Bandages: User stabilizes a dying ally [8 uses] Hand Grenade: Inflicts damage on target; range is equal to [strength/2]; maximum range is 9 panels (1 use) Iron-Tip arrows: Ammunition for bows. A necessity for archers. [12 uses] 5. Create one Skill for your use. The GM has the sole authority to accept or reject a given skill. a. Physical skills use Strength, and target Endurance. Magical skills use Potency, and target Wisdom. b. Status skills do not inflict damage, but add various status effects. CALCULATIONS [spoiler=Calculations]Attack Speed = user's Mobility - (weapon's Wgt - user's Strength; take as 0 if negative) Combatant with the higher AS launches a second attack. Accuracy = user's Skill + weapon Hit Evade = user's Mobility + armor Evade bonus Attacker rolls a d20 and adds his/her Accuracy. Defender does the same, but adds his/her Evade instead. Attacker's result must be higher than the Defender's by 2 or more points to deal damage. If the Attacker's result is higher or lower by 1 point, or both combatants have the same result, then the Defender blocks the attack. If the Attacker's result is lower by 2 or more points, then the Defender dodges the attack. Power = user's Strength/Potency + weapon Mt Defense = user's Endurance/Wisdom + armor Def/Res bonus Damage = Attacker's Power - Defender's Defense Damage inflicted must be at least 1 point. Otherwise, it inflicts no damage. Critical = a natural 20 (the result turns up 20 on a roll of d20) If the Attacker rolls a natural 20, then s/he rolls another d20 and adds his/her Accuracy again. If this result also beats the Defender's by 2 or more points, then the attack is a critical hit, and inflicts double damage. Although the critical threat number can be a number lower than 20 (such as 18 or 19), in those cases the roll is not an automatic critical threat (i.e., the defender can still block or dodge the attack). [spoiler=LEVELING]Gaining a level requires a certain number of kills, depending on the character's current level. 1~ 5 Defeat 5 opponents at 1st level, and +1 each level thereafter 6~10 Defeat 10 opponents at 6th level, and +2 each level thereafter 11~20 Defeat 20 opponents at 11th level, and +3 each level thereafter 21~30 Defeat 50 opponents at 21st level, and +5 each level thereafter Each time a character levels up, the GM rolls the character's Hit Die to determine amount added to the character's maximum life-force, then rolls a d8 to determine the amount of points the player can freely distribute to his/her character's attributes. [spoiler=DYING]If the character's life-force reaches 0 points, the character is disabled, and will continually lose 2 life-force points each turn unless stabilized. When the character's life-force reaches -10, the character dies. If the attacker inflicts 50 or more points of damage, s/he inflicts massive damage, which kills the character instantly. Some skills can also instantly kill the character when activated. [spoiler=ROSTER]To be added...
  14. is almost finished with the RP mechanics. I'll have them up tomorrow morning, at the earliest.

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