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  1. I am posting here so that I can be a part of a legend.
  2. My bets are... Ready for it? ARE YOU READY!? LET'S SEE DEM BETS!!! Chrom Isaac (6th gen pocket monster) Wall luigi Tails Harmoknight Mii So yeah... I will probably lose but if I do win then I get the best IN YOUR FACE points out of everyone.
  3. So my brother (most of you know him as "Knight") has informed me that my Fire Emblem let's play may go a little more noticed if I begin posting it on the serenes forums. I would like to point out though that I haven't really been doing anything special with this let's play other than my shenanigans, but I am open to suggestions if you guys think I should spice it up with something. So here's too your viewing pleasure, I will try to post links to new episodes as often as possible, but if you actually want to view them right when they come out then I would suggest subscribing to my youtube channel, either way, here you go: Episode 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7VrBrRYdRk Episode 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXLaldU_8-o
  4. 1st Gen: Gengar 2nd Gen: Lugia 3rd Gen: Salemence (Most likely spelt wrong) 4th Gen: Spiritomb (my favorite of all) I don't have a 5th Gen favorite because I haven't played much of those games.
  5. Inigo definitely, I just like the fact that he just went back in time to f*** b**ches.
  6. I usually can safely assume that everyone in a video game sounds like Nicholas Cage. So that's the voice I read their dialogue in, that is, until I hear it in a show/anime/the game.
  7. If you played Fire Emblem Awakening on easy mode then you may have noticed a few things that made it a bit... too easy... (P.S: my first post!)
  8. Get into the forums bro. JOIN US!

  9. Ellohay my friends, I am thegreatgramcracker, and I like Fire Emblem! My favorite FE games are: FE7, FE10, FE12, and FE13 My favorite other games are: Metal gear solid, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Minecraft, Halo, and Spore. I am also a youtuber if that is kule, my youtube username is: thegreatgramcracker, I do some fire emblem stuff and some minecraft stuff! I like reading, filming, writing, playing games, and watching videos. And thats pretty much everything so... yeah, heelllo!
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