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  1. Is it possible to skip the stat boost springs and come back to them in a later chapter when I know who needs them?
  2. Another idea I had was something I can't make happen since Ophilia's mom isn't Charlotte. Berserker Ophilia with a great club, gamble, death blow, certain blow, and maybe quixotic and an activated skill. Pretty much sure to hit and throw on three tomes to make the crit rate 115% before characters' stats are even figured in.
  3. I don't know if this is the sort of thing you meant, but I run Odin as a dark knight with "Aching Blood" the forged Mjolnir and "Missiletainn" the forged killing edge. I also run Butler Forrest with flame shuriken.
  4. I... have no idea what you mean by that. "Armory Shield: A shield for true fans of the armory. Gets wearer more shifts there" I have that on Ophelia and Nix and they have yet to show up in the dusk armory. The character wearing the smithy shield is always in the smithy and the character with the arena shield is always in the arena.
  5. Does anybody know how these accessories work? I have a character set to work the smithy and she is there almost every time. I have another for the arena and I have yet to see anybody else at the arena. The issue I am having is the armory. I had Rhajat set to the armory and she only ever showed up in the dawn armory. I thought maybe it was because she was a hoshido character, so I put one on a nohrian mage. Again, no luck, so now I have two on nohrian mages, and still no good. I even destroyed my dawn armory and it still seems entirely random.
  6. Actually, I just realized that there is no LoS. It is just threat range. If anybody starts or ends their turn with you in their threat they sound the alarm. It just always looks like the first guy does it.
  7. Okay, I don't get it. How do you do stealth on this mission? I have Locktouch on my avatar. I have 7 move due to boots. I get halfway through the 2nd room and somehow the samurai in the first room can see me through at least one wall? What does it use to determine detection? How do you stealth this mission?
  8. Thanks! That Caeldori skill has been my bane, haha.
  9. Blast. I visited yours earlier today when searching for that very skill. Would you please leave it up through tomorrow? Thank you so much for putting it up in the first place!
  10. I asked before, but I'm pretty sure it was the middle of the night a few nights ago, so I'll have another look. Anybody have Caeldori with Pavise? Also looking for other hard to get activated skills on her, but mainly Pavise.
  11. Caeldori wasn't in the roster, but thank you! Still very much looking for more, especially Pavise.
  12. Anybody have Caeldori with any and all of the %activated skills? Mainly aegis, pavise, luna, and dragon fang? (She can learn dragon fang if her mother is Avatar right?)
  13. How does this work? I know you need the seal, but given that you get no xp from an enemy after around 5 levels difference, how do you level up past 40 or 50? When you use your first seal are you always just treated as if you are level 40?
  14. Hey everyone, so I played through as a female on both conquest and birthright and am about to start up the third path (well tomorrow, when it comes out) as a male. I made use of great lord on both playthroughs and it dawned on me just now, that while I don't really want to be one, I also can't. This got me to thinking about the availability of skills and classes in general. 1. I know there are skill scrolls for some skills, meaning luckily things like warp will not be forever gender locked, but what about, say, the awakening skill? 2. Is the seal for great lord 1 per save or am I missing something? I see most other seals listed as unlimited in DLC, but not that one. 3. Am I entirely wrong in general about skill scrolls? They work on anyone and simply teach the skill yeah?
  15. That would make sense, I was just wondering if we had any testing done. I would hate for, say, rend heaven to outrank aether for some reason.
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