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  1. Moving into a new apartment at the end of the month, and have a question for you guys: what is the best, minimally damaging wall adhesive? I originally got sticky tac (or whatever you want to call it, it's essentially like silly putty adhesive and all my school teachers used it) but it doesn't hold well in the long run. For example, I have my FE:A poster I looted from my local Gamestop chilling above my chest of drawers, because it scared me awake when it fell on me overnight one night. I also have several other posters I'd like to put up eventually if I got a good suggestion for a good wall hanging for it. Of course, tape is out of question, because it damages the paint job (according to the landlord.)
  2. I still have (and sleep with, when my SO has to be out of town) my black stuffed dog I got when I was 3. Of course, in recent past he has helped me recover from a wrist injury, since I'd continually slow its healing by having it fold awkwardly under me when I'd toss and turn in my sleep. (Hugging it kept me from bending my wrist to the point it would end up folded underneath me)
  3. Yup! :) You pay for it, you get infinite amounts of whatever you got the DLC for, whether it's Chrom and Fred's shippy conversations, or looking at Tharja's censorship. Also, the drops are always the same from the enemies, iirc.
  4. I have to agree that the censorship was lolbad. It makes it seem like she was more wearing a thong than an actual bikini. Probably wouldn't have been as bad if they had just put the effort in to make her wear a bikini with a full butt-covering-thing. Chrom and FeMU 4 ever though... I burst into giggles while my inner grammar nazi sighed in disgust.
  5. I didn't notice you were also looking for good rewards, but the most fun I've had in DLC thus far was Death's Embrace. The rewards are meh, (although that Est is pretty good, 1.5 classes of skills you'd not get on pretty much any other Spotpass/DLC unit) but the amount of fun/frustration that chapter brings is worth it. It's a good challenge unless if you manage to break it like I did after I beat it for the first time.
  6. Not entirely sure about caps, but how about this for a skillset? Soldier Lvl 1: Salvage: Picks up random Iron weapon (Luck%) Lvl 10: Crit +5 or +10 Halberdier: Lvl 5: Adept: Chance at second attack hitting at 3/4 damage (Skill/2) Level 15: Lancefaire Level 15 Falcoknight replacement skill: Canto, allows to use up rest of movement after Attack/Staff/Trade/Transfer/etc
  7. Gaius's sounds like he's eating candy XD If only I had time/skills to make one... then there would probably be a Priam one, or something else nobody's done yet -hipsterglassesON-
  8. -cough- Chrom and Lucina should have gotten party hats -cough- But oh my god. So many conversations. I'll be spending half my time just trying to read all of them while also trying to get ready for Future of Despair (horribly underlevelled non-MU and Chrom parents mean the FoD kids will be screwed if I don't try to fix it)
  9. If only we had connections to IS, to show them that we'd like more Avatar customization! (Of course, from what I've read on various spots on the Internet, character creation is more of a thing for Western audiences than Eastern. I could be wrong though.) Also, I don't believe it's been said elsewhere in the topic, but we should also have skin tone customization too, at least for games they plan on coming out in the west. After all, Basilio, Flavia, and Validar got their own skins, why can't we? (Also, now that there's real sun out I want my avatar to match how tan I am...)
  10. Oops, my bad! I must have missed it! Mods, feel free to delete :)
  11. So... I just got my DLC updated, and I decided to make Inigo attack someone. Well, he began to talk, and he has a different text box (and a full body portrait, weird for in-battle conversations...) And all his text is off screen? What's going on? EDIT: Further playing proves it to ONLY be Inigo, both in battle and out of battle. Everyone else has their normal text box, too.
  12. Once his chapter's out I'm going to have to start a new file so I can marry him. He's definitely one of the better looking men, in my opinion ^.^ Though that means I also need to keep FeMU and Chrom far far away from each other... among other things... /stupid Olivia couldn't be around for more chapters...
  13. After I get off work, would everyone on this thread like if I went through all but the endgame to see if there are cool things lurking on the map that you might not notice in regular gameplay? :) Because I'm relationship grinding my one finished save to get everyone to A :)
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