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  1. I've all ready made a streetpass team. Why else would I make this thread? :| I checked the person in my streetpass plaza, and she was recently playing Awakening.
  2. So I when out today to get some streetpass tags for my game and I got a streetpass tag from another FE13 player... Turns out... the player's team was a randomly generated team rather than there team. All in all, I wish streetpass(or some other form of partaking ritual) was flesh out better.
  3. This is the final bump, I swear.
  4. Chapter 1: Reclass Draug to Pirate and forge him an axe... it was a piece of cake. :P Chapter 2: Up Up Up, Feed some kills to Cord and Catria. Catria will be our Gharnef Slayer! Chapter 3: Long chapter is looong. [spoiler=Stats] Putting this playthough on hold till I get DeSmuME not to lag so much.(I tried NO&GBA, but I get no sound out of it.) Edit: Nvm, fixed the problem.
  5. Sorry guys I was sick. Anyways here are my units coming out of Prologue... Marf was SOOO close to leveling up. D: btw, Arran is free up the chapter 9.
  6. Final pick of yours in fe10 go!

  7. And once again Mr King :p

  8. You guys are the worst. Anyway, the plans are: Marth, MU and Julian(for thiefing) are free. Game will be played on hard. Going the regret this, but every unit will be recruited. I think that's about everything for this playthrough. :p
  9. And you are once again up in fe10 xD

  10. So I finish my PMU run and I want to do another one. Maybe this time I'll actually write a little playthough of it. This time, you can pick ANY unit in the game, except the endgame sisters. However, I will be reclassing them to whatever I please. :P Once the units are picked, I'll make plans for this playthough. 1. Astram 2. Jeorge 3. Samson 4. Bantu 5. Sheema 6. Catria 7. Tomas 8. Yubello 9. Cord 10. Yumina 11. Caeda 12. Michalis 13. Draug
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