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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. I really don't like Tharja, though she's a love-her-or-hate-her kind of character so that's not particularly uncommon. Lucina also bores me, though I don't exactly dislike her; I just don't see why she's so universally adored. On the flipside, I love Yarne. I've heard a lot of complaints about him being annoying or one-note, but I feel he's the right kind of annoying, and he has some of the best battle lines the game has to offer. "Bunny KICK!" "My foot is good luck!" "No, YOU go extinct!" I could go on, but at that point I'd be quoting every single one of his lines. Oh, and Kjelle. I don't even see why people dislike her. Kicks ass, takes names, takes shit from no one, might be a lesbian? What's not to love? Apparently a lot, I suppose, if much of the fandom is to be believed.
  3. There are a lot of FE13 characters who can solo the game, Robin just does it more efficiently. Chris carries the entire game on his/her shoulders.
  4. Miriel/Gaius: "You can do card tricks? ALLOW ME TO BEAR YOUR PROGENY RIGHT NOW!" Nowi/Lon'qu: You know, I don't even hate Nowi that much. But when you go from playing house with a minor to proposing actual marriage, it's really creepy. The worst part is that it's an adorable support for the first three ranks, and the S support retroactively ruins the entire thing. Nah/Laurent: Nah's generally intolerable, but I'll let some of her supports slide by virtue of being funny. This one, though, just annoyed me. Frederick/Cherche: Possibly the least interesting support in the game. Yes, it actually beats Chrom/Sumia in that regard. For the record, I give the latter pairing a pass because of Cynthia's greatness. Gerome/Anyone: This guy deserves to be alone. Well, his pairing with Lucina is fine. But he's generally just such a dick that I would rather let him brood on his own, on my bench.
  5. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Marrying Emmeryn is really, really, really creepy. That's my take on it. I mean, how would you feel if your best friend started hitting on your mentally retarded sister? You'd want to punch him, right?
  7. "Now... Face Gregor!" "This is your last dance!" "I am SO STRONG!" And particularly, anything from Yarne: "I've got sharp, pointy teeth!" "Don't mess with a bunny!" "No, YOU go extinct!
  8. I voted Henry, not because he's my favorite; he's probably third behind Donny and Gregor; but because I wanted to vote for someone that had a chance of beating Lucina. I'm not a big fan of Lucina. She kinda bores me.
  9. I sided with the green army because I was underleveled for the chapter, wanted to recruit Yarne ASAP (totally worth it, Yarne is amazing), and didn't want my Griffon Rider Panne to deal with all the Bow Knights. Next time, I'll fight both.
  10. It's probably better off that way, though. Unrequited love is the entire point. Can you imagine having a character who's entire personality is that they're obsessed with another character, and then have those two characters actually get married? It just wouldn't feel right. Oh, hello there, Tharja. Why are you looking at me like that?
  11. Lucina's fashion sense is clearly ahead of its time.
  12. I'll confirm that I've fought Streetpass teams with multiple Avatars. Never seen one with DLC or Spotpass, so yeah, that's probably a bug.
  13. I liked Ephraim!Lyon and Trabant the best, I would say. I only like that route's version of Lyon, though, mostly because we don't actually see Lyon on Eirika's route; we see Formortiis. I really liked the Ephraim version of Lyon, though, for actually trying and often succeeding in controlling the demon king. And pretending to be possessed in order to keep Riev in line was a stroke of genius, too. He's an interesting character, and in a rarity for the series, the game is actually rather subtle about it. Trabant, meanwhile, is very similar to Arvis, and I'd even say that the two are sort of mirrors to each other. Both of them killed Gen 1 main characters through some form of treachery. Both of them became kings. They both take extreme actions to do what they think is best for their countries. They even look rather similar; if it wasn't for their hair colors, you could hardly tell them apart. The main difference, and the reason I like Trabant more; is that Trabant understands the implications of his actions. While Arvis deludes himself into believing that betraying Sigurd and becoming Emperor was the right thing to do, even as his empire crumbles as a direct result, Trabant realizes that he is a terrible person for what he did to Cuan and Ethlin. And when his adopted daughter seemingly dies for it, it inspires him to lead his suicidal charge against Seliph's group. And he knew that it was suicide, too; he didn't even bring the Gungnir with him. Trabant just had a surprising amount of depth for having a much smaller role in the story than Arvis did.
  14. ...Wow. I'm not trying to sound disrespectful here, but this might be the wrongest post I've seen in my entire life. I disagree with every single point here. Except for the FE10 one, thanks to the Black Knight retcon, but even then, that game's localization was a bit lacking on other fronts.
  15. I'd say the Henry/Cherche support proves that there's a good bit more to Henry than he lets on, but he's just really good at hiding it.
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