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  1. I have a question about the amiibo dungeons. On the amiibo page for Echoes it says that you can't progress to the next level in the dungeon without the minimum power rating. Does anyone know what the power rating requirements are for these dungeons?
  2. Has someone data mined an NA copy of the game? If they have surely they can discover if the 7-11 content is already in the game or not.
  3. I enjoy them greatly, hopefully Echoes is very successful and they remake the Snes games, those are my favorite.
  4. I see, I had a feeling that was the case when this website has all that data already listed XD
  5. No, the weapons skills, or Arts is what the English release calls them, are a separate command when you are moving units around. It's not a percent activation rate like it is in the other games.
  6. Yea combat is pretty similar, much more importance towards terrain because of the immense bonuses that they give. Most weapons have skills linked to them that you unlock as a character uses the weapon. As far as I know the skills are linked to the weapon so you need to keep the weapon equipped in order to use the skills attached to it.
  7. ah, must be me then, they just don't sound similar to me.
  8. Those are the VA's for Fire Emblem Heroes, they aren't necessarily the same for their echoes counterparts. For example, the Mae in Heroes sounds nothing like the Mae I've seen in preview footage for Echoes.
  9. Ah, thats what you meant. I thought you were talking about buying the DLC through the eshop. Yea you just bring the receipt in. Actually that link you posted straight up tells you that. XD Online/In-Store Pickup Customers: Please print your order confirmation page and bring it to your local store to receive your print. To ensure product is available, it is best to call your local store ahead of time.
  10. Like I said, Gamestop has ID's for the season pass and the map packs. They would sell you the code and you redeem the code on your 3DS. Even though they are just a Vendor Gamestop wants you to purchase the code through them because it gives them some sort of cut, they wouldn't push employees to attach DLC to games otherwise.
  11. Based on the information my store received, the poster is for anyone who buys the game as well as a piece of DLC, currently ID's for pack 1 thru 4, as well as the season pass have appeared in the system, nothing for pack 5 yet. Honestly most stores should be cool with just giving you the poster for buying the game because attaching that season pass is going to be incredibly annoying and the posters will just sit there to gather dust.
  12. Nintendo posted the poster and Gamestop locations have already started receiving them. The positive is that it looks like its not actually restricted to buying the season pass or being a pro member like I initially thought. The notice states you have to buy Echoes and then a piece of DLC to get the poster, so just buying like one map, or hell even some eshop currency would do the trick. Stock doesn't seem that good though, my store only got 10.
  13. For a lot of posters that were for preorders, we usually get too many or employees forget to give them out, so we just hold on to them or take them home. I usually take extras and give them out or if someone shows up months later for something that has a bonus we still have I just give it to them. I'm hoping the same thing happens for the Echoes posters so I can distribute the extras.
  14. The sun and moon posters were the preorder bonus when the games came out last fall. Double sided, one side shows all the Pokémon you can ride and the other side is a map of the alola region. I'll upload photos tonight and remember this time, along with the ID for those echoes posters. Edit: thats what the posters look like, I got like 30 of them.
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