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  1. At least everyone didn't gather around the Avatar clapping an saying Congratulations as an ending. As an aside, I hate Evangelion.
  2. I wish the DLC characters could at least support the Avatar. That wouldn't have taken too considerable amount of effort I wouldn't think.
  3. Well I mean yeah I suppose they could be summoned but I thought the main reason they were numerous enough to be roaming the world in packs like they were was due to Grima's influence.
  4. ^ Would Risen persist after the defeat of Grima? Remember, any "post game" skirmishes with the Risen happen before its defeat canonically as you are always wandering the map at the end with the giant Grima shadow looming to the south.
  5. Cherche has been the big target for me. Anyways and always.
  6. Not quite what I expected but I don't know what the projections were so I dunno if it would be considered "good" or not. Though the DLC likely costs Nintendo next to nothing to produce so they're likely making money hand over fist on it.
  7. I'm still wondering how in Naga's name Ephraim supposedly escaped Valter in 5x. That was kinda retarded.
  8. Welp, time to go spend some more money. I wonder when we'll see some solid sales figures for the game + DLC packs. I'm curious how we're doing.
  9. Solo'd 4-E-4 with Ike, Mia, and Micaiah...waiting out all the spirits.
  10. I'm afraid my inability to read Japanese is preventing me from getting the joke here.
  11. I'll be honest, I really don't care for much of the OA of ANY pre-FE6 character. But that's just me. Barring updated versions like the FE12 portraits of course.
  12. You know, for a legendary sword like Falchion Chrom sure doesn't take very good care of it, constantly shoving it into the ground and stuff. Should seriously consider investing in a sheath. Then again, FE10 Ike did the same thing (only pre-battle though).
  13. Yeah I managed to get one with Sully. Lots of "might as well be perfect" levels with melee fighters gaining everything but Mag before though.
  14. Seriously the only other time I've used different weapons with Chrom is the (Noble) Rapiers.
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