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  1. Happy Birthday to you! =^.^=

  2. I have only ever used warp in the final level of SD to get Marth directly to the final boss. Other than that I don't mind it, makes the level more complex.
  3. For me it would be a heal staff doing damage and a critical hit that did none.
  4. I forgot, my ending to DA origins was a little sad (I don't know how to do the drop down spoiler stuff but...) SPOILER!!!! Alistair died in my ending, it was sad 'cause he was my character's best friend.
  5. The end of KH 358 /2 days made me cry.
  6. Thanks Knight! I usually try to keep all units alive and restart when one dies. (yeah, I'm one of those players)
  7. Thanks for all the advice! I feel a lot more confident about my chances of beating this game now.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up about being attacked by an army of dracoknights.
  9. deathinajar


    Yeah, I liked ff8 but hated Squall so Squall2.0 is like him but without being dead and a crybaby.
  10. Thanks for the advice! Going to go play it now.
  11. I've only ever played from the GBA generation onward, so I thought I'd try my hand at FE 4. I found out that it's a COMPLETELY different type of Fire Emblem. I just barley get past the prologue with out anyone dying and then I get completely overwhelmed by the first actual chapter. Can someone give me some tips for this game or explain how to find out if I get two attacks? Thanks!
  12. deathinajar


    Hi everyone! I'm deathinajar or squall2.0 on a few other sites. I'm kinda new to forums still, but I look forward to being here!
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