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  1. Any idea on the timeframe of the next patch and also will our save files carry over the patches?
  2. its a long shot but i wish Extra classes, Soldier/halberdier/sentinel, third tier classes, third tier difficulty maps, MOAR SUPPORTS, MOAR CHARACTERS, MOAR SPOTPASS
  3. Honestly the thought of impossible to pick from non lords is not true. Certain characters have a huge fanbase that could be picked, I.E. Nephenee, Joshua, Soren, Cordelia, Gregor, Seth, or Raven. Also new playstyle lords, Ephraim, Hector, Mounted Eliwood, Eirika, Sigurd, also i am talking maybe two of these MAX Features Costume change ability Multiple Movesets for versatilities sake Better online DLC Characters: Gone are the clones sans Ganondorf but will be costume changes with slight statistical differences Gone is ROB he was fun but why Gone is Lucario Replaced by Zoroark or a third gen maybe the new mewtwo form Pokemon trainer has Gen selection 1-4 if not then gen 3 added Ephraim and Chrom poss Neph/Gregor Lucina costume Lucas new PK moveset to differentiate from Ness more Falco new moveset Ganondorf with Sword as well as dark magic Ridley or another metroid character Koopa Kid/ Bowser Jr. costume swapable Megaman with X costume change Waluigi Girahim Some Third Party Suprises Kid Icarus character Isaac Little Mac
  4. Well Look no more i have a growthed up variant of the translation email me at [email protected] and i will send it to you
  5. Since the growths in this game suck so bad i was wondering if anyone made a hack where the growths are increased
  6. Procastibation Why is Blue my favorite number in the alphabet in the land of pancake
  7. New Classes for FE 14 (or ones you would like to see return.) Make a third tier class just in case of three tiers Soldier--->Halberdier--->Sentinel
  8. Severa: I slap her in the face Mia why don't you have a romance with Ike?
  9. Marth:私は英語の愚かなアメリカ人が好きではないので、 Toon Link what happened because you interacted with an alternate universe self?
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