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  1. I'm not quite sure what you are asking. When you hex edit a save file to change one character to another, it for all intents becomes the other character, it has their portrait and everything, though you would need to change class.
  2. If you have the resources to use this DLC, you have the resources to insert the Amiibo characters, as that just requires save editing. You can capture 4 generic characters and then easily use FEFTwidder's hex editor to alter the generics' character ID to turn them into the Amiibos, and then you could give them each their specific weapons. Additionally, the Fates gay hack has a file you can use to make a Hans patch that will make the Amiibo characters autojoin in your castle.
  3. Is there any chance of getting Chrom's Falchion as custom DLC as well, Chrom seems almost naked without it.
  4. Ok, some interesting things happen when you change the awakening character's class. I changed Fredrick and Chrom to Dark fliers. Both had a black line in their animations, and Fredrick had a flying horse... I changed Lissa into a witch, her clothes didn't change, but her animations were the proper witch ones.
  5. Ok, this is awesome, now if only they had supports. Could custom dlc have supports like Anna does or would that require a patched ROM?
  6. Just wanted to note this: I have Lucina without a shield on my special edition thanks to some save editing, she has no supports and cannot be recruited after a castle battle. Additionally, I had Hinoka in my conquest save without a shield, she also had no supports. I didn't check if she could be recruited. (I changed her to Lucina)
  7. Concerning the gay hack and children, I don't suppose there's a way you could RAM hack change gender instead of ROM hack? Failing that, is it possible to RAM hack the child paralogues open?
  8. could that data, theoretically, be transferred from the Japanese dlc?
  9. It's not even like they were that distasteful anyway, it makes no sense that these were removed.
  10. Just a couple questions. Are the Amiibo characters supportable when recruited? Will this work in the English Special edition, or only the Japanese?
  11. Tried using ARCodes to get Chrom's Falchon (attack allies+enemy drops equipment) anyone else who was thinking about this, don't. Chrom's Falchon doesn't exist outside the DLC, it becomes an item known as none that doesn't do anything.
  12. Haven't seen the data myself, however when I transferred a Japanese save that had swimsuits to the English game they vanished.
  13. My copy has been out for delivery since 8:08 am...it's now 5:22pm and is not here yet...
  14. It's worth noting that saving after using this makes the increased movement permanent.
  15. If you do buy it, don't buy a digital, it won't give you path unlocks and can't be returned. The digital stand alone is different from the digital add-on path.
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