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  1. I feel like I'm replying a bunch, but I'm really on the hunt for a few more cards to finish off a deck. Laevatein: Earth-Scorching Searing Steel B13-095 R+X x1 Laevatein: Cleaving Blade of Flames P13-012 PR x2 Rutger: Blood-Red Rage B05-029 SR x2 Rutger: Swordsman of Vengeance B05-031 HN x4 Rutger: Scarlet Demon of Vengeance S07-005 ST I usually buy and pay via paypal, since i don't have anything substantial in the way of trades. Pls hook ya boi up if you can.
  2. +1 Backer +1 ChibiToastExplosion Quick shipping, great customer service. Highly recommended.
  3. Looking for a few more cards to finish off a deck or two. I don't have much in the way of trades so I'm looking to buy the following. N/A moved it to a new post at the bottom pls forgiv hit ya boi up Dms are cool I usually do paypal US located for shipping
  4. Hi, I'm looking to buy a few cards to finish off my newest deck. I'd prefer to pick up all the cards from the same person, but I'm really more interested in just finishing the deck. Paypal payment is my normal method. I usually do pricing via amenitydream or bigweb but I'm open to negotiate. I also don't have a lot to trade, so I'm mostly looking to buy. 2x B11-097 R Lyn 2-3x B09-056SR Tiena 4x B05-034SR Fir thanks a bunch
  5. +1 Mallow The incredible shipping time wasn't their fault lol Thanks a bunch
  6. I'm looking to purchase a few cards for projects here and there. 2x Shannan B08-077 N 1x Larcei B08-061-N 3x Zephiel B09-073 SR 1x Ayra B06-025 N 2x Sharena B10-090 R+ 2x Lyn B11-097 R 2-3x Joshua B11-020 SR 4x Tobin B09-010 R I prefer to purchase in bulk, can do paypal, feel free to message me
  7. Hiya all. I'm looking to pick up four copies of each of the following cards: P07-009PR (Swordfighter from the Plains, Lyn promo) (Already Purchased) B07-009HN (Swordfighter from the Plains, Lyn) (Already Purchased) B07-008N (Noble Lady of the Plains, Lyn) And three copies of B07-007SR (Spirited Noblewoman, Lyn) the hell is a waifu? I also am interested in two packs of the sleeves with the art from B07-009HN. I'm located in the US, don't have any trades (I collect playsets, don't really buy bulk) but willing to pay a fair price (Market Value or whatever you want to set) via paypal. By all means, get a hold of me via DMs if you're interested in doing business. Help a poor weeb venerate his waifu pls
  8. +3 Aquantis Thanks a lot for helping a brutha out.
  9. +2 (Billion) @Totafan888 Fantastic Service, Speedy Shipping Damn, that sounded like every ebay review I've ever left XD
  10. I'm a Magic the Gathering addict Player wanting to get into this game. You know, because I'm a shameless weeb and half of my magic cards are in Japanese anyway. Some friends have also shown interest in the game, so I would like to purchase one of each of the starter decks as a way to introduce myself and others to the game, and I would like to check here before I go to ebay. So, does anybody have sealed Starters they don't want? Feel Free to fling unsolicited fanmail PMs at me if you do. Thanks anybody and everybody for helping me out. *EDIT* I have been hooked up with the War of Darkness and Awakening Starter decks. Still looking for White Night, Black Night, Path of Radiance, Illusory Revelations, and Blinding Blade starters. I also am in the market for three copies of P01-004PR Lucina (Image below). Thanks again for your help!
  11. Happy birthday!

  12. This was wonderful. "No, don't go!" made me laugh out loud. And I'm pretty sure this is exactly how everyone's Fire Emblem experience goes.
  13. I kept expecting it to end, but instead the awesome continued... Super Sweet!
  14. Not gonna lie. I was on Media Blackout for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I missed out on the special edition of Fates. Went into gamestop on the 16th and the sales associate told me they were out. Went to Amazon, they were out. Asked everyone, they were out. Went to ebay, it's 300 bucks. I'm desperate, not that desperate. I wanted to see if anyone had a special edition that they didn't want but wanted to sell. I'm not up for spending ebay price (5x MSRP is ridiculous) but I'll pay more than MSRP. I would prefer to do paypal but I'm down for other forms of payment, assuming they don't involve money laundering. PM me if you want to talk about it. Note to mods: If this is the wrong place, let me know. I'll pick up my sadness and move it somewhere else. TL;DR: I wanna buy your FE:Fates Special Edition for less than ebay price but more than MSRP. PM me if you're down. Please. Or I'll be a sad panda. :(
  15. Hi, Mason here. I've been doing a random run of Sacred Stones. It's a little late to follow my run, some would say. They're probably right. But chapter 17 is a better starting place than chapter 20, so with that hollow justification still echoing around the room, let's get started! As of the end of chapter 16... That's the army. I'll be keeping track of my exploits in chapter 17 (where my army of defense tanks with no resistance takes on Lyon and friends), and I'll post back here soon. EDIT: I just realized that those pictures are damn tiny. The quality is going to improve that in the future.
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