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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. Sumia is actually one of my favourite characters...*runs*
  3. Cutest character for me is definitely Cynthia She is so cute!
  4. For M-Morgan, Cynthia. They seem to match each other's personalities :)
  5. Happy Birthday Morgan! Got a Glass sword.... Not the best thing ever, but oh well
  6. Yeah, it displays a load bar, tells me that I need to use the touch screen( to which I press " Next") then it kinda makes a funny noise and goes back to Anna. Other than this, the game is perfectly fine. So really, right now I am rather confused and worried. :(
  7. Hi, got a question :P I'm in Europe. I just got the game, and have got to Chapter 5. I've unlocked the Outrealm Gate and the Champions of Yore 1 is apparently still out for free. But whenever I go into the Outrealm Gate and into "Purchase A Map", there's nothing there. Nothing on the E-shop either. I've tried updating the Bonus Box and everything, but nothing. Is this a problem, or am I doing something wrong :P? Thanks.
  8. Ordered on the Game website today, hopefully will be here next week
  9. Only two more days Europe! I'm so hyped for this game!
  10. Urgh...I don't like this new layout... The old one was so much nicer.
  11. Oh my god. I'm not the only one who thought Gregor was like Heavy!
  12. Khahaha...


    I appreciate any comments, ma'am. ^^

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