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  1. I would super appreciate it. Starting at chapter 10 if you could. And if theres any little extras u remember from the chapter. Anyway, thanks ahead of time for trying to help me out!
  2. I've started Nohr and watching the subtitled videos is KILLING me as it takes so much of my time. While Hoshido gets a full chapter by chapter summary of the story events, Nohr has shit anywhere I search. I'm hoping someone can lend me a hand here and give me some chapter story details for chapters past 7. I'm begging.....anyone?
  3. Apparently. Hate for hates sake. As a unit, my Shara is fantastic. Also, I poured everything good in to my Dia And now he's a stupidly good Butler that manhandles anything that comes his way. Dunno if there's any hate for him but.
  4. Yeah I'll just have to wait until I start my Nohr playthrough And grab a logbook character.
  5. So completely ignoring the scale they set for awakening dlc that. Cuz that makes sense. It also makes sense that the easy level dlc would be difficulty to complete the correct way, even with over-powered units. Because 2 star will be just that much fucking harder. Especially the gold map.... >.>
  6. People HATE Shara and Azura? Wtf
  7. Not once have I had that much difficulty. It's definitely not based on a relativity to my characters, because my characters are more powerful than they should be for the story maps. Therefor, a 1 star relative to the story, and to my characters, is complete bullshit.
  8. So its basically only 1 star for supe early game. its a fuckfest after that
  9. Trying to keep the awakening characters alive is ass.elite. ninjas spawn every turn and pass characters back like a bong in a frat house. Not to mention massive damage against my 'still a little over powered for story chapters' characters. Guess im not getting lodestar this playthrough.
  10. I already know how to buy skills, I was just making sure that Characters in the book or ones that were recruited via mycastle on my previous playthrough, would be available to buy skills from.
  11. I want my Flannel to be absolutely stupid. What's the best combination of skills I can grab for him ( via seals/mycastle recruits/etc) ? Bonus: What about Odin?
  12. Can you just buy skills from said characters, just like the mycastle recruits?
  13. That's the only way? So it's either recruit other people's characters or beat the game and add 5..
  14. The little hut sure. Everyone gets that. But HOW do you put certain characters ON the logbook or whatever it uses that you purchase from?
  15. Yeah there is but I can't for the life of me get to where I can add whatever character to the logbook, outside of recruiting other people's characters from mycastle. Hopefully someone else can answer as I'm also curious about HOW I go about doing that part.
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