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  1. It's not the best, no. That said, given that it's the Flame Emperor, I'm sure their first thoughts aren't "oh, Edelgard is just going to bury these elsewhere". It's more like "I don't know what she'll do with these, but it's probably going to be bad".
  2. I don't see why I deserve your ire. Today is the first time I decided to participate in this thread, so please don't take your anger out on me. If I offended you, I apologize for that. I may say some more things that may offend you again, but I mean no ill will. To me, life is the most precious thing on this earth. In a robbery, I would absolutely stand aside. Still, no matter what decision is taken by the victim and no matter the oucome, I will consider the robbers to be in the wrong. I don't think robbing a bank is the correct analogy. It's robbing a gun store. They are stealing weapons and threatening you while they are at it. They have known ties to numerous deaths. Maybe they just want to display those weapons on their mantlepiece, but that's a silly assumption to make. They probably intend on using those weapons on others. So now it becomes a matter of being willing to kill in order to prevent others from dying later on. As for the below quote: Regarding the bolded statement: Yes, exactly that. All the evidence they have against the Flame Emperor shows Edelgard in a very bad light, whether true or not, as I have mentioned before. So this is beyond robbery now. They don't want another Remire incident in the future (neither does Edelgard, but again, her fellow Black Eagles don't know this yet). As for the rest of the quote, that falls more into loyalty, personality, feelings, etc. It's more ambiguous how they would act if we go by those guidelines. For me, I believe that the Black Eagles would fight Edelgard in this instance, even when factoring in their personalities and whatnot. Black Eagles in CF would have been better served by a group of students on the same lines as Blue Lions, where loyalty to the crown is seemingly placed in higher regard.
  3. My entire post was my explanation as to why, which is still appropriate to your above quote and I feel it directly answers this question. The reasoning extends beyond just the holy tomb, or are we just going to ignore everything the Flame Emperor and TWSITD have done? Perhaps we simply have different views on the matter. The bolded part we can absolutely agree on. I only think that Edelgard should apologize in CF, not that she would.
  4. Let's say, you threaten your friends' lives and tell them to stay out of your way lest you be forced to kill them. You are their friend and future leader, sure, but aside from that, what reason do they have to listen to you? Your friends literally know nothing of why you are doing this and you have just revealed yourself as the Flame Emperor, linking you to several terrible events (even if Remire isn't exactly your doing, no one believes you, and that's a whole other topic anyway). Right or wrong, you are seen as responsible. How would they feasibly respond? Exactly as it has played out in the game (until the decision for the route split, which isn't handled all that well in my opinion). Now, the students may not know exactly why Edelgard is stealing crest stones and bones and as far as they know the Empire hasn't declared war on the church or who is supporting her or why. All they know is that she has been linked to multiple heinous acts, will kill her friends if necessary and is planning on doing further harm. Again, the students may not know what crest stones and bones can do but given the Flame Emperors purported track record, it could very likely lead to more vile actions. The Black Eagles opposing her in this chapter are all decent people, so why would they stand aside and let her have her way and let further tragedy happen? Edelgard offers not one reason why they should do as she says, not until after. I'd say she absolutely owes them an apology in Crimson Flower.
  5. Three Houses: 1. Shared route between all three classes, where you get to run a few different missions with each class and then you can choose which one to officially join at the midway point. This would help the flow of the story imo, and make choosing a faction meaningful. 2. Part Two needs massively cut monastery time, to improve the flow of the story. Pegasus blessings have hit the Elwind, this is no time to take a lethargic break every month! Part One can be a drag, but it is still mostly setup, teaching and growth. Having the same thing in Part Two probably hurt the game more than any other aspect. 3. Give Byleth some freaking dialogue. Byleth supposedly talks as much as Shamir, which isn't a whole lot, so why the flip aren't they voiced?! Cindered Shadows: Give me a different DLC, please. I strongly dislike the characters and story. There were so many other options that could have been explored (like Jeralt? Loog? Almyra?), but IS literally pulled something from the sewers and. I. Hated. It. I did like the maps though.
  6. I don't see Chrom ever joining Edelgard. She's involved in things he'd never be part of. Not to mention she's the most similar to Walhart, out of the leaders in we have in Three Houses, and Chrom was totally against that as well. So that's a no to Black Eagles/Crimson Flower. Chrom is also one not to be tied down by tradition, especially when it's stifling the population, so no to Blue Lions/Azure Moon (and Silver Snow to a lesser extent). However, I totally see Chrom as being on board with Claude's ideals and goals, fits him perfectly. So that's a definite yes to Golden Deer/Verdant Wind.
  7. Silver Snow sees the Kingdom, Alliance, Empire, Church and Agarthans all but decimated. Doesn't look so golden to me. Whereas Fates: Revelation seemingly has both Nohr and Hoshido take less losses than the other routes and also deals with the main hidden threat that those routes avoid. Tone is also very different.
  8. If this game had the map design from Conquest, and cut the monastery in half, I could overlook all other flaws it has. Still, it's my favorite Fire Emblem, if only for the characters and story.
  9. Well, you are clearly set in your beliefs here. I don't think there's much else I can add to this conversation besides one last thing. It's generally accepted that Rhea has some form of insanity going in, and her creating life using the crest of flames is pretty bad, especially if we consider that the 11 other experiments could have been all frail like Sitri. Or even worse, Sitri was the best of the bunch, and still had a weak physique, which implies that the first creations could have been even worse off. That said, if Rhea truly did not want to wait, she could have killed them off immediately. She had the time to create hundreds of experiments in order to bring back Sothis. But, Rhea only created twelve beings and knowing about Sitri's life and how over 1000 years only twelve of her kind were created, it seems to imply that Rhea let them live their lives to the fullest. Rhea has done some terrible things but even so, knowing all we do about her, I just don't think she killed Sitri in cold blood to create Byleth.
  10. No one ever thinks Byleth is "unhealthy", besides Jeralt really (worried as a parent would be). Well, until Byleth randomly falls unconscious in White Clouds. In Dorothea's B support, it's sort of implied that she felt Byleth's chest if Byleth chooses to say that their heart isn't beating. Dorothea: "Ha, don't be so silly... Huh? It really isn't beating?! Is what I'd say if I was more gullible. You're just fooling around, Professor. I'm not sure how you did it, but that was a good one." And then Dorothea goes on to treating Byleth as everyone else does, which is relatively normally. Regardless, if Byleth was born normal and healthy, and then was no longer considered as such after the crest stone transplant, would the nun you mentioned not have noticed the difference when she met Byleth all these years later? I think a more plausible theory is that the nun was the doctor that Jeralt had examine Byleth in secret. Besides the lack of heartbeat and lack of crying, Byleth did have a pulse (so blood was flowing) and there was no mention of Byleth being sickly. Physical signs pointed towards a healthy baby, if under an impossible, odd and unexplainable occurrence.
  11. Perhaps the nun was from Abyss and helped them escape the first time? Perhaps she met them outside, some time after the fire? Many people would have had to have seen Byleth at various stages of growing up, including as a baby. Jeralt does not have the convenience of a babyrealm from Fire Emblem Fates. There are simply too many unknowns to draw conclusive evidence that Rhea killed Sitri on purpose.
  12. Azure Moon for the revenge aspect. While thematically Silver Snow is my favorite, you can tell it was the first route made due to the lack of polish and general feeling that it's missing crucial story moments. The route that promises the strongest emotional impact due to Edelgard being your former student, basically does the least with it. Besides Verdant Wind I guess, but Edelgard isn't the focus in that route to begin with.
  13. This is one of my major nitpicks with the game too, which is why I'm still at 2.5 routes out of 4. The padding is absolutely terrible, in my opinion. Great concept, but poor execution. Another one of your issues with the church that I feel I can address, without going into spoiler territory, is the students being put in harms way. The Officer's Academy, as the name implies, is first and foremost a military school. The students are expected to see combat, as those are skills that need to be used when they graduate and return to their respective territories. Garreg Mach is the only solely church-owned territory and whenever the students are in an outside territory it's not just the church that benefits. Furthermore, some of these students have already seen active combat in their respective kingdoms and whatnot, they are already of an age where they are expected to participate. You'll also see, depending on which students you have and where you are at in part one, some of the students are asked return to their territories to solve various problems, often combat related. It's not the church that sends them in these instances, though their aid is often requested and thus given. The church also regularly deploys their troops to assist various areas, as seen in one of the paralogues. Last point I want to make is that the church seldom puts their students in areas they believe to be at high risk (that's where their own soldiers go). In most instances, your team is simply in the right place at the right time or consciously putting themselves in danger (because that's what headstrong heirs do). Even in chapter two, when your students are explicitly sent to kill bandits, the church sends its own forces to make sure the students make it out okay (though the forces aren't shown in cutscenes, and you'll only see them if you have battalions). Basically, this isn't a school setting such as those we have on Earth. Fodlan's rules are much different than what we'd expect to have in our age.
  14. There is so much I wanted to say since your first post in this thread but can't because much of it is in spoiler territory. You are simultaneously right but also among the group of people jumping to conclusions regarding Rhea you appear to be leaping instead. Rhea and the church are the most tied to the game compared to anything else and the only way to get the full picture is to play basically everything (which if you aren't enjoying the game, is an unpleasantly monumental task). How much side content have you done, and what chapter are you at? I may be able to offer a counterpoint on some of the issues. Also, in response to a previous post of yours, you'll never see Rhea execute people simply due to their faith. She brought Cyril out of a less than okay situation, employs Shamir and lets Claude study at Garreg Mach. None of them are believers.
  15. In that case, all we Fire Emblem players should be jailed for sending children into battle. Probably should be executed for all media we've seen, read, played or created. Who wants to join the Thought Police? Apparently they are hiring. /s If you can't have a modicum of respect towards others, then these aren't the forums for you.
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