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  1. Pretty much every post-timeskip design is better in Three Houses, despite some of the designs having a couple minor issues for me. Edelgard is lucky in that both her designs are excellent, but her post-timeskip blows her pre-timeskip out of the water. Love the hair, crown(?) and clothes. They even nailed her facial expression pretty well. Grim. (Never liked how pre-timeskip Edelgard has a tiny smile. She almost never actually does smile as I recall).
  2. Haha, you people have a great sense of humor with some of these tier descriptions! Anyway, my tier list is based on how much I personally like these characters, nothing else. If I instead made a tier list on how objectively well written these characters were, there would be some noticeable differences, such as Sylvain. TWSitD stays where they are, though! In addition, I am fickle like Sooks. Tomorrow the tier list might be rearranged, etc. It's mostly accurate though. Also, I had to make some changes in order to keep the tier levels the same height, because OCD.
  3. Beating a dead horse here, but all the routes would have worked so much better if Claude was much more of a wildcard, as originally designed. Gronder Field would have been more believable. If they had merged Silver Snow with Azure moon (Church and Kingdom makes more sense together than with the Alliance, imo) instead of keeping them separate, thus more resources could have been spent on making Verdant Wind a truly unique experience.
  4. Yeah, not a fan of "power of friendship" shenanigans either, but it was the only thing I could think of given the "evidence" the game gives us.
  5. Or near enough to the same time? It has always bothered me and from what I can tell, the Fire Emblem community at large, that the end maps in the Silver Snow and Verdant Wind routes are different for seemingly arbitrary reasons (i.e., none). The game doesn't present any reason for the change, not even the slightest hint, even compared to when it barely tries such as Seteth/Byleth coming up with a plan to infiltrate Fort Merceus vs. Claude/Hilda coming up with the same idea. Could this lack of explanation actually mean anything? Probably not but at the very least it allows us an easier time to headcanon some things. I suggest that Nemesis coming back to "life" to ravage Fodlan and Rhea's power going out of control happened more or less at the same time, just in a different order than what we saw in their respective routes. Aside from the route and two movie cutscenes being nearly identical, we also have Verdant Wind's epilogue slides imply that Rhea died whereas in Silver Snow the slides show Rhea as alive if at A support or above. Why can't we save Rhea in Verdant Wind with an A support? I think it has to do with Byleth and more importantly, Sothis' power. I propose that in Silver Snow, Byleth can only save Rhea via A+ support because said support rank reforms a connection to Sothis' child that had been previously lost when Sothis initially kicked the bucket. Sothis needs to remember her powers, which is why spending time with Rhea is crucial in this instance, as Sothis needs time to trigger her subconscious. Why is this important in Verdant Wind? Because if we assume Rhea loses control and is subsequently put down around the time of the Zombie Nemesis fight, Byleth isn't physically close enough to Rhea to use their godly powers in order to preserve her life. Going back again to Silver Snow, we can assume Nemesis was still brought back to life, as we weren't shown him getting crushed by rocks when Shambhala fell apart and the events there were the same as in Verdant Wind. The only difference being that this time Rhea goes berserk before Nemesis gets to show up and thematically it makes more sense to end it at that point in the story, just as it thematically makes sense to end Claude's story with Nemesis. Nemesis would feasibly show up in post Crimson Flower and could also make an appearance in post Azure Moon, though the Agarthans would have an easier time keeping him hidden in the latter case. Thoughts? Was this a reasonable attempt explaining how things may have happened? Or was it a fool's errand to even try to salvage this mess?
  6. It bothers me that this hasn't received more attention. I very much appreciate this, thank you!
  7. Maybe this counts as two things, but I'd like it if some characters simply refused to fight each other depending on their relationship. Prime example being Ashe and Lonato. I'd also like characters other than Byleth being able to spare/recruit others, again depending on their relationship. I'd keep it exclusive to characters with a history together, and maybe with at least C support.
  8. It's not the best, no. That said, given that it's the Flame Emperor, I'm sure their first thoughts aren't "oh, Edelgard is just going to bury these elsewhere". It's more like "I don't know what she'll do with these, but it's probably going to be bad".
  9. I don't see why I deserve your ire. Today is the first time I decided to participate in this thread, so please don't take your anger out on me. If I offended you, I apologize for that. I may say some more things that may offend you again, but I mean no ill will. To me, life is the most precious thing on this earth. In a robbery, I would absolutely stand aside. Still, no matter what decision is taken by the victim and no matter the oucome, I will consider the robbers to be in the wrong. I don't think robbing a bank is the correct analogy. It's robbing a gun store. They are stealing weapons and threatening you while they are at it. They have known ties to numerous deaths. Maybe they just want to display those weapons on their mantlepiece, but that's a silly assumption to make. They probably intend on using those weapons on others. So now it becomes a matter of being willing to kill in order to prevent others from dying later on. As for the below quote: Regarding the bolded statement: Yes, exactly that. All the evidence they have against the Flame Emperor shows Edelgard in a very bad light, whether true or not, as I have mentioned before. So this is beyond robbery now. They don't want another Remire incident in the future (neither does Edelgard, but again, her fellow Black Eagles don't know this yet). As for the rest of the quote, that falls more into loyalty, personality, feelings, etc. It's more ambiguous how they would act if we go by those guidelines. For me, I believe that the Black Eagles would fight Edelgard in this instance, even when factoring in their personalities and whatnot. Black Eagles in CF would have been better served by a group of students on the same lines as Blue Lions, where loyalty to the crown is seemingly placed in higher regard.
  10. My entire post was my explanation as to why, which is still appropriate to your above quote and I feel it directly answers this question. The reasoning extends beyond just the holy tomb, or are we just going to ignore everything the Flame Emperor and TWSITD have done? Perhaps we simply have different views on the matter. The bolded part we can absolutely agree on. I only think that Edelgard should apologize in CF, not that she would.
  11. Let's say, you threaten your friends' lives and tell them to stay out of your way lest you be forced to kill them. You are their friend and future leader, sure, but aside from that, what reason do they have to listen to you? Your friends literally know nothing of why you are doing this and you have just revealed yourself as the Flame Emperor, linking you to several terrible events (even if Remire isn't exactly your doing, no one believes you, and that's a whole other topic anyway). Right or wrong, you are seen as responsible. How would they feasibly respond? Exactly as it has played out in the game (until the decision for the route split, which isn't handled all that well in my opinion). Now, the students may not know exactly why Edelgard is stealing crest stones and bones and as far as they know the Empire hasn't declared war on the church or who is supporting her or why. All they know is that she has been linked to multiple heinous acts, will kill her friends if necessary and is planning on doing further harm. Again, the students may not know what crest stones and bones can do but given the Flame Emperors purported track record, it could very likely lead to more vile actions. The Black Eagles opposing her in this chapter are all decent people, so why would they stand aside and let her have her way and let further tragedy happen? Edelgard offers not one reason why they should do as she says, not until after. I'd say she absolutely owes them an apology in Crimson Flower.
  12. Three Houses: 1. Shared route between all three classes, where you get to run a few different missions with each class and then you can choose which one to officially join at the midway point. This would help the flow of the story imo, and make choosing a faction meaningful. 2. Part Two needs massively cut monastery time, to improve the flow of the story. Pegasus blessings have hit the Elwind, this is no time to take a lethargic break every month! Part One can be a drag, but it is still mostly setup, teaching and growth. Having the same thing in Part Two probably hurt the game more than any other aspect. 3. Give Byleth some freaking dialogue. Byleth supposedly talks as much as Shamir, which isn't a whole lot, so why the flip aren't they voiced?! Cindered Shadows: Give me a different DLC, please. I strongly dislike the characters and story. There were so many other options that could have been explored (like Jeralt? Loog? Almyra?), but IS literally pulled something from the sewers and. I. Hated. It. I did like the maps though.
  13. I don't see Chrom ever joining Edelgard. She's involved in things he'd never be part of. Not to mention she's the most similar to Walhart, out of the leaders in we have in Three Houses, and Chrom was totally against that as well. So that's a no to Black Eagles/Crimson Flower. Chrom is also one not to be tied down by tradition, especially when it's stifling the population, so no to Blue Lions/Azure Moon (and Silver Snow to a lesser extent). However, I totally see Chrom as being on board with Claude's ideals and goals, fits him perfectly. So that's a definite yes to Golden Deer/Verdant Wind.
  14. Silver Snow sees the Kingdom, Alliance, Empire, Church and Agarthans all but decimated. Doesn't look so golden to me. Whereas Fates: Revelation seemingly has both Nohr and Hoshido take less losses than the other routes and also deals with the main hidden threat that those routes avoid. Tone is also very different.
  15. If this game had the map design from Conquest, and cut the monastery in half, I could overlook all other flaws it has. Still, it's my favorite Fire Emblem, if only for the characters and story.
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